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ORGANii Hand Gel

Our new natural Hand Gel is perfect for sanitising hands on the go.

Certified natural with 60% alcohol, our fast-drying Hand Gel has added organic tea tree essential oil and organic aloe vera leaf juice for their anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects along with vegetable glycerin for skin hydration, protecting skin without drying out hands.

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Price £3.95 Available Planet Organic, Ulula, Love Lula and online

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ORGANii Hand Gel Reviews

Product Tested By Amy Docherty – Logan & Evie 2 & 6 years

Amy Awarded The Organii Hand Gel 4/5

Nice design but I wouldn’t say it is eye catching if I saw it in a shop I would think to look at it. Very easy to use just lift cap and pour.  It does dry fast which is good because it is very runny. This was good as did not dry my hands out and they felt soft after use. I would use this every day. My children also used this hand gel. Definitely ideal size to know you can sanitise hands on the go.  It fits perfectly in the front pocket of my kids bag. I liked that my hands didn’t feel sticky after use.  Quality is very good. Not sure about value for money as there are lots of hand gels that size for a lot cheaper on the market. I would buy this if I saw it on offer.  I would recommend as good quality hand gel.  I would give it 4 as it is just the price that puts me off when there are nicer smelling hand gels on the market. I do like the hand gel although it is very watery which isn’t great when you have kids with moving hands so it did spill off their hands a few times. The price puts me off as I have said further up in the comments. I do like that it’s not sticky after use and your hands do feel clean.  Amy Docherty – Logan & Evie 2 & 6 years

Product Tested By Jodie Reay – Iona 5 Years

Jodie Awarded The Organii Hand Gel 4/5

Was surprised how colourful the bottle was, good first impression and nice handy size to keep in bag. Very easy to use just flip top and dispense.  Also did not leak in bag either.  I did find this worked well, but it was a bit runny and took a little while to dry. Unlike some of the other hand gels we have been using this did not dry out our hands.  I kept this in my bag so would use on school run and also trips out and about at the weekend.  Was nice to have a hand gel to keep our hands clean readily available to use.  This was used every day. All the family used this.  Ideal size to keep with you, pop in bag if going away for the weekend or on holiday.  Ideal travel size. I liked the bottle design and handy travel size. The quality was OK but there are so many of these hand gels on the market and this is not the best one we have used. Although it worked well and kept our hands soft and did not dry them out I will be going back to my old faithful hand gel which works better.  I would tell people about this is they asked me for a travel size hand gel and it was effective.  Nicely presented, good travel size, works well but not the best one we have used.  Jodie Reay – Iona 5 Years

Product Tested By Charlene Wightman – Eloise 7 Years

Charlene Awarded The Organii Hand Gel 3.7/5

Product was well packaged and  initial impression were that the design was fun. Bottle design good simple and colourful. This was very easy to use. We found this to be quite runny and took a few minutes to dry. It didn’t dry out my hands. I felt protected using it. We used this every day, as it was in my handbag. After every travel trip, playground visit or going to the shops.  This was used every day after visiting a place outside our home. My daughter and I both used it. Great size to keep in your bag.  This fitted well in my bag and you only have to use a little at a time.  I liked the fact it was small and effective. We felt it had a very strong smell and quite runny. There are several ones that are cheaper, and as children can be quite messy with it, I would probably not pay £3.95 for such a small bottle. I would not buy this just due to the fact the smell was too strong and the content too runny.  I would not recommend just due to the aroma if it was a slightly less chemical smell would be better. Good product but unfortunately the smell and the fact that it is so runny does not appeal to me. Charlene Wightman – Eloise 7 Years

I would recommend as good quality hand gel.   I do like that it’s not sticky after use and your hands do feel clean.


Amy Awarded The Organii Hand Gel 4/5

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