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ORGANii Sun Milk SPF50

Feel naturally protected from the suns harmful rays with our range of Organii Sun Creams specially formulated for use on all skin types including sensitive skin. The Organii SPF50 Sun Milk has a high protection for use on individuals which are prone to burning especially childrens delicate and sensitive skin. The Organii Sun Milk SPF50 contains ingredients including Argan and Jojoba which help to nourish the skin whilst Pongamol protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays.

BenefitsYes UVA & UVB Protection Yes Effective immediately Yes Fragrance Free Yes Paraben Free Yes No colourings Yes Water Resistant Yes Suitable for sensitive skin Yes Suitable for vegans Yes Nickel Tested Yes Dermatologically Tested Yes Certified by ICEA

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Bizziebaby Gold Award winner 2019 Sun Lotions/Creams & Organic for Baby & Organic For Toddler Categories 

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ORGANii Sun Milk SPF50 Reviews

Product Tested By Claire Sweter-Millar – Louisa 5 Years

Claire Awarded The ORGANii SPF50 Sun Milk 5/5  

Nice bottle well presented. Ethically sourced ingredients a new choice on the market to the major player’s. Instructions really easy to understand no issues. Sun cream came out easily as it’s more of a liquid compared to most creams. Should be able to completely empty tube. it’s consistency made it easy to apply to the skin. It absorbed really well compared to other creams I’ve used previously used on my daughters. it stayed on really well even in water. I always re apply every couple of hours both girls had no issues with the cream.  I used it on the girls over the warm period of 3 weeks at least daily twice daily if it was really hot or they were in water. I would agree this keeps skin moisturised as there was no irritation to their skin and it didn’t dry their skin out. when applied it left a film on the skin. I knew this was a good waterproof sun milk because it took ages to wash it off my hands!. I used it over a period of about 3 weeks during the warm May. I applied it once sometimes twice a day to the girls. It smelt a bit strange but you expect that from a naturally sourced product. Great quality as protected my girls skin does everything a good sun care product should do. It’s a bit more expensive but you expect to pay more for ethical products. To be honest it’s not that far off the sun cream brand leaders. I loved the way it protected the girls skin I applied all over including the face. It’s water resistant credentials do stack up too. I would buy this as I know it’s a ethically sourced product but it’s also a good sun milk. Still have lots left after using for 3 weeks. I would recommend as it is a really good sun milk protecting your skin is important. This is one of the best sun products I’ve used. Good quality works well. A little goes a long way. One of the best sun products I’ve used.  Really liked the product. Wasn’t messy to apply. Lasted a long time. Absorbed into the skin well. Good water resistant sweat proof barrier. No skin irritation one of the best sun products I’ve ever used. Claire Sweter-Millar – Louisa 5 Years

Product Tested By Laura Corrigan – Tiana, James & Patrick – 8 years and Twins 2 Years

Laura Awarded The ORGANii SPF50 Sun Milk 5/5

simple but lovely design. Not garish and bright. I was thinking it would be watery and messy but was so wrong. Instructions simple to follow and great layout. The tube design is perfect, not big and bulky but not too small. No lid that keeps falling off in your bag. Simple pretty design. Very easy to apply and my daughter loves it and applies it herself. This absorbed into the skin so easily.  It’s so soft and silky. You’re not left with a greasy residue. it’s my go to now. My daughter suffers really bad cause her skin is so sensitive, most creams burn or give her a rash. This was perfect. We all used this sun milk. This also kept skin moisturised and it feels beautiful on your skin so smooth. This is water resistant as we unfortunately got caught in the rain but didn’t end up greasy or have stained clothes. We used this during the great weather we had recently. my daughter took it to school for a few days, the boys to nursery for two days and me for two. smells beautiful, not chemical. love it, it really does suit everyone. Better than buying 3 different ones.  Great value as normally I have to buy 3-4 different types, now It’s all in one bottle. I loved that it is ideal for everyone, any age or skin type, smells beautiful. I would buy this as it is just perfect for us all.  I would recommend as simple, easy to use, no horrible smell or residue. natural, simple design, suits all skin types, does all you need. Very happy mummy. It’s always hard and messy to pin a toddler down to apply sun cream but this was a breeze. Didn’t have to carry around 4 different bottles. Just one.  Laura Corrigan – Tiana, James & Patrick – 8 years and Twins 2 Years

Product Tested By Adeela Hussain – Children Ages 3, 9, 11 & 15 Years

Adeela Awarded The ORGANii SPF50 Sun Milk 5/5

I was quite impressed with it at first glance. I liked the concept. It was the same as other sun creams. The instructions were easy to follow. The tube design was nice and pretty. It was very easy to apply and easy to dispense. it absorbed easily and didn’t leave any residue as most sun creams do. This was very easy to use and did a great job protecting skin from the sun. This was ideal for the whole family to use. It was suitable for them all even those with delicate skin. This also kept skin feeling soft and moisturised. This was good as water resistant and during the warm days the children did a lot of water play.  I did not have to reapply every 2 minutes.  We used this everyday twice a day when the weather was nice for the past 4 weeks. The children all said it smelt like doughnuts! Great quality product in my opinion. Smells great. Suitable for all skin types. Doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy. this is a great value product a little goes a long way. I liked the whole idea. The bottle design to the scent. I would buy this as it was liked by the children. It didn’t irritate anyone with sensitive skin. I would recommend as suitable for all the family. We enjoyed using this product. It was easy to apply and didn’t leave any greasy feeling afterwards. Great design, great scent and small amount needed. Adeela Hussain – Children Ages 3, 9, 11 & 15 Years

Really liked the product. Wasn’t messy to apply. Lasted a long time. Absorbed into the skin well. Good water resistant sweat proof barrier. No skin irritation one of the best sun products I’ve ever used.


Claire Awarded The ORGANii SPF50 Sun Milk 5/5

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