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Okiedog Metro Changing Bag

METRO: the perfect balance between style, space and practicality. Completely redesigned for 2010 this bag has more to offer than any other messenger style bag.

22112 Equinox Metro Messenger, white
size cm: 48 * 32 * 13
size inch: 19 * 12.5 * 5

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£54.97 Available to purchase online

Okiedog Metro Changing Bag Reviews

Product Tested by: Kate Patane - Carter 3 Years

Product Tested By Kate Patane – Carter 3 Years

Kate Awarded the Okiedog Metro Changing Bag 5/5

A very sturdy and trendy looking bag. I really like it and so does my husband as I think my other bags embarrass him a bit. The fabric is great, it is very sturdy and the color also matches my buggy which was a nice touch. The overall quality of the bag is fantastic and the number of compartments are sufficient for my purposes and needs. It is a little big to hang off the buggy for me but it’s also great for parties and weekends away. Very versatile. One could use it for anything they wanted really as it is a lovely looking bag! I had no problems using the bag and neither did my husband, it was very comfortable. The options for using the bag allowed me to use it when carrying my Son or even just walking to the car so I didn’t have to struggle at all. I really enjoyed using this bag as I am tired of my other bags which break after 5 minutes and which hold practically nothing. This bag really worked for me and my husband wasn’t afraid to carry it out of the house. This bag is great value for money, it’s stylish and is worth the price! Although a little to big and heavy to attach to my buggy, I think this depends on the size of your buggy more than anything. I really liked this bag and will use it for as long as I can! Kate Patane – Carter 3 Years

Product Tested By Judith Japp – Baby Amelia 7 Weeks

Julia Awarded the Okiedog Metro Changing Bag 4.5/5

A great bag with good quality fabric and useful compartments. Nice and well padded shoulder strap for extra comfort too. It is a modern style bag with trendy patterns and the stitch work is of high quality. Bag opens easily by a zipper. Has got very good apartments, just enough too store everything one needs to take out. Personally for me a waterproof bag is very Important, which this bag has got. The quality of this bags fabric is 100%. Very strong, long lasting and easy to clean material. It has been thought through very well, things that I would of not even thought of are included in the bag. It has nappy compartments, key holders and even dummy pockets! It is a reasonably large bag, but with two kids you can fit everything in quite well. The bag is very comfortable to wear , it has three different carry options. A hand bag, carrier straps and shoulder straps, also with the universal push-chair clips. it is absolutely perfect, just the right size for comfort and practicality. Lots of my friends have already commented on the bag. It does catch many peoples attention and I would definitely recommend. Judith Japp – Baby Amelia 7 Weeks

Product Tested By Ashleigh Lines – Amelia 8 Weeks

Ashleigh Awarded the Okiedog Metro Changing Bag 4.7/5

I was so impressed when I first saw the bag. The packaging was great, very suitable and not excessive. The size, style and quality of the bag itself all looked perfect and of a very high standard, I couldn’t wait to use it! There are many handy compartments included which make it very easy to organize things and also access them quickly. The main thing that I love about the bag is how comfortable it is to wear and also carry (it has a few carrying/wearing options.) There is a shoulder strap, handbag option and it can also be attached to the pushchair too. I would describe it as a fairly large bag, but it is not oversized, for me it is just right for everything I need and a little more. The only thing that would have put me off buying this would be the price, but now knowing how lovely and practical it is I would highly recommend! A brilliant stylish and practical bag for mummy or daddy to use! Ashleigh Lines – Amelia 8 Weeks

This bag is great value for money, it’s stylish and is worth the price!


Kate Awarded the Okiedog Metro Changing Bag 5/5

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