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Organix Mini Space Cheese Bites

Organic mini space cheese bites dried pieces of cheddar cheese coated with potato starch

Always organic

Nothing unnecessary

Setting standards

No junk promise

Suitable from 18 months +

Gluten free

No added salt or sugar – contains naturally occurring sugars

Suitable for vegetarians

For little explorers on the go… our mini space cheese bites are out of this world!

Organix mini space cheese bites are out of this world! Our space cheese is real that has simply been dried. We have sprinkled some potato starch on it to make sure the pieces don’t stick to each other and that’s it.

Organix wants a world where healthy nutritious food is a real choice for everyone. We’re committed to setting standards in our food and never adding anything unnecessary. It’s our No Junk Promise. We campaign for better food choices because we want the best for you and your family every step of the way.

If you’re a little explorer like me who loves science and nature, look out of your window at night time and see if you can spot some of the brightest stars and any constellations you see.
Try to spot a shooting star, and make a wish.
They’re magical.

Price: £2.49 for a 4 pack box  Available Boots, Sainsbury’s  Ocado,  Asda and Tesco.

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Organix Mini Space Cheese Bites Reviews

Product Tested By Nicola Jenkins – Nathan 23 Months

Nicola Awarded The Organix Mini Space Cheese Bites 4/5

When the product first arrived I thought the packaging to be bright and attractive, but the bags appeared very small. I think they’re great; I love the fact that the bites themselves are space themed as it encourages children to try them. My son is particularly fussy but even he was excited to try them. I love Organix products as they promise no junk in their food. They are ideal for snacks on the go especially because they’re nutritious. I found that box to be very informative which is exactly what us mums need when out and about shopping. We want it to be stress free and at the same time knowing what we are putting in our baskets to feed our children. The no junk promise sign is bold is what first caught my attention. Then the list of always organic, nothing unnecessary and setting standards is situated next to the no junk sign. I find this really important when choosing food for my children, the packaging has to be clear. My children have a balanced diet, they do get chocolate or other unhealthy treats but when they don’t get treats I want to make sure what they are eating is nutritious. I find this particularly difficult when it comes to snacks, too often it easier to pick up and chocolate snack bar but these bags and are ideal for quick snacks. I don’t have an opinion on organic food; we don’t generally eat organic for anything. My son absolutely loves these snacks. He does like cheese so that helps. Ideal to take on your travels as they are small so don’t take up much space in your bag.  My son liked the texture of these. I did try them; I try most foods that my children eat. I have found a lot of “toddler” snack to be bland and tasteless in the past. These however are far from bland. They are very cheesy in flavour which I love. I’m a big cheese fan and so I Ike the fact that the cheese flavouring is there. I love the product, the packaging and the taste. The only thing I have marked them down on is that they are very crumbly. Some packs (fresh out of the box not one out of my bag) have been very broken up inside. The pack is already very small and doesn’t have a lot in so when you get one that’s crumbled up you hardly have any full bites left. As much as my son loved them, I do find them expensive for the size of the bags. It would have to be a treat to buy them; generally I couldn’t justify the price to the size. What I liked most was the taste; they really are delicious but so delicious that it makes you want more. As much as they have been enjoyed in our house, they are expensive and with having only one income in our house they can’t be justified. However, in the future I would buy them as a treat every now and then. I have already recommended them to friends, a few play dates over my house and they have been shared out to try and enjoy. They were equally impressed with the taste. Purely again knocked down just on price. Everything else deserves a 5/5 mark. I have loved testing these cheese bites as much as my son has. They have been a massive hit in our house and if I ever find them on offer whilst out and about shopping we will definitely be buying them again. Nicola Jenkins – Nathan 23 Months

Product Tested By Gemma Maxwell – Dominic 2 Years

Gemma Awarded The Organix Mini Space Cheese Bites 3.8/5

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw these. I liked the design of the box initially with the colours. I then had a read of the ingredients and was very pleased to see only 2 ingredients. I love the concept. As a family, we’re keto and the kids are low carb so having snacks that fit in with our way of eating is crucial for when we’re out and about.  They were made from milk and potato starch. Having said that, I was a little bit curious how much potato starch was used given the high carbohydrate content per 100g. For those with a normal diet information on box is excellent. We’re slightly restricted but with the small amounts in the bags, it meant my son could enjoy these without us being concerned. As I said previously, were a low carb/keto family so we don’t eat processed junk or food containing sugars. My son is also very sensitive to sugar so we try to stick to healthy whole foods as often as possible. It’s good that it’s organic but I think most baby and toddler foods usually are. He did enjoy these although I had to keep offering them to him whereas usually he would ask for more hence the score. Due to small pack size these are a great grab and go snack. He did like the texture although he was dubious of the look of them. I liked the taste and texture. I liked that they were crunchy and cheesy. The quality was good. I liked that it was mostly cheese. As great as the product is taste wise, this is just not something we would ever purchase due to the price for the tiny amount. There was a large amount of potato starch used in the product which meant that per 100g, the carb content was abnormally high for a cheese product. You also only get 32g for £2.49 which is very bad value for money when it is just cheese. It would make the product £7.78 per 100g and £77.80 per kilo – of cheese! The product overall is great. The taste is nice. The packets are convenient if a little small. The design on the box is eye catching and fun. We already buy a lot of cheese due to being low carb and we do so in a way that keeps our shopping budget down. To then spend an extortionate amount on these bags would be silly when I can make cheese puffs myself for a tiny fraction of the cost. I would not recommend simply down to the cost and that it can be made cheaply at home. The product is great. It’s simple and healthy. It’s tasty and convenient but the cost is ridiculous for what it is and the amount you get. Upon seeing the product and reading the ingredients I was pleasantly surprised with the ingredients and that it had no “nasties” added to it. The packaging was fun looking.  I was disappointed at the size of the bags inside and the portion within them. They tasted really nice and my son enjoyed them but they definitely weren’t big enough at only 8g per bag. The price of the product in my opinion is far too expensive for what they are. For that reason, they are not something that I would purchase in the future unless they were on offer. Gemma Maxwell – Dominic 2 Years

Product Tested By Kristen Barrett – Boo 20 Months

Kristen Awarded The Organix Mini Space Cheese Bites 3/5

I was excited for the children to try these; we have used Organix products since our eldest started weaning at 6 months old. Savoury snacks that are healthy and can be carried in the changing bag are more limited in availability than sweet snacks at present so it’s always encouraging to hear of a new product. We try to eat healthily as a family and think about the ingredients in our foods so this fits with our ethos. Organix are a great company for their no junk promise and their packaging made from board from responsible sources. It is very important to us our children eat healthy snacks. Our children will happily eat humus and vegetable sticks and have done from an early age. They have never had sweets and we believe you are what you eat. As organix produce health snacks it is one of the reasons we have bought so many of their products over the years. We try to care about our family’s health and the environment in equal measure. I find this difficult to type but I have to be honest or there is no point in our family being product testers – sadly not. We are a vegetarian / vegan household (one parent is vegetarian etc.) so the children are raised as a mixture of the two. They like strong cheese that makes the roof of your mouth tingle, they like crackers, yet somehow these don’t work for us. I tried them also, it’s great that they are gluten free and I didn’t like them either. In the Easter break we’ve had lots of friends and their children visit for lunch and regrettably no one has liked them. This really should work – its two simple ingredients and while the texture is ok it’s the taste that we all found disappointing. Sorry Organix – we love your other products. These are great to take on your travels and were in the changing bag, in the car for long journeys and the portion size is great for under two’s. Unfortunately my children did not like the texture or taste and they are not fussy eaters. I had to agree with them that these aren’t quite right. They went into the food waste box. I truly believe that they could be great; I’ve never been dissatisfied with Organix products before. It’s well-made but not something that we would buy or recommend.  Not good value for us as it was wasted food – others may like them. It’s great that they are trying to expand their savoury snack range and it’s important that it is organic. No, unfortunately this won’t be part of our weekly shop. I am on the search for an organic savoury snack to keep in the changing bag and the car but this isn’t the answer for us.  It’s not a snack that I would serve my children or visiting children. I look forward to the next savoury product that Organix develop. Great that it’s organic and the outer packaging is made of board from responsible sources. For taste this scores very low, I would not buy this. I am actually really disappointed – I need a new addition to the range of savoury dry snacks that I can pack in bags for days out as there isn’t much choice at present. I wondered if we just had a different palette but all the children and adults who visited this Easter have felt the same – this seems like a missed opportunity for Organix. A real shame.   Kristen Barrett – Boo 20 Months


I have loved testing these cheese bites as much as my son has. They have been a massive hit in our house and if I ever find them on offer whilst out and about shopping we will definitely be buying them again.


Nicola Awarded The Organix Mini Space Cheese Bites 4/5

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