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Ogo Sports Disc 12"

Ogo Sports Disc 12" – Catch and throw balls up to 150feet – Acts as a throwing disc by itself – Can be played by 1,2 or more people – Adapts to many sports activities such as volleyball, tennis and baseball – Awesome with water balloons – a blast at the beach or pool and it will not sink – provides unlimited possibilities for inventive play.  Ages suitability 4+

Ogo Sports Disc 12" £12.99 – Ogo Sports Disc 18" £17.99

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£12.99 Available in Smyths toy store, Hamleys, Amazon, Littlewoods. just click online to find local stockist

Ogo Sports Disc 12" Reviews

Product Tested by: Catherine Joyce – William & Luke Aged 8 & 4 years

Product Tested By Catherine Joyce – William & Luke Aged 8 & 4 years

Catherine, William & Luke Awarded The Ogo Sports Disc 5/5

When I received the Ogo Sports discs I thought they looked fun and couldn’t wait to try them. The website is good, it shows lots of pictures of people having fun with the Ogo Sports disc and there is a video of people playing as well. You can’t purchase from the website but it does tell you who the stockists are and there are a good number of stockists there are a few different products available and they all look good fun.  The Ogo sports discs came in cardboard packaging that folds around the discs rather than a box which is much better as less cardboard is needed. The packaging is bright and has pictures of people playing with the discs as well as the instructions.  I had no concerns about my children playing with this toy as they are both over 3 which is the recommended age.  Both my children loved this toy. I played simple games with my 4 year old son, he loved trying to bounce the balls on the disc and he thought it was hilarious trying to catch the ball. My older son played outside with it and was quite good at catching the ball with his cousin. They both liked bouncing the ball on their own and spent ages playing with the discs. The packaging suggests using water bombs which will be really good fun when it is a bit warmer – we will definitely be trying that in the summer.  It helps with co-ordination as you have to concentrate to keep the ball bouncing or catch it when someone else has thrown it.  This toy definitely captured their attention and both boys really enjoyed playing with it.  They haven’t thought of any other uses other than what is suggested on the box.  Good quality toy which should last for years as it is suitable for both children and adults.  It is such a simple idea but good fun. It can easily be put in a bag and taken to the beach or park.  I think it is good value for money and will also last for years.   If I had seen it in a toy shop without trying it first I wouldn’t have bought it but having played with it I would buy it as it is so much fun for everyone.  Would recommend without hesitation.   Brilliant outdoor fun for everyone from toddlers to grannies!  Catherine Joyce – William & Luke Aged 8 & 4 years


Product Tested By Gemma Rayson – Abigail Aged 5 Years

Gemma & Abigail Awarded The Ogo Sports Disc  4.5/5

I had never seen this product before and thought it would be fun to play with.  Website was good, easy to navigate and looked very upmarket.  Arrived well packaged and do not really need instructions for this toy.  I felt this was perfect for Abigail to play with so age suitability ideal and very safe to use. Abigail loved playing with the toy we had lot of fun and she could play on her own or with a friend.  It has certainly helped her with catching and throwing skills and also how to take turns.  This is a fun toy and has kept Abigail’s attention and she has also used this as a Frisbee. This is very good quality and we were both very impressed.  I feel this is good value for monehy and offers high play value.  Would recommend to others.  We had lots of fun playing with this product and something we will be using a lot this summer as ideal to take on your travels.  Gemma Rayson – Abigail Aged 5 Years


Product Tested By Anna Bream – James & Charlie Aged 7 & 9 Years

Anna James & Charlie Awarded The Ogo Sports Disc 5/5

What a great idea, knew my boys would be eager to give it a try.  Loved the website, has a lot of very innovative items available online and will be checking out further nearer their birthdays.  The Ogo discs were packaged well and image on the front was inforamtive, you could see the product clearly and featured instructions. Absolutely no concerns about boys using this product ideal for both of them.  James & Charlie enjoyed using the Oco Sports disc.  They are competitive, but it also held their attention too which is a huge bonus for us. Also both their eyes lit up when they knew they could use water bombs, just the perfect game for the summer.  You can use disc and ball together or individually.  Great to help hand-eye co-ordination and great fun too. Superb entertainment and yes you have guessed it me and hubby were drawn into the game.  Can take with you on your travels and certainly great to take along to friends of BBQ’s in the summer as entertainment for everyone.  Kept both my boys amused and they enjoyed playing the game so big thumbs up from all of us. Superb quality, great value and brilliant entertainment.   I had never heard of this product before but so plesed we had the chance to test this and will certainly be recommending to others.  We all Loved it.  Great outdoor fun for everyone (even us oldies!). Anna Bream – James & Charlie Aged 7 & 9 Years


Brilliant outdoor fun for everyone from toddlers to grannies!


Catherine, William & Luke Awarded The Ogo Sports Disc 5/5

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