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Organix Baby Rice

Simply organically grown rice that’s light, fluffy and loved by babies.We have developed our organic baby rice to be the perfect way to start introducing your baby to solid food.  Mixing it up with your baby’s usual milk means it’ll taste reassuringly familiar and the creamy consistency makes it irresistibly tasty and perfect for tiny tummies. You know your baby best so add more milk or cereal if your baby prefers a slightly different consistency or is hungrier.

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£2.00 Available Asda, Tesco, Ocado or click online for local stockist

Organix Baby Rice Reviews

Product Tested by: Elizabeth Berry – Holly 9 Months

Tested By Elizabeth Berry – Holly 9 Months

Awarded The Organix Baby Rice 4.2/5

From a brand I
use already, box does not stand out as much as competition. The packaging is
not as bright or as colourful as others on the market and is pretty bland. The
product is baby rice but the description is white writing on pale blue so some
information is lost. The text is very small but the brand name is visible. Box
size is small but in line with others on the market. This is a brand I
use for snacks and cereals. I trust the ‘no junk promise’. Simple to make milk
or baby formula. Can also be used with other foods. I also use to thicken soups
and other foods we have so that the baby can also eat without as much mess as
usual.Ingredients are reassuringly concise… rice flour and vitamin
B1. This rice seems to stay at the right consistency for that little bit
longer than some, without becoming gloopy and too thick for my baby to
swallow.Nice and creamy, pretty bland for adults although it’s great as
an alternative to corn/flour thickeners for day to day cooking. We use
snacks such as rice cakes and finger foods but all other food I make from
scratch. We are doing baby led weaning so other than cereals/rice and the above
we haven’t needed any readymade food from trays or jars. It is very expensive
at £2 for 100 grams but then a little goes a long way and a box lasts a week. I
would purchase and recommend as this is the best of the baby rice’s we have
tried to date and I really trust the brand. Packaging could do with a bit of
brightening up. A fab, healthy, no junk introduction for baby’s first
foods. Love it! Elizabeth Berry – Holly 9 Months

Product Tested
By Angela Hale – Phoebe 7 Months

Angela awarded
The Organix Baby Rice 5/5

This looked
good and packaging shows what you are buying.
Attractive colours, detailed with vitamin information. We already buy Organix products. Extremely easy to prepare and very easy to
follow instructions. Initial convers
using this product was only due to an allergy to mild. My baby did like this rice. I did try and found a little bland but this
is exactly what you need for baby. Do
purchase ready prepared baby food as very handy for when out and about. Yes good value as lasts a long time. I would purchase this and recommend. A good healthy baby rice which my daughter enjoyed.Angela Hale – Phoebe 7 Months

Product Tested
By Lynette Gray – Gabriel 8 Months

Lynette awarded the Organix Baby Rice 4.8/5

clean packaging that clearly describes what the product is. I would of liked some method of being able to
reseal the inside packaging to keep fresh. My baby has food intolerances so we
often use Organix products. Wonderfully easy to prepare. There are clear
instructions on the box, the cereal thickens up very quickly and has no lumpy
areas after mixing. This was perfect for us as my baby has intolerances to
wheat, gluten and dairy finding an appropriate cereal is hard. I was able to
use this without worry that he would react and we would all spend the next few
days suffering. Baby loved the food, so much that he often had second and third
breakfasts. I mixed pureed fruit in with it as well to provide a bit of variety.
The rice cereal is quite bland but that is not a bad thing as babies first
starting out eating need a slow introduction to flavours and textures. Because
of my babies intolerances it is very hard to find ready prepared food that is
acceptable for his diet. I use ready prepared cereal but other meals are
usually a version of what the family is eating. The cost of the cereal is
pretty much comparable to any other brands. I wouldn’t hesitate on spending the
money to buy it as I know what ingredients are in it. Definitely would purchase
this. It is only rice it is safe for my
baby. Now that he is older I will bulk it out with fruit, both fresh and dry,
and nuts to add bit of variety and texture. As a first baby cereal this is
perfect, easy to prepare, easy on babies digestion and cost effective. I would
recommend this to all other mothers starting the weaning process. Clear concise
instructions, ease of use and cost effectiveness mean that I will definitely be
buying Organix Baby Rice again. My baby eats up breakfast with gusto every
morning, often having seconds and thirds. A winner in my book. Lynette Gray –
Gabriel 8 Months 4.8/5






I would purchase and recommend as this is the best of the baby rice’s we have tried to date and I really trust the brand. Packaging could do with a bit of brightening up. A fab, healthy, no junk introduction for baby’s first foods. Love it!


Elizabeth Awarded The Organix Baby Rice 4.2/5

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