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Organic Cotton Babygrow

Everyday essential babygrow made from GOTS certified organic cotton. Nickel free poppers at the legs & envelope neck for easy changing.
Fabric Composition :100% organic cotton

Wash & Care :Machine wash at 30 degrees

Available in selection of colours and sizes 0-3 Months, 3-6 Months & 6-12 Months

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Organic Cotton Babygrow Reviews

Product Tested by: Nadia Worlock – Lois 10 Months

Product Tested By Nadia Worlock – Lois 10 Months

Nadia Awarded The Bamboo Baby Babygrow 4.6/5

This product looked very good quality, lovely and soft, and a fab colour.  It was lovely, and a nice generous size. T he design is very practical for the age it is intended to be worn by.  I loved the fabric, very high quality soft bamboo.  It looked very snug on my baby and caused no irritation at all.  This item of clothing was very easy to launder; it washed the same as my usual clothes.  It makes me feel better to know that this is an organic product.  I’d love to have lots of organic products as it means fewer chemicals have been used in the production of the item and therefore a more superior cloth on mybaby’s skin.  The price is a little high for me, I could not afford to get a draw full of these grows, much as I’d love to, I can get a pack of nice baby grows for the same price as that one.  I will definitely continue using it and recommend it to others, as a perfect baby gift etc.  Something a new mum would appreciate, and if you have the money yourself then its lovely quality soft baby grow. I loved the baby grow, great soft item to wear to bed, would have preferred feet on it but that’s just me. Nadia Worlock – Lois 10 Months


Product Tested By Helen Lloyd – Blake 10 Months

Helen Awarded The Bamboo Baby Babygrow 4.2/5

I fell in love immediately, then I opened the plastic wrapper and I died and went to heaven.  The baby grow was stunning and so softt o touch.  The simple design and unfussy colours are something that I look for when purchasing clothes for my son.  Unfortunately The Babygrow was said to be 6-12 month, my son was only in 6-9 and he couldn’t wear it outside the house as it was too short in the leg and looked silly.  We have other garments that are 6-12 months and they fit perfectly.  It is indescribably beautiful though and the quality is amazing.  My son wore it both day and night and seemed very comfortable.  This is the softest item I have ever dressed any of my children in.  I do however feel the tags need re-designing as they are quite harsh.  I much prefer labels printed on to the actual garment.  To launder, I did wash it in the machine but on its own as I was worried of damaging it and unless dried flat went out of shape.  It does make me feel better knowing its Organic.  It makes me feel good about putting it on my son because it is so natural.  With a large family I feel that I can get a lot more for the same money but the quality is priceless of this product.  I can’t continue to use it on my son because of the size now but I am expecting a new baby and I will be saving it for him/her definitely.  I already have recommended it to others and some of my friends have already purchased various items.  It is quality at its best, something luxurious and stunning for a very special bundle.  Helen Lloyd – Blake 10 Months


Product Tested By Raine Shane – Tony 10 Months

Raine Awarded The Bamboo Baby Babygrow 4.9/5

I loved the look of this product as soon as it came, it was gorgeous.  The design was lovely and the material was really soft.  It was very practical for the age of my son.  The quality of the fabric was excellent, it was soft and of very high quality.  Tony was very comfortable in it and didn’t cause any discomfort or irritation. To wash it, I washed it along with my other laundry and it was fine.  It’s nice to know that this Babygrow is Organic and I think it does offer good value for money especialy when you know, it’s of superb quality.  I will definitely continue to use this for as long as I can on my baby.  I would recommend this to all my family and friends.  It’s lovely to buy as a gift too.  It’s a gorgeous Babygrow, that’s made of gorgeous soft high quality material.  Raine Shane – Tony 10 Months

I loved the baby grow, great soft item to wear to bed.


Nadia Awarded The Bamboo Baby Babygrow 4.6/5

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