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Okiedog Chameleon Changing Bag

CHAMELEON: combines a handbag for the mum with a changing bag for the baby in one beautiful, yet functional package. And no matter what, both mum and baby can rest assured that their needs are looked after by a dedicated bag designed just for their needs.

Chameleon, changing bag, handbag and cooler bag combined into one great changing bag, beige

size cm: 41 * 33 * 10 -size inch: 16 * 13 * 4

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Okiedog Chameleon Changing Bag Reviews

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Product Tested By Kerry Cowburn-Evert – Amber & Eden 20 Months & 7 Weeks

Kerry Awarded The Okiedog Chameleon Changing Bag 5/5

Wow, it has so many features and pockets to put things into!!  It is exactly the style of changing bag I would buy for myself. It is large, but well segmented and can be split into just the changing bag part, just the handbag part or combined with the cooler bag section in the middle. It fits on your shoulder easily, and if you just want to carry it in your hand, the straps are the perfect length. The straps are easily moved to change over from handbag to changing bag to both.   I’ve really put this bag through its paces and have not had a mark on it or a tear at all, the fabric is brilliant as spills can just be wiped off. The only way I would fault it is that it isn’t very stylish for the handbag part, but it is exceedingly practical, which is why I still scored it 5.  Brilliant, the zips all work very well with 1 hand (i.e. while holding baby) and the zips are large enough to hook a finger into, which is handy! The pockets are all very well made and the stitching hasn’t shown any signs of wear/strain even though I pack half a household into it every day!  The compartments are plentiful!! I only gave it a 4 as I think that there are too many, to be honest and most of the extra feature things I’ve packed away in a drawer (such as a changing mat which I find takes up too much space in the bag itself). It came with an extra bottle insulator, which would only fit tall thin bottles, not the Tommee Tippee type ones. The one attached to the bag is extremely useful as it fits my daughter’s water bottle easily, even though it is quite a wide/chunky one. I love that the changing bag part has 2 "nappy holders” – I can fit 3 – 4 for each of my girls. There’s space for a phone on the inside of the bag and outside, a separate compartment for a purse, 2 pockets on the outside I use for sweets for when I need a lift ;-)… there are just loads of places to keep things! The only trouble is that you have to use the whole bag in order to use the cooler bag part, since it clips in between the 2 other sections. But to be honest I never use the bag separately as it is just so handy as a whole.  I easily fit 3 – 4 nappies in the nappy holders, a change of clothes for each of my girls, wipes, a large Sudocrem container, muslin clothes, tissues, space for medication and a bottle or 2 if needed. And that’s just the changing bag side! The handbag side is just as big and I fit everything I normally carry around with me. The cooler bag section is smaller, but when my youngest was in hospital I could easily fit 10 100ml bottles of expressed milk which stayed frozen while I travelled for over 90 minutes by train to see her. Now I use it for snacks when we go somewhere, very handy!  I use it every day and all my other bags have been put in storage as this is the only one I use now, I wouldn’t put a laptop in it, but then again I don’t carry one around! It can fit books easily and because it’s such great quality a heavier load is no problem! I wouldn’t use it if I didn’t have to carry nappies around though, as I would opt for a different style of bag then and don’t think the handbag part of this bag is "sexy” enough (for lack of a better description).  When it’s really bulgingly full it isn’t that easy to carry over your shoulder, but then it is easy to carry on your arm as the straps are of a good length. Otherwise when it is just normally full, it is very comfy to carry over your shoulder.  No choice of strap carrying, as the straps are just as they are, the only changing which can be done with them is to change the bag from a double (with changing and handbag) to a single (either changing or handbag). I don’t see this as a negative though! They are the perfect length for carrying over the shoulder, as the bag then fits nicely under your arm, but I also use it often over my forearm which is just as comfortable to carry. The thickness of the straps is perfect as the straps don’t slip off my shoulders and the padding on them if brilliant for when the bag is heavy as it cushions very well! I love the bag! I never used a changing bag before as I never had enough space for my things as well as nappy changing things, so just used a zip lock bag with nappies thrown into it in my normal handbag. I am TOTALLY converted now and will never leave home without my changing bag! It is the perfect bag for someone with loads of things to carry as it keeps everything in 1 place! I love it and it makes my life loads easier having everything together!  I will never leave home without it!  I already have recommended it. I think it is a great investment and will be getting one for a friend who is having her second baby soon!  I love this bag and cannot fault it in any way!   I am so happy with this bag, I will never use another! It’s the best idea ever to have a changing bag with a separate section for a handbag. I highly recommend it for anyone needing a bit of extra space but wanting to keep everything in 1 place. All my friends are jealous of my bag when we go out!  Kerry Cowburn-Evert – Amber & Eden 20 Months & 7 Weeks


Product Tested By Debbie Stevenson – Abigail 3 Months

Debbie Awarded The   Okiedog Chameleon Changing Bag  4.7/5

Vey stylish and practical regarding all the compartments.  The style is very fashionable, better than a lot of others I have seen. It actually has a look of a fashion bag rather than a baby change bag so is just perfect.  It is very easy to clean which is essential with a new baby and a toddler. My toddler keeps dropping runny food on it and I can easily wipe it off. the fabric is also sturdy .` I was so impressed with the quality of the bag as it has so many compartments and helpful elements to it such a key loop and mobile pouch. it has a great change mat included with it that has handy pouches on it to put wipes/cotton wool in etc and has a cool bag too. My only problem has been the universal clips to connect it to a buggy. I have a quinny buzz and found it very annoying to clip this bag to the buggy frame as the length of the straps mean the bag was getting in the way of my babies feet. It would have been far better to have longer straps on the clips.  There are so many compartments in this bag. There are two big compartments and several little compartments. I have a new born baby and a 2 year old so I have been using one of the big compartments for each of them. The two compartments can be unzipped so you can use them separate or together. I have found this to be very helpful.   The bag can be small if you have unzipped the bag so you are only using half of the bag but when both parts of the bag are zipped together there is more than enough room for everything you need for a baby and a toddler.  I found the bag can actually be used as a bag for shopping as it doesn’t look like the standard change bag; it looks more like a fashion bag.  I found the bag to be comfortable when carrying when I only used half of the bag. When I use both big compartments of the bag I found it to be very bulky for carrying it around under my arm. A longer strap would be more ideal.  The thicknesses of straps are just right so that they don’t dig into your skin. The buggy clips could do with being longer and a longer strap to carry the bag around with would be ideal.  I love to use this bag; it is so useful to carry everything I need for my baby and toddler and also for myself.  I would certainly purchase this bag and already recommended.   It has made the early days of my new baby so much easier as it s such a practical bag!  Debbie Stevenson – Abigail 3 Months


Product Tested By Louise Jones – Baby Jasmine 2 Months

Louise Awarded The Okiedog Chameleon Changing Bags 4.7/5

Looks smart, the black and white colour makes a nice unisex change from the usual ‘baby’ colours. Plenty of room in it, and very versatile too.  I quite liked the style of it, the style of the straps meant that it could be carried on your shoulder, by hand, or over the handles of the pushchair.  However it did seem to be quite a feminine design, which my husband was not as happy to use – he would have preferred a more unisex messenger-type design.  The quality of the fabric was great, very durable for every usage and wipe clean too which is always useful with babies around!  The overall quality of the bag was pretty good, there are only a couple of points that let it down slightly – the stitching inside the integral bottle warming pocket is already coming away, which means the heat isn’t retained as well now; and (ironically) in the removable bottle warming bag, the toggle tie for the top has come undone and fallen out, so it can’t be closed now and so again the bottle heat isn’t retained.  There are absolutely loads of compartments / pockets / removable sections to the bag, almost more than could be needed on a day to day basis!  So it really is a very versatile bag, as it can be unzipped in half to make a smaller bag, or to travel even lighter you can just take the padded changing mat which has ‘wet’ pockets for baby essentials and folds up to fit in a handbag.  The overall size of the bag is great; it is large enough to contain all you would need for a day trip out or even an overnight stay, without looking too big to take just to the shops.  It can also be unzipped into two separate smaller bags if you don’t need to take as much with you.  The bag is versatile as a changing bag itself, because of the different options in how you can use it, but I wouldn’t say that it could really be used for any other function as it does really look like a changing bag.  The bag was pretty comfortable to use, the straps are nice and wide and a woven material with padded areas so they don’t rub.  The only thing that would make it more comfortable sometimes is if it was a cross-body style too, rather than shoulder straps only.  The bag has two different lengths for the shoulder straps to be adjusted to, and the other option is that the straps can be clipped around your pram handles, although they did keep sliding down when we tried this so it really depends on the style of your pushchair handles.  The actual straps themselves seem well-made and are comfortable to use as they have padded areas for carrying by hand or on your shoulder. The bag has been really nice to use and has definitely  made looking after a newborn much easier as it’s meant we are able to be really organised wherever we are, even when at home we keep it fully-stocked as our ‘downstairs baby kit’!  I would certainly purchase this bag and have no hesitation recommending to others.   This is the first baby changing bag I have used, and I’ve been really pleasantly surprised – I always dismissed them in the past as being cumbersome and unnecessary, but now having used this one which is so well-designed and thought out, I will definitely be sticking with it!  Louise Jones – Baby Jasmine 2 Months

I highly recommend it for anyone needing a bit of extra space but wanting to keep everything in 1 place. All my friends are jealous of my bag when we go out!


Kerry Awarded The Okiedog Chameleon Changing Bag 5/5

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