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Odylique Lemon & Tea Tree Purifying Wash

A perfect non-comedogenic skin wash for teens or those with combination, oily, spot-prone or acne-prone skin.

This natural facial wash wash has a blend of organic essential oils including antibacterial tea tree for a fresh, unisex fragrance. The mild, rinse-off cleanser formula is ideal for daily use. It is sulphate-free yet leaves the skin scrupulously clean, smooth and refreshed. Easily removes makeup.

Actives: Detoxifying lemon. Antibacterial tea tree. Rehydrating vitamin-rich extra virgin olive. Soothing mineral-rich aloe juice

Properties: Suitable for Vegans. Product is Soil Association certified. Recyclable packaging made in Europe. It has not been air freighted to us. The 200ml bottle is UK-made from 100% post-consumer recycled material. Read our packaging sustainability thoughts here.

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Price: £20.00 available online

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Odylique Lemon & Tea Tree Purifying Wash Reviews

Product Tested By Claire MacLaren – Daughters 14 & 15 Years

Claire and Her Daughters Awarded The Lemon & Tea Tree Purifying Wash 4.5/5

Product gave the impression of a high quality product due to its sophisticated presentation. We had  the impression this product was something that would be incorporated into a daily skin care regimen in order to improve skin but also prevent blemishes that may occur, and freshen the skin. In other words the concept would be an all-encompassing skin care product. The instructions were clear and easy to understand. This product was extremely easy to use for all of us. The product was very effective at cleansing the skin. The smell was refreshing so in turn made the skin feel and also look refreshed, and the skin definitely felt thoroughly cleansed after use. After several uses a difference in the skins brightness could definitely be seen and less blemishes and redness was noted. As previously stated a definite difference in the skins condition for all of us could be seen. There was a reduction in blemishes and the skins redness and the skin definitely had a refreshed glow about it. Our skin felt smooth and refreshed after use. This became part of our daily skin care regime. I would say we all noticed  an improvement in skin condition was noticed after a week of daily use. We all used this daily. This was a good quality product which smelled lovely. The only downside was that the consistency was too thin. I would say that the price tag of £20 was too expensive for the size of the bottle and the recommendations to use it daily. Although it’s a good product I definitely would not spend this amount of money for it. We all liked the smell of the product and how refreshed and clean it made our skin feel after use. I would consider buying it but only if the price of it was considerably lower. This is a product I would definitely recommend to friends and family to improve the overall appearance and feel of the skin. Overall this is good quality and integrates well with skincare regime. It leaves skin cleansed and feeling refreshed and healthy. The only down points are it’s costly price tag of £20 and it’s thin consistency which felt like you needed more in order to get it into a foamy lather. I would refer to all points made above. This is a good product which leaves the skin feeling smooth and refreshed and clean. It gradually improves the appearance of the skin making it look brighter, reducing blemishes and redness.  The smell is pleasant and makes you feel that it is refreshing your skin.  It is of thin consistency which makes you feel like you need more than you actually do in order to get a good foaming lather.  It’s only negative point is that it is priced rather steeply so would not be regularly purchased considering it will be used on a daily basis so will be used up quickly. Claire MacLaren – Daughters 14 & 15 Years

Product Tested By Emma Dalzell – Lucy 14 Years

Emma & Lucy Awarded The Lemon & Tea Tree Purifying Wash 4/5

Looked nice simple, understated packaging. Concept is good and especially appealing for my teenager as her skin was very prone to blemishes. Concise, direct instructions but could be clearer as to whether it can be used to remove eye makeup or not.  It says to remove eye makeup with damp cotton pads – is this with the product on or just plain water? My daughter used daily at the sink – very easy to us. This worked really well and my daughter says her skin felt very clean and fresh. This is very effective actually.  Her skin was actually in the middle of a breakout when she started using this product and it has cleared up nicely. my daughter says her skin definitely felt invigorated and softer. My daughter would use this every day. After about a week of using this  her skin was definitely starting to clear and look better. My daughter has continued to use this every morning.  Good quality, easy to work with and lovely clean scent.  Maybe  a bit pricey if teenagers are one of the target groups.  I would however purchase this for her as I have seen the positive effects on her skin. We both liked the fact that it really seemed to improve the skin –  good for my daughter’s self-esteem as she was annoyed that her skin had become a bit spotty. I would buy it because it really improves the condition of the skin. I would recommend because it is effective. We have not given this full marks because price may put people off but the product is brilliant and gave my daughter confidence about her skin again. Nice simple packaging which is not too fussy. Instructions could be a bit clearer regarding use for eye makeup. Maybe a bit expensive (but people may happily pay once they realise that it is a great product). Lovely fresh, clean smell. Overall brilliant because it really does improve the condition of blemish prone skin! Emma Dalzell – Lucy 14 Years

Product Tested By Laurie Newton 13 Years

Laurie Awarded The Lemon & Tea Tree Purifying Wash 4/5

sleek packaging. Easy to read. Good to know the ingredients are good for blemish prone skin . Sounds natural. Instructions simple and easy to understand. Very easy to use as pumps a good amount out and lathered well. Cleansed well. Took time to make skin more blemish free. I liked tea tree for this purpose anyway. It works well and doesn’t dry skin. Skin not too smooth but felt refreshed immediately. This worked well and used daily. After using for a week I did notice improvement in my skin condition.  Good ingredients.  Natural. Smelt lovely.  Easy to pump and lather. Effective at skin cleansing. I think this is a bit expensive but would buy as effective and natural. I really loved the natural ingredients and the fact it is blemish fighting. I would buy this as smelt lovely, natural, did not irritate my skin and a little goes a long way. I would recommend for blemish prone skin that is sensitive. Lovely smell. Nice smart simple packaging. Natural ingredients and did not dry out my skin. Laurie Newton 13 Years

This is a product I would definitely recommend to friends and family to improve the overall appearance and feel of the skin. Overall this is good quality and integrates well with skincare regime. It leaves skin cleansed and feeling refreshed and healthy.


Claire and Her Daughters Awarded The Lemon & Tea Tree Purifying Wash 4.5/5

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