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Orchard Toys Times Tables Heroes Game

This fun multiplication game will help children practise their times tables from 2-12. With two games in one – Hero City board game and Multiplication Bingo – times table practise will be filled with fun!

In the Hero City Board Game players move around the board by spinning the spinners and solving multiplication sums.  If a player lands on a shield square they have to use their imaginations to help their superhero defeat the disaster – they’ll need to defeat the evil unicorns, outwit the zombies or even escape the giant slugs!  Times Tables Heroes also includes a colourful times tables checker, which can be used with or outside of the game to extend learning.

When the game is finished players can turn over the board for a fast paced game of Multiplication Bingo! Using the cards and spinners from the board game, players race to be the first to get 3 in a row. This will be especially helpful for encouraging children to recall their times tables quickly.

Times Tables Heroes is designed to help parents and children prepare for the new multiplication tables check (MTC), which is compulsory nationwide in primary schools for children in Year 4 from June 2020.

Contents: 1 jigged double-sided board – 21 shield cards – 4 character playing pieces – 4 character stands – 3 spinner boards – 3 two-part plastic spinners – 1 times tables checker – 4 superhero reference cards – 1 instruction leaflet

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Orchard Toys Times Tables Heroes Game Reviews

Product Tested By Lorna Heath – Charlotte 8 years

Lorna Awarded The Orchard Toys Times Tables Heroes 4.4/5

Charlotte was very excited to open and play straight away.  I think children learn better through play so it is a great idea. Very visual instruction leaflet so easy to follow.  Charlotte kept asking to play it, she really enjoyed this game.  She is quite good at her times tables but this certainly helped. Charlotte especially enjoyed bingo.  I think if it had the other numbers such as the harder 8 and 9 she would have enjoyed it even more. Charlotte does enjoy learning through play and recalling really helps with this.  This has helped with home schooling as it was something else to do other than set school work that felt like fun. The age group is suitable to a point.  Charlotte is nearly 9 and tried to play with her 6 year old brother.  He can do 10 and 2 times tables but has not covered any others yet so got a bit frustrated. We have played this a few times since it arrived.  The contents are good, bright colourful and this is easy to set up. Charlotte enjoyed the bingo game the most. I liked the fact I was not complicated to set up and it was user friendly. I do agree this is a great educational game and makes learning the times tables fun. Quality is good as it was robust cardboard which is essential. I’ll be honest as I am not sure I would buy it at this price it is a bit expensive. The instructions were nice and easy for Charlotte to read herself.  Usually she throws the leaflet at an adult and gets them to read it all out.  I liked that this leaflet was very visual.  I would not purchase this simply because of the price.  I would recommend as it is a good game and easy to use as well as great for learning without realising it. It would have been a 5.5 if it had been around the £7.99 price range. Overall this game was a great, easy to set up and the leaflet was very visual and easy to understand.  It was robust nice and colourful and really helped with learning.  It was a great thing to receive to test during lock down and provided another thing to do during the day. Lorna Heath – Charlotte 8 years

Product Tested By Yudi Irvine – Henry 7 Years 6 Months

Yudi Awarded The Orchard Toys Times Tables Heroes 4/5

The game arrived at the perfect time whilst we are in home in isolation whilst learning the times table. When the game arrived, we both liked the colours and images on the front of the box; we were excited to open the box ready to play as soon as it was delivered!  Having specific times tables with this game allowed my son to have a focus rather than complicating it with more numbers. The fact that it was 2 games as well (reversible board) was also attractive to ensure no boredom. Design wise, instructions are clear and well-illustrated.  The use of a single colour and font was attractive.  I only had a little confusion, unless I wasn’t reading it the instructions, when it came to the Hero City Game when landing on the shields.  However having rereading them again, it did become clear. Not sure if it was the way it was worded that caused the confusion.  My son did enjoy playing this game.  The Three in a Row Bingo was the more popular game.  My son was a little wary at the start on the Hero City Game when you landed on a shield and you had to describe how your superhero could help using their superhero. This game helped reinforce his knowledge for 2, 5 and 10’s. My son preferred the Three in a Row Bingo more than the other one.  It seemed to last longer and tested the times table more. The Three in a Row Bingo seemed to give more play time.  We also played it against the clock which helped reinforce the multiplications recall.  Maybe that could be an additional element to the game. Using this game alongside the work set from school certainly helped with this part of home learning.  It certainly felt that it gave me an additional resource when home schooling. This game is perfect for this year group as it goes hands in hand with the work covered in the curriculum at school. We have played the game (Bingo more than the others) at least twice a week.  As my son has said, it makes it more fun than having to keep writing the answers down. The quality of the parts of the game were very durable and good quality.  The thickness and material used for these parts means it will take a while before they start to wear – the quality will be maintained over a considerable length of time.  The colours used are eye catching.  The font is clear and the use of images are fun. My son liked the images that were used.  As he said they are colourful and look like they are having fun!  He liked the interactive part of the game using the dial. I liked the visual aspect of this game.  The colours all complimented each other making the games appear very attractive.  Watching my son take control of ‘his turn’ using the dial allowed me to see a sense of independence. Having an additional resource with the ‘fun’ element certainly brings in an exciting element to my son’s learning, especially at the moment when I am the teacher! As previously mentioned the game is of a very quality – material/thickness used with its protective coating.  I believe the colours will be maintained over time without fading.   I think it is overpriced being over £10.00. I appreciate the quality of the game but would prefer it to be under the £10.00 price tag.  There are a number of other resources out there; including online, which would give an additional resource free of charge which may seem attractive (especially to the younger generation nowadays that are technology savvy).  I like the interactivity that this product gives between myself and my son when playing this game together. Personally I would not buy this as the price puts me off. I already have recommended to my son’s classmates mums.  The fun, interactive element is my reason for the recommendation to take children away from the screens! The play factor is very appealing with this game allowing us to play it regularly which in turn reinforces the learning of the times tables. This is a very attractive game. The images and colours on the box are very appealing to the target age range which I imagine would appeal to both genders through the characters, costumes.  One of the games was more appealing to my son than the other but both games were played.  The quality of the parts of the games were good and would certainly be durable.  Having this hands on, interactive game has certainly reinforced the learning of the times tables for my son. Yudi Irvine – Henry 7 Years 6 Months

Product Tested By Janice Hope – Thomas 6 Years

Janice Awarded the Orchard toys Times Tables Heroes 3.5/5

Looked quite exciting. There are two games in this pack. One we really enjoyed other not so much. Instructions are easy enough to follow.  My son enjoyed playing one of the games. The board game was a bit long winded for what it was and child got bored. This did help him practice his times tables. However, he did prefer the faster paced game.  No didn’t enjoy the hero city as well as he did the bingo one. He was really eager and still is to play the bingo one and has helped with his times tables. This game has helped with home schooling for us.  I do agree with the age range, I think it would be a bit too difficult for younger children.  We play most days but it is part of home schooling. We won’t play as much when school returns. Thought the hero one was a bit repetitive.  My son really enjoyed the bingo game. I thought it was a good help with times tables and a fun way to learn. I do agree it is a good educational game. It is difficult to get children to practice times tables and this game made them think about it so proving that they are actually absorbing and thinking about multiplication rather than just repeating it. The quality could be better.  Personally I think it is a bit pricey for what it is.  Thought it was a good way to learn times tables and put a bit of fun into the learning. I would not buy this only because it’s just cardboard and already showing bad signs of wear.  I would recommend purely for the educational value.   Thought the concept was a good idea and have played it most days during lockdown.  Unfortunately it is starting to fall to bits as all made of cardboard.  Should be made more sturdier. Janice Hope – Thomas 6 Years










Overall this game was a great, easy to set up and the leaflet was very visual and easy to understand.  It was robust nice and colourful and really helped with learning.  It was a great thing to receive to test during lock down and provided another thing to do during the day.


Lorna Awarded The Orchard Toys Times Tables Heroes 4.4/5

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