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ORGANii Aloe Mouthwash Eucalyptus

ORGANii’s aloe mouthwashes are formulated to help keep the mouth healthy while helping to protect the teeth and gums and prevent plaque and tartar build up, bad breath and gingivitis.

Aloe vera is a natural antifungal and antibacterial plant extract. Research has shown it’s as effective as chlorhexidine mouthwash at reducing plaque. It also boosts the creation of collagen, improving the mouth’s ability to heal.

Eucalyptus Mouthwash: Contains Eucalyptus oil which has germicidal properties and works effectively against cavities, dental plaque, gingivitis and more. It is also effective in fighting bad breath.

Citrus Mouthwash: Along with aloe vera the ORGANii citrus aloe mouthwash contains essential oils of grapefruit, orange and lemon;

As well as being an effective flavour enhancer, grapefruit oil has antimicrobial effects that help reduce or eliminate harmful strains of bacteria.

Because orange oil has the ability to fight bacterial growth, it can help to protect teeth and gums from infections.

Lemon oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, it works as a natural remedy for many oral conditions, including oral thrush and bad breath. It can also be used to whiten teeth naturally and helps prevent tooth decay.

This product is certified organic by ICEA, registered cruelty free and vegan with PeTA and has been dermatologically tested.

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Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2020 Mouth Wash Category 

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ORGANii Aloe Mouthwash Eucalyptus Reviews

Product Tested By Heather Dunk

Heather Awarded The ORGANii Eucalyptus Mouthwash 5/5

I liked the fact the package arrived with biodegradable packing peanuts, so no unnecessary plastic! Bottle was very large but I liked the design, simple and effective and very clear what it was and how to use. I like the idea of an organic Mouthwash without any harmful chemicals or preservatives, which can be irritating in normal mouthwashes and really like the idea that it’s suitable for children too (however my children are too young to try as advised on the packaging, but will definitely keep in mind for when they are older). The fact that it uses all natural and vegan ingredients is great as you know there isn’t any harmful substances included in the formula and is very eco-friendly. instructions are very clear, does not advise exactly how much product to use or how often, but I imagine this is personal preference. Think the fact it uses only organic and vegan ingredients could be more of a feature on the front. simple effective packaging, with no unnecessary extra detail that would detract from its intentions. I think this is a good Mouthwash to use daily, as you are safe in the knowledge that it is only organic and vegan products that are safe to use without the worry about any damage being caused to your gums or teeth.  My mouth felt clean and refreshed after use with no unpleasant aftertaste that you can get with some mouthwashes. The most pleasing thing about this Mouthwash was that it did not cause any stinging or burning that you can experience with some harsher mouthwashes. the taste was unfamiliar and a little odd at first although not unpleasant. I quickly got used to it though and it lost its peculiarity after a few uses. It did not leave an aftertaste which I was pleased about. my mouth has felt healthy since using this product, have not noticed any particular improvement in plaque or tartar build up, nor improvement in bad breath as I do not suffer with these problems before use. I do usually suffer with sensitive teeth and have not experienced any improvement with use, but appreciate that it does not advise that it can! my mouth felt great after using, teeth felt squeaky clean and even in the morning they did not feel as ‘furry’ as they would have normally without using this product. There was no aftertaste or lingering sensations in the mouth that you can experience with other mouthwashes. I used this most mornings and every evening. at first the taste of this Mouthwash was very odd and I wasn’t sure what to make of it; it wasn’t unpleasant, but i actually liked the fact it wasn’t an overpowering mint flavour that you get with most other mouthwashes. I quickly got used to the flavour and enjoyed it. I think it’s great quality, although I found I would use slightly more product than I would with a normal Mouthwash, so may get through it quicker. I do think this product is great value for money; although slightly higher than what I would normally budget for a standard Mouthwash, I would be prepared to pay more for High quality, organic and vegan friendly products. I loved that it is all organic and vegan products without any unnecessary chemicals. It makes me feel safe in the knowledge that you are using natural ingredients for all the family to use. I would buy this. I like the fact that it does not cause any stinging or burning sensation in my mouth. However I would love for it to help with the issue of sensitivity in my teeth! I would definitely recommend. It is an effective product to use for maintaining great oral care and fantastic that it uses only organic ingredients. I liked using this product and felt it kept my mouth clean and refreshed. The taste was not unpleasant but It may be an acquired taste for some. Loved the fact it did not cause a stinging sensation when using and really impressed with the fact it only uses organic and vegan friendly products. I really liked this product, it left my mouth feeling nice and clean and teeth did not have any unpleasant coating on after use which you can get with some mouthwashes. I would be interested to see if Organii can further their products to include something that can help protect against sensitive teeth too! Heather Dunk

Product Tested By Catherine Stewart

Catherine Awarded The ORGANii Eucalyptus Mouthwash 5/5

I really liked the design of the bottle; I thought the white was unlike anything else I’d seen on the shop shelves and really stood out. I was a bit dubious about what a Eucalyptus mouthwash would taste like as it’s not something I’m familiar with! I was also unsure about how effective would be. I liked the idea of having a mouthwash made from natural ingredients. I find many of the popular mouthwashes quite chemically and artificial. I wasn’t sure how effective it would be though because it doesn’t have all the ingredients that a standard mouthwash has. clear and concise, although I didn’t really use the instructions as I knew what to do! I liked the white colour; a colour I associate with freshness. I thought the bottle shape was unlike anything else available on the market. It looks good on the bathroom shelf. I have been very impressed with its effectiveness. My teeth have felt much cleaner since I’ve been using it regularly. I was worried that it would be very overpowering, but actually the flavour isn’t too strong and is quite a pleasant, refreshing taste! I definitely noticed that my teeth felt and looked much cleaner after using this twice a day. My teeth normally feel a bit gritty by the end of the day but they are much better now. I don’t suffer from gingivitis so can’t comment on its effectiveness in that regard. very easy to use. Just a standard mouthwash which you swill around your mouth and spit out! my mouth felt very clean, and what I liked was that it felt clean for several hours afterwards, even after eating and drinking as normal. I used this twice a day after brushing my teeth. I did like the flavour, it is distinct without being too overpowering. I find many of the other mouthwashes, such as Listerine, far too strong and artificial tasting. This mouthwash was a pleasant surprise! I love the organic credentials and I think the bottle looks really smart in the bathroom. I would be happy to pay £5.95 for this mouthwash as I found it be to really effective and it’s lasted for ages. I liked how clean and fresh it made my mouth and teeth feel both immediately after using and for several hours after. I would buy this. I have never really used mouthwash as I find them far too strong normally, but I like that this feels like an effective but gentle way to wash my mouth out. I would recommend as I think they would enjoy the taste and how effective it is at keeping your teeth and mouth clean. I’ve been really impressed with the quality of this product. I love the fact that it’s made from natural ingredients and is a really effective mouthwash. This product has converted me to using mouthwash. I have been impressed with the subtlety of the taste compared to other products. I’ve also really enjoyed the fresh and clean feeling of my teeth and mouth, and my teeth look much cleaner and whiter. I would definitely buy another bottle, and will be recommending to family and friends who suffer from bad breath or problem teeth. Catherine Stewart

Product Tested By Nyasha Mtutu – Dante, Freya 10 & 3 Years

Nyasha Awarded The ORGANii Eucalyptus Mouthwash 4.4/5

My initial impression was neutral. I’ve never seen this product before and at first glance, I would not have realised it was mouthwash. I love that it is organic and uses natural products. I was not sure how Eucalyptus would taste but thought it sounded refreshing. Although I don’t feel it is necessary to specify a certain amount, I didn’t understand why the cap had measurements on it and the instructions advise pouring a small amount in the said cap. The instructions also advise to swirl around the mouth but does not indicate a length of time. I aimed for around 30 seconds however I don’t know if this was appropriate, excessive or insufficient for this particular product. I feel that the bottle design is quite simple. It is not clear that it is mouthwash when you first look at it, it reminded me of a product such as medicated shampoo. I did find this a good mouthwash, it freshened my mouth after brushing my teeth and the freshness lasted until I ate. However, the same can’t be said for overnight use and I found that by morning, it was like I had not used it the night before. I’m 50/50 about the taste. It’s a little unusual as I expected it to be minty but it has more of a plant-taste. It’s not unpleasant, just not what I expected from a mouthwash when I first used it. The bottle advises that it can be diluted – I didn’t need to do this but some may find the taste more acceptable if diluted. I felt this mouthwash did keep my mouth healthy. The freshness didn’t last as long as I’d like but I felt it was protecting my teeth and gums. This was very easy to use. My mouth did feel really fresh and clean after using this mouth wash – but the freshness did not last as long as I would have liked. I would use this 1-2 times each day. It was not as minty as I was expecting however I did get used to it. I didn’t dislike the flavour however it was unusual. The product was great at giving me that fresh, clean feeling however it didn’t last as long as I would’ve liked. This mouthwash is pricier than what I would usually pay. It’s a great product when it’s working however, for me the positive effects didn’t last long enough to warrant the price. I liked that it was able to provide that fresh feeling using natural, organic ingredients. My mouth, teeth and gums felt nice and clean after use. I would consider buying it because it is organic and uses natural ingredients. It doesn’t burn and leaves my mouth feeling healthy. I would recommend due to the natural ingredients work to provide fresh breath and clean teeth and gums. It’s easy to use, the cap is helpful for those who do want to measure how much they use. I really liked the freshness provided by this product and it left my mouth feeling really keen and boosted my confidence. I just wish the feeling could last longer throughout the day and night.  I enjoyed using this product and enjoyed the benefits of having a fresher, cleaner mouth. The taste is not as you’d expect from a mouthwash but I did get used to it. I actually appreciated the plant-taste in the end as it was a reminder of the natural ingredients and also goes to show the power of nature and the wonders it can do. It comes with a child-safety cap, for which I was grateful, as it is always a bonus when small children are around. The bottle can also be recycled which is always a great thing. Nyasha Mtutu – Dante, Freya 10 & 3 Years

I liked using this product and felt it kept my mouth clean and refreshed. The taste was not unpleasant but It may be an acquired taste for some. Loved the fact it did not cause a stinging sensation when using and really impressed with the fact it only uses organic and vegan friendly products. I really liked this product, it left my mouth feeling nice and clean and teeth did not have any unpleasant coating on after use which you can get with some mouthwashes.


Heather Awarded The ORGANii Eucalyptus Mouthwash 5/5

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