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Organix Apple Rice Cakes

We only use organic rice in our rice cakes, which we gently puff into circles, perfectly sized for little fingers. They’re firm enough to hold, but gentle on delicate gums. All we add is the juice from apples and the enticing warmth of a little natural cinnamon.

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£1.19 Per Pack Available Tesco, Ocado, Boots, Co-op, Sainsburys, Waitrose, Morrisons, Amazon

Organix Apple Rice Cakes Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By Derek Lee Carmichael – Jorja 10 Months

Derek Awarded
The Organix Apple Rice Cakes 4.8/5

Nice bright
packaging, smelt good, baby enjoyed them. My daughter loved them and squealed
for more once finished with one. Packaging bright and attractive. She loved them and didn’t screw her face up-
she enjoyed the texture. Nutritional benefits very good actually. Great to have
some healthy nutrition in a snack that my child loves. Perfect size for little
hands with no awkward edges. Easy to open, however, you can’t consume a whole
packet at once. A resealable top would
be more convenient. I am very happy with the quality and ingredients. These are
quite reasonably priced for the goodness inside. These are perfect. I wouldn’t
alter what is being enjoyed already. To be honest I am a regular user of this
product already. I bought them weekly beforehand. Would highly recommend. These are brilliant. Great experience. Easy, hand snack that
my child loves. No awkward staining colours so there is little mess involved.
Tasty and nutritious. Great product. Derek Lee Carmichael – Jorja 10 Months

Tested By Claire Sweter-Millar – Louisa 11 Months

Awarded The Organix Apple Rice Cakes 5/5

Good quality
and value for money. There are
manufactures that produce similar foods. No horrible dry after taste.
Lots of flavour. Can taste the apple. Well packaged. Well filled bag. She liked
the rice cakes. She preferred them to others she has tried. These rice cakes she finished. Good as low in
sugar and salt. No additives or preservatives. The right size for my babies’
hands. Easy to take out and about as a snack for your child. Good quality ingredients. The company organix have a no junk promise. Can
get 3/4 servings out of a pack. Stay fresh for a couple of days once opened. They
have a natural taste. Compared to other similar products they taste so much
better. A healthy tasty snack for your child. An excellent tasty product. Both
my children liked them. A very reliable
name. A healthy tasty snack. Even I found them tasty no horrible after taste.
Good Apple flavour. Claire Sweter-Millar – Louisa 11 Months

Product Tested
By Faye Niblett – Elliot 11 Months

Faye Awarded The
Organix Apple Rice Cakes 4/5

The packaging
looks very appealing and the product looks tasty and a good size for my son to
hold and feed himself. Good taste and flavour. Some did have little flavour on
them though. Loved the packaging. Great colour and visually appealing. He loved
the taste and the texture especially with his teeth coming through. Not great
nutrition for him but a handy snack that is better than actual cake. A good
shape however the size wasn’t the best. He choked a few times on these as it
could fit it whole in his mouth. Very convenient and great as a snack. A good
product, some of the rice cakes however did have little flavour. Good value for
money and available in lots of outlets. I think that there could have been a
more balance flavour across the cakes as some had lots of flavour where as
others had very little. I would purchase but I would wait until he was slightly
older due to the size. A good product and a healthier option. A good product with great texture and flavour.
A good healthier snack for my little one. Faye Niblett – Elliot 11 Months

Tested By Rebekah Mogg – Florence 19 Months

Awarded The Organix Apple Rice Cakes 3.8/5

This is a
great snack to pop in the changing bag to satisfy any hunger cravings when we
are out and about. The apple flavour is pleasant and you can clearly taste that
flavour. As a parent, the apple flavour gives it a healthier feel than other
options available. The packaging is very eye-catching and convenient. I do feel
that smaller packers would be more practical as they go off very quickly once
the bag is open. My daughter would never get through a whole packet before they
started to go off. She likes the taste but the texture is very
dry. They feel like a healthy option, much better than grabbing a packet of crisps
or other convenience snacks. The shape
is perfect, particularly for younger children than my daughter. Easy to hold
and munch on independently without any worry of choking. The convenience
of these packaged snacks are great. It is so easy to grab a bag and throw it in
the changing bag for when we’re out of the house for a couple of hours. This
is a quality product and you feel like you are giving your child a quality
snack. I think the value of these bags are great but feel smaller bag options
would be even more ideal. The taste is great but if there was a way to improve
the dryness of them that would be even better. I would purchase. They are also
great for when we meet up with other littlies, they love to share them out. Overall
I think this is a great product, particularly in terms of it being a healthy,
convenience snack. A few tweaks to this
package size and the dry texture and they would be perfect. Rebekah Mogg –
Florence 19 Months

Tested By Annetta Kelly – Sufyaan 14 Months

Awarded The Organix Apple Rice Cakes 5/5

Very vibrant packaging
good labelling on product detailed information on back about their concept big
packets giving the buyer the value for money factor. The way they put the fun factor of giving ideas on how you can possibly play
with the product making towers was I feel a good touch. The taste is
what it says on the packaging it is a little tangy but pleasant to the palette.
The packaging is excellent as it’s very
bold n vibrant colours make it sound out from the rest also had very good
labelling and beneficial information for the parents. Having a bold flavour on
one side that first taste of tangy apple was very interesting to my son and he
wanted to take that all important second bite the way he was trying to chew once
he took a bite was telling me that yes he did enjoy the texture. Being organic
and having the contents that it does I see no reason for it being non-beneficial
to my child. Very easy to hold as a perfectly round shape not too thick and not
to wide. Very good for the days out a perfect healthy snack in or out the home
easy put in a hand bag nappy bag baby bag etc. It being 100% organic for myself
is satisfaction of it being a quality product with good ingredients. These are
good value being a fairly good size with a reasonable amount of rice cakes
inside. The taste could be improved by adding a little more cinnamon. I already
purchase these and would recommend. Overall
y expire centre with this particular product was pleasant ha e used the product
previously did the job wonderfully no complaints. Annetta Kelly – Sufyaan 14


These are brilliant. Great experience. Easy, hand snack that my child loves. No awkward staining colours so there is little mess involved. Tasty and nutritious. Great product.


Derek Awarded The Organix Apple Rice Cakes 4.8/5

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