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Organix Cheese Baby Biscuits

Specially developed with baby in mind, our unique ring biscuit is perfect as baby’s first organic biscuit. The easy to hold ring shape has been created for little hands to get to grips with. Our biscuits contain nothing unnecessary, with no artificial flavours or sweeteners.

Suitable 10 Months Plus

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£1.39 Per Pack Available Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s

Organix Cheese Baby Biscuits Reviews

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Tested By Kerry Howard – Hugo 13 Months

Awarded The Organix Cheese Baby Biscuits 5/5

Good Size packaging with inventing graphics and info.
A good healthy snack with no junk is always into a winner. Out of all the ones he had, he enjoyed
the biscuit style as had to work a bit to get bits off. Each biscuit was
consumed so must have been a hit with my son.I did feel this was a healthy snack to give my son, as complimented a
tart of meal or as a snack during the day.Very suitable for my son as teeth are coming through so good for them to
hold and work on biting bits off. I did
try these and thought it was a good cheese biscuit. Quality very good. I really liked the fact these were something
different from the air snacks that go so quickly.The amount you get in back is worth the value. I would buy these as a
good organic snack for my son to have. I
would recommend as a healthy organic snack not full of junk! Nice packages snack with good information and
nice background on organix. A healthy snack to help the child work on eating
and holding his or her treat. Thanks. Kerry Howard – Hugo 13 Months

Tested By Elizabeth Anne Berry – Anna 11 Months

Awarded The Organix Cheese Baby Biscuits 4.4/5

Good, the packs were undamaged and the biscuits
inside were all unbroken and had survived the post perfectly. The packaging is bright but not garish, the
images show what to expect and the nutritional information I look for was all
very easy to find, sugar, salt, nutrients etc. Having the name Organix also
helps because as a trusted brand I don’t feel the need to inspect as thoroughly
as if it was a biscuit brand I did not know. I was happy to give these to my
daughter. Although they are still a
snack and processed so I did not give her these too frequently. My older
daughter snaffled a fair few too. She loved them. These biscuits were a little synthetically smooth and
shiny. The hole in the centre helped her to feed herself and gave
her a really good grip with this food. She enjoyed them but didn’t always finish them. I feel this is a health
snack but would give in moderation. It’s
still a lot of processed carb for a baby. The circle design is brilliant for Baby Led Weaning and independent
feeding. I did try
these and I liked them but only a
little. I like cheese biscuits to have cheese on so the hole in the middle
wasn’t as good for me! Good
quality ingredients, trusted brand with organic ethos. I really liked the design for baby led weaning and the
organic ethos. They are about
average for baby snacks but brands like Cow and Gate have a lot more in their
bags and seem to last longer. I would buy these as both my daughters
liked these. I would recommend ashandy to have for baby led weaning.Good design, packaging etc. but outside
of the shape there isn’t much to differentiate this from other similar
products. A really enjoyable treat for my baby to explore food and texture
independently. These are in small packages but do take a while for a baby’s
gums to master so they are great. On the down side they also break up pretty
quickly and my daughter rarely finished a full one so maybe in little bags of
smaller ones they would also work. My toddler loved them the most; she really
liked the savoury flavour. Elizabeth Anne Berry – Anna 11 Months

Tested By Rachel Kidman – Elsie, Bailee, Logan & Matthew – 1, 3, 5 & 6

Awarded The Organix Cheese Baby Biscuits 3.3/5

It didn’t look that appealing to me and even my older children didn’t
like the look of them smell of them is quite strong. Packaging is colourful and descriptive and had
all ingredients listed and even allergens in bold. I was happy to give these to
my child I try to give her the most healthiest I can, I try to make home snack
from fresh but if I’m out and in rush I buy some snacks. she licked the
cheesiness of them and then just crushed the biscuit than eat it every time.  I feel it is healthy as it has been made with natural organic
ingredients and no additives. I feel that it is appropriate but more with kids that
have teeth, I feel it a little hard for kids that don’t and as if they had made
it part a teething biscuit to just a snack. I did try these and wasn’t overly
enjoyable it has quite a Cheesy taste on it but the biscuit itself seemed bland
didn’t get a lot cheesiness from it. I don’t think they are bad but unless you
give a few a day and then store in an air tight bag they go soft and turn to
mush in just a day. It might not be so bad if maybe they were like 3/4 in
smaller bags inside the box rather than in a tray as I would give more than 3/4
a day of these. I would personally prefer fresh snacks. I like the design and how descriptive the box was as was clear for anyone
who had to look for allergens which are nightmare to do when shopping. For
the money I don’t think bad but I do think that they should be in a small
packet. I wasted money when went soft as my kids refused to eat at all and my
1yr old thought I’d given her something to play with and squish in her finger rather
than a snack. I would not buy these as my daughter did not like them. I
would recommend specially for maybe an option for a tether too if anything. Lovely
package design and very clear description could see allergens, but disappointed
they go soft quick, flavour wasn’t a winner for my us but other flavours were
as they do have a few varieties. Also a great alternative to plastic teether toys. Rachel Kidman –
Elsie, Bailee, Logan & Matthew – 1, 3, 5 & 6 Years






Nice packages snack with good information and nice background on organix. A healthy snack to help the child work on eating and holding his or her treat.


Kerry Awarded The Organix Cheese Baby Biscuits 5/5

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