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Organic Calm Tummy – For Baby’s Digestion

16 whole leaf pyramids of naturally caffeine free blend specially crafted for babiesThis is our 100% organic gentle aniseed and fennel herbal blend to help relieve your little one’s troubles with colic and bring up those happy pops of wind. Traditionally used for babies suffering from colic, aniseed sustains the intestine by calming down colic pains.It has a lovely herbal aniseed taste, and can be drunk by mums and dads to help with digestion or can be enjoyed anytime as delicious herbal tea.

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Organic Calm Tummy – For Baby’s Digestion Reviews

Product Tested By Annetta Kelly – Khadijah 3 Months

Annetta Awarded The Organic Calm Tummy – For Baby Digestion 5/5

Looked lovely and the smell coming from the box was wonderful. Packaging nice and neat. Very straightforward instructions. This was easy to brew but had to wait sometime for it to infusion for a better taste. My child did enjoy the taste and also my older children loved it too.This did help with colic. I have a child with reflux and this really helped at night as she was quite a fuss pot and she slept the whole night for the first time. This also helped with digestion for my eldest child who loves this tea. I had it and my husband we both thought the tea had a lovely range of smells really smooth and nice to have after a long day great as a detox drink after a workout or a long walk and great that the whole family can enjoy the same drink. We did not know you could reuse this tea bag and should be on the packaging as we chucked them away after first use. It’s great to be health conscious and think about what we are putting into our bodies all the time I suffer from RBS and find organic products easier for me to eat.This tea certainly met all my expectations. Very important to know ethically sources as it’s nice to know what you’re drinking in clear writing. I did notice message hand blended in UK and nice to know this product is from the UK.Soil Association logo is important to us. Quality excellent and made with all natural ingredients. This is great value and you can reuse the tea bags. I loved the fact everything is from the UK and all 100% natural. I will be buying more as me and my kids loved it and great to all be drinking the same drink for a change. I would recommend as good quality healthy tea. Great product will keep buying only thing is to display the fact that you can re-use tea bags on packaging. Annetta Kelly – Khadijah 3 Months

Product Tested By Claire Scullion – Rock & Cora – 2 years and 5 Months

Claire Awarded The Organic Calm Tummy – For Baby Digestion 3.7/5

It looked a lot like other brands of tea bags I have bought in the past like tea pigs. Nice packaging and branding.I like the design and style of the packaging and the tea was sealed up for freshness. It was very clear how much tea I should give my little one. Very easy to brew if following the instructions.Neither of my children enjoyed the taste, my 2 year old son had a bit more so I think he liked it a bit more but still didn’t want it again when offered. My Baby Cora doesn’t suffer with colic but she does bring up a lot of her feeds so I thought it might help with that. I did not notice it helping with digestion. I tried the tea even though I am not a big fan of the flavour and I thought it was quite nice.I didn’t know that you could reuse the tea bag! It would be very useful to have that on the packaging as the product is quite expensive and this would help it go further.It is quite important we use Organic products and price is also a factor. There are definitely other products on the market that have the same ingredients for less so it feels like you are paying extra for the branding. Being ethically sourced is important to me but it wasn’t the first this I noticed I like the fact it is made in the UK but it’s not essential to me that products are made in the UK. Soil Association logo not important to me. I tend not to notice it. The product was very good quality and at no point did I think that I was a lesser product than its competitors. I believe, if my family had responded more positively to the product I would have purchased a cheaper version in the belief it would have the same desired effect. The packaging and branding was very nice and I loved the design and the colours.I would not purchase because my family did not like the taste and it seemed overpriced.I would recommend if I had a mummy friend with a colicky baby I would definitely tell her about it. Just because we didn’t like the taste doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t benefit from it. Lots of positives about this product, it was just a real shame my family didn’t like the taste but I know it’s a real ‘love it or hate it’ kind of flavour. The product quality was great and the branding was really nice. My only criticism would be that it did strongly resemble tea pigs in its design so could do with standing out a little from such a recognisable brand. It was a good experience to try the tea with my family but it just wasn’t for us. Claire Scullion – Rock & Cora – 2 years and 5 Months

Product Tested By Gina Pinnegar – Marceline 4.5 Months

Gina Awarded The Organic Calm Tummy – For Baby Digestion 5/5

I was very impressed by the tea when it arrived in the post. I felt it looked almost like a luxury item, packaged with tissue paper and the handwritten note was a lovely surprise.Beautiful packaging looked expensive but also had a natural feel. Loved that it was carefully wrapped in tissue paper with a handwritten note. Extremely simple and easy to follow instructions. Extremely easy to brew, no different to any other tea bag I’ve used.Hard to say at that age, but she didn’t reject it so I’m guessing she liked it! After drinking this tea she definitely seemed to find it easier to pass gas than before and was more settled as a result. This also definitely helped with her digestion. In the end I was drinking the tea and letting it pass through my breast milk to baby, much easier that way. I loved the taste of the tea, very yummy indeed.I didn’t know you could re-use the tea bag; this would be great to have the info on the packaging to save wastage.I try to use organic where possible but it’s not the most important factor when making a purchase. The quality of the tea met my expectations and it was lovely from packaging to taste. Very clearly outlined ethically sourced. I also think that it is a great selling point that this product is blended in the UK.The soil association logo is important to me when purchasing products. I thought that the product was fabulous right from the packaging all the way through to the taste. It was all very high quality. A tad expensive but 100% worth it. I liked that it was a small business and all natural products! But they still managed to make the product feel like a luxury item. I would buy this as I really enjoyed the taste and quality of the tea. I would recommend as I think it’s a lovely treat and the fact that it helped my baby was a great bonus. I loved this product! It always felt like a nice little treat for myself but at the same time helped provide relief for my baby. What’s not to love! Gina Pinnegar – Marceline 4.5 Months



I will be buying more as me and my kids loved it and great to all be drinking the same drink for a change. I would recommend as good quality healthy tea. Great product will keep buying only thing is to display the fact that you can re-use tea bags on packaging.


Annetta Awarded The Organic Calm Tummy – For Baby Digestion 5/5

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