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Organic Stretch Mark Cream

Packed with omega rich oils and macerated plant extracts that prevent and heal stretch mark and scar tissue this innovative product contains safe essential oils which can be used during pregnancy after the first 3 months. Ultra-rich so a little really does go a long way especially in the large 50ml pot, the wonder cream can also be used on cracked nipples and post-operative scarring. Extra safe for use while pregnant as it contains no essential oils or perfume.
Containing Tamanu oil known for its effectiveness in almost all skin problems including being non irritant, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, cicatrizant, circulatory and immuno-stimulant, the cream really is everything your skin needs. Extracts of Calendula, Chamomile, Rose Geranium, Chickweed, and Nettle work in perfect harmony to aid healing and soothing. 
A powerful cream to banish sore skin and give you the result you always wanted. Gently massage the cream into the necessary areas and simply wait for the organic magic to happen. 
Instructions:Gently massage into any part of the body as needed. Use as often as necessary.

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£31.85 for 50ml Available

Organic Stretch Mark Cream Reviews

Product Tested by: Emily Shepperson


Tested By
Emily Shepperson

Awarded The Beyond Organic Stretch Mark Cream 4/5

It looks like a real luxury product from the
packaging! I thought I was going to be in for a treat. I cannot fault the
packaging. A lovely blue colour to the base and a simple silver lid makes it
look attractive. I like as well that the writing for what it is intended for isn’t highlighted
too much. Who really wants a reminder that you are trying to get rid of your
stretch marks?! I had a tester pot so
there are no instructions on the pot. Whether this is normal or not, I’m
unsure! I was advised that a little does go a long way. I applied twice a day,
in the morning and the evening. The brochure that came with it however is
very informative with what goes into the product and the rest of the range. It has quite a strong scent to it which never
appealed to me from the start and it still doesn’t now. It is quite
overpowering and I really didn’t enjoy that part. The texture of the product is
smooth, slightly thick and easily absorbs into the skin. Compared with other
‘organic’ products it offers an average value for money. I feel that it has
quite a steep price tag although a little does go a long way. I wouldn’t consider buying it as I feel that
the price is just too much for the quantity that you get and the fact that it
hasn’t helped with the main issue of stretch marks. I would only recommend
itto people who really were interested in trying a more natural product
to try and combat stretch marks. To be honest, it hasn’t helped with reducing
the look of my marks at all and I have just considered it now as a luxury
moisturiser. I would recommend it for those that get cracked nipples as it
helped no end and soon soothed the problem.
This did not help with ‘healing stretch marks’ which it claims to do but
it did help with cracked nipples which is another use for it. Easy to apply but
had no effect on stretch marks.Emily Shepperson

Product Tested By Kirstein Smallwood

Kirstein Awarded The Beyond Organic Stretch
Mark Cream 4.2/5

This looked so lovely when it arrived. Really well packaged and loved the Blue screw
lid pot was gorgeous. Looked very high quality. Instructions were clear and easy to follow
and also checked details online. I liked
the consistency of this cream and would apply it twice daily. It was easy to apply and absorbed well. Liked the fact it was natural and organic and
you always expect to pay more for this sort of item so on a par with other
similar products. Using this twice daily
was easy and loved the cream itself, but did not really make any difference to
my stretch marks. They may look less
prominent than before, but no major improvement. I actually used it as a moisturiser and it
was more effective. I would purchase as
a treat as you only need to use a little and this will last for a while. However, I do use a lot of organic products
and although this is a good quality cream it is very expensive. Would make a nice gift as may help others
with stretch marks, but great moisturiser.
So would be a luxurious new mum gift.
This is easy to apply and loved the aroma. Kirstein Smallwood

Tested By
Sharon Stodgell

Awarded The Beyond Organic Stretch Mark
Cream 4/5

It smells
lovely, is found it to absorb nicely when applied to the skin as some products
remain greasy but this product doesn’t. However I do feel it is a little overpriced.
Packaging is good but I do think the box could be more eye catching. Instructions were very easy to read and
understand. The quality is good but the
pot is small for the cost. Was easy to apply and I would use this every morning
and evening. It was a nice quality
product and although it did not get rid of my stretch marks it did make then
look slightly less obvious. Worked but
only to a certain degree. I feel this
product is overpriced. I would recommend
but I would highlight the price. Very smooth non greasy product but is overpriced. Sharon Stodgell




This did not help with ‘healing stretch marks’ which it claims to do but it did help with cracked nipples which is another use for it. Easy to apply.


 Emily Awarded The Beyond Organic Stretch Mark Cream 4/5

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