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Organic Breastfeeding Tea

Looking to help aid and boost lactation for breastfeeding? Try our organic herbal tea quickly becoming our best seller.

Product Shout-outs…..Biodegradable tea bags – Caffeine Free – Certified Organic – Certified Vegan – Ethical Tea Partnership – Free from artificial colours and flavourings – 15 x Tea Bags – Natural solution – Discreet shipping packaging

Myrtle & Maude’s tea bags are plastic free, biodegradable, GMO free and our blend is certified vegan and organic. We have created a nutritious blend of carefully selected herbs to help boost healing and fight fatigue for mothers after birth and to promote the healthy supply of breast milk during nursing.

We have chosen Galactagogue herbs to stimulate the production of milk. Galactagogues (translated from the Greek ‘galacto’ for milk and ‘agogos’ meaning flow), which are herbs that stimulate milk production.

Our milk flow tea is there to support mums through their breastfeeding journey.

All our herbs are: 100% organic

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Price £6.00 Available online

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Organic Breastfeeding Tea Reviews

Product Tested By Joanne Holdaway – Lauren 5 Months

Lauren Awarded The Organic Breastfeeding Tea 4.4/5

When this arrived I thought the packaging was nice. Instructions were simple and clear. The tea tasted lovely. It has a lovely smell and a mild taste. I did not notice any change in supply but I did not drink near to the recommended amount for this. I already have a good supply so  I was concerned about increasing this too much. I would drink this a couple of times a week. Getting 3 cups of tea a day with a newborn and a toddler would not be easy. The fact this comes in biodegradable bags is important to me. I feel everyone should make small changes to help the environment. I liked the flavour and a reason to stop and have a rest.  The quality was good. The tea had real flavour and the packaging was good quality. The tea is priced similar to other premium teas and is an OK price for an occasional treat. However to drink the recommended 3 cups a day £6 is only a 5 day supply. This is probably unrealistic for most people to use to combat supply issues. I would buy as an occasional treat. I would recommend this tea.  Overall I had good experience with the product. It was a lovely caffeine free alternative to tea. Joanne Holdaway – Lauren 5 Months

Product Tested By Aimee Hamer – Molly 22 Months

Aimee Awarded The  Organic Breastfeeding Tea 5/5

This arrived in nice compact packaging.  Instructions were very simple to follow.  I really liked the flavour of the tea. It wasn’t too strong or over powering like some herbal teas can be. I didn’t feel as tired after I had the tea. So I feel it must have increased my supply. I would have 2 cups each day.  Loved that it came in biodegradable bags as this is great for the environment. I loved the flavour and how refreshing it was. The quality is excellent.  This is really great value for money. I will be purchasing more on pay day. I have already recommended the tea to 4 of my breastfeeding friends. Great flavour and gave me a boost when I drank it. It also relaxed me whilst drinking it . A nice change from my usual cup of tea with the bonus of boosting my supply. Aimee Hamer – Molly 22 Months

Product Tested By Alice Forester – Luna 5 Months

Alice Awarded The Organic Breastfeeding Tea 3.5/5

Nicely designed, appealing packaging. Zip lock so can store the tea in it once opened making the packaging more sustainable. It is also recyclable which is always good. The instructions were clear and easy to follow but the font size could be a bit bigger. I am not a big tea drinker normally and this tea was not to my taste. However, it is not too strong a taste so easy to drink a cup. I can’t say for certain if it did or did not boost lactations. I’ve been struggling with breastfeeding from the start and this tea came at a time my supply was suffering. While drinking the tea my supply didn’t seem to drop anymore like it has been but also didn’t increase much. I would have 1 cup in the morning, 1 at lunchtime and 1 in the evening completing the bag (so for 5 days). Being supplied in biodegradable bags is very important to me. I try to be as sustainable as possible, so this made this product instantly more appealing. I liked the packaging, as it was easy to store as it does not take up much room, is sustainable and recyclable. Plus had a nice design. I don’t have much to compare it to as I don’t really drink tea, but I was purposely rough with my stirring to see the quality of the tea bag itself and it did not rip at all, which can’t always be said for some tea bags. Going by their recommended usage the bag would last for 5 days, so to have it every day, 3 times a day for a 30 day month it would be £36. Which is probably a little on the expensive side, although they are sustainable and use disposable tea bags which makes the price a bit more acceptable. Unfortunately my breastfeeding journey has come to an end. But I would buy it for certain friends who I think would enjoy the tea and are breastfeeding. I would recommend and I have already mentioned it to some friends. The packaging was aesthetically pleasing, useful that it can be resealed saving the need for additional containers to keep the tea bags in and the sustainability side of the packaging and the tea bags themselves are definitely good selling points for the product. I wasn’t a fan of the taste of the tea, although it is easy to drink as the flavour is not overbearing. Price is a little higher than I’d like considering the bag lasts 5 days. Alice Forester – Luna 5 Months



I would buy as an occasional treat. I would recommend this tea.  Overall I had good experience with the product. It was a lovely caffeine free alternative to tea.


Lauren Awarded The Organic Breastfeeding Tea 4.4/5

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