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Organix Jammie Monsters

Our scrummy Jammie Monsters have 100% organic fruit filling. These delicious toddler biscuits are the perfect snack to explore and play.
Made with strawberry and apple puree with wholegrain wheat flour and mixed with grape juice.
Suitable for 18+ months.
I’m organic.
No added salt.
No artificial colours or flavours.
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Price £2.80 for pack 8 biscuits Available Boots, Sainsburys, Tesco, and online

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Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2019 Snacks Category

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Organix Jammie Monsters Reviews

Product Tested By Nicola Birch – Piper 1 year

Nicola Awarded The Organix Goodies Jammie Monsters 5/5

Looked nice, and plenty in box. Good idea. Don’t think my daughter noticed the monster part much though. These are great as a snack and nice size too. Good information on box which covered everything. I like to give a mix of snacks, she has some that aren’t as healthy but I do like the balance of more healthy snacks to make sure she has foods that are better for her. I don’t want her to just always want rubbishy foods/snacks. I am very happy to know these are organic and healthier. My daughter loved these. Really easy to pop a couple in bag for when out and about. My daughter loved taste, texture, fruit filling, everything. I didn’t test them, kept meaning to but never did. Good quality product and packaging. Very reasonable for amount in box. My daughter loved them, so for me that’s great alongside the fact they are better for her than a lot of standard snacks out there. She loved them, so I would definitely buy some. She didn’t really notice the monsters, maybe if slightly older she might have done. I have already mentioned to some friends with toddlers. Nothing I didn’t like about them. Great biscuits with a lovely filling, packaging looked and felt good not flimsy, easy to pop in bag when out as individually wrapped and daughter loved them so a win for us as she’s picky. Nicola Birch – Piper 1 year

Product Tested By Sarah Cummins – Samuel 23 Months

Sarah Awarded The Organix Goodies Jammie Monsters 4/5

I really liked the idea of the organix goodies jammie monsters. I liked the packaging and also the collectable cards. I would be happy to give my child these as a snack. I feel that they are a nice treat but healthier than other biscuits on the market.It was good to be able to read all the ingredients and know what is in the food that my child eats. I feel confident that there is no “junk” in these. The information was clear too so know struggling to find what I was looking for. It is important to me that my children healthily. I try to give them a balanced diet. We have a busy lifestyle so sometimes we do need to snack on the go and it’s nice to give the children something tasty without it being filled with junk. It is nice that they are organic but I am more bothered about how healthy they are and the lack of colourings and flavouring. Being organic is only a bonus not a necessity for me. They did enjoy these. My four year old also tried them and liked the taste. They were happy to have this as a treat.I loved that these are individually wrapped. It made them ideal to take out in the baby bag and pop in packed lunches. I would buy them again because of this. They seemed to like the texture as they did not complain. The fruit filling was my Childs favourite bit! I tried these. The fruit filling was nice. I did find the biscuit itself a little bland but I think this is good as I don’t want my children to get used to eating overly sweet foods. They are well made, presented lovely and taste nice.They are an acceptable price especially as they are individually wrapped, however they are expensive in comparison to a traditional pack of biscuits. I really liked that they were packaged individually and that they did not get crushed when taken out and about. I would buy these as my toddler liked them and I really liked the individual packaging as this makes them easy to take out and about. I also like that they have no junk in. The designs are cute but my 4 year old and nearly 2 year old are too young to appreciate the design. They were not interested in the cards. I would recommend these as they are ideal for toddlers. They are tasty and easy to take out and about. My children liked them and they are not too expensive. I like the design and packaging although I think they are a little expensive for biscuits and that is why they do not get a 5.I love the packaging and design of these biscuits. They are very useful to take out and about and most importantly my children liked to eat them. I think it would be better to have two biscuits in a pack as I would probably give two for a snack as they are not very big. It’s great that they have no junk in and I can feel confident that my children can have a tasty snack which is not full of junk. Sarah Cummins – Samuel 23 Months

Product Tested By Emily James – Maisie 2 years

Emily Awarded The Organix Goodies Jammie Monsters 5/5

Loved the packaging. The colour is lovely and eye catching. The design is great too.I think the concept is really good! Love that there is less sugar than a jammy dodger too. The fact that they are all wrapped individually makes we like them even more. Perfect for popping in a bag for a snack when we are out.Knowing that there is less sugar in and made with real fruit gives me peace of mind when giving to Maisie to enjoy.It’s great to see information and no junk promise! Love that it’s better for you than other snacks. It’s also easy to read so you won’t miss it. It is very important to me I give my daughter healthy snacks, because it keeps them going longer and you’re not filling them up with sugar and junk which could lead to problems later on. I even tried one myself and was pleasantly surprised! Love that each one is packaged by itself and the ease of it is great! My daughter loved them we will be buying again. Perfect snack for on the go and at home. And she ate it up so well! Even wanting more. Perfect for on the go. There was always one in my bag (for the bus, or walks). Well she always ate them with no problems so I’m going to say yes she loved the texture of these. I think the fruit filling was he favourite bit. She kept licking the filling between eating the biscuit. I did try these! And I really liked them! The taste was great and not really sugary and the texture was good too. A really lovely biscuit and yummy filling.Great quality snack and packaging. I think so! For the amount you get yes great value. I loved that they were all wrapped individually. So easy to take out with us. I think these will be a staple in out household now. Perfect for any occasion.I thought the monster tribe was super cute. My daughter loved it too. Makes it unique to other products. I would recommend mainly for how easy they are and healthy. Perfect for everything! Yummy and fun! Really surprised that I liked these lot more than I thought. Over all this was the perfect snack. I’m so happy with them! From the packaging to the actual biscuit not one thing I would complain about. Thank you for letting me try these! Will 100% be buying again! Emily James – Maisie 2 years


Nicola Awarded The Organix Goodies Jammie Monsters 5/5

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