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Organix Tomato & Herb Gruffalo Claws

Tomato & Herb Gruffalo Claws

Our tomato & herb Gruffalo claws are made from baked corn and coated with tomato, carrot and herbs. They make the perfect toddler snack.

Made from corn, with no added salt, we simply bake them so they’re crunchy, munchy and deliciously tasty, the perfect toddler snack for little monsters!

Suitable 12 Months Plus

Price: £2.30 for pack 4 Available Asda, Ocado, Tesco and online

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Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2020 Snacks, Organic for Baby & Organic for Toddler 

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Organix Tomato & Herb Gruffalo Claws Reviews

Product Tested By Elaine Cowie – Willow 17 Months

Elaine Awarded The Organix Gruffalo Claws Snack Tomato & Herb Flavour 4.5/5

The colours on the packaging are rich and inviting and convey the flavours of the product within, and the packs show fairly accurate illustrations of the product itself. The brand name is clear and the Gruffalo graphics will be recognisable and appealing to most children. It feels like a good brand partnership between the Gruffalo franchise and Organix, suggesting a fun product that is also good quality.  It is easy to see which age group the product is intended for, and to easily understand the nutritional values. I’d like it if Organix were able to offer packaging for these that could be recycled or compostable/biodegradable as that would be more in tune with the ethics of the brand. A fun way to give your little ones a tasty and relatively healthy snack, with each pack containing enough for two portions of the little-hand-friendly puffs. The claw shape works with the Gruffalo theme and encourages little imaginations. Our little one enjoyed biting off one claw at a time and rrroar-ing in between! I think a balanced diet is important and while our little one loves her fruit, veg and yogurt snacks, there’s room for some healthy alternatives and she really enjoyed these so I would be happy to give her these as a snack. The Gruffalo Claws use natural, organic ingredients and I like that it specifies sunflower oil so that I can be sure it is palm oil free. The packaging makes it easy to recognise that the No Junk Promise ensures I can be certain of natural, organic ingredients with no nasties, and the ingredient and nutritional lists are clear to understand. It’s important to encourage healthy eating from a young age and that includes incorporating snacks. If I can offer her something that is fun and interesting as well as being tasty and healthy, it’s a win win all round. Being an organic snack, it helps me feel I am providing natural, high quality treats without worrying about any nasties. We’re lucky that our little one enjoys new tastes and isn’t a picky eater, so she was happy to try these and thoroughly enjoyed them. She’s only 17 months but “yum” and her displeasure at not getting to eat a whole pack at a time clearly conveyed her enjoyment, as did the fun she had while biting off each claw. Having tried them myself out of interest, I like that you can actually taste the herbs as much as the tomato and this would appeal to little ones who like Italian flavours. Handy for picnics and lunch boxes, they also make a convenient on the go snack. With each pack containing two portions, it might be helpful to be able to reseal the pack or have smaller one portion packs. They are lightly puffed in texture, offering a satisfying bite for little teeth before softening in the mouth. They didn’t go mushy in her hands while eating so weren’t too messy. They do warn they can stain but we didn’t have any problems. Seeing how much she enjoyed these, I would certainly try the Cheese and Onion, and Barbeque options too. Natural ingredients and a great texture make them a good quality snack option. With each pack containing two portions, the price point offers very good value for money. I liked most that I could feel I was offering my child a healthy, natural snack that was also a fun treat for her to eat, and encourages her imagination. I will definitely be purchasing these again as they are good value, convenient for snacks on the go, and our little one loved them. I’ve already recommended them to family and friends with children as they were such a success in our household and the Gruffalo Claws would also appeal to older children as the packaging isn’t at all babyish. The quality, taste and value are very good, and the ethos of the brand is admirable. It would have been an all-round 5/5 but for the fact that the packaging isn’t recyclable or compostable/biodegradable. A tasty snack that I’m happy to give my little one, knowing it is produced by a company who want to make healthy snacks fun, using natural ingredients and encouraging imaginative play. They also have tips and ideas on their website and social media pages to encourage a healthy and fun attitude to food for little ones and their parents. Elaine Cowie – Willow 17 Months

Product Tested By Kelly Walker – Tristan 2 Years

Kelly Awarded The Organix Gruffalo Claws Snack Tomato & Herb Flavour 4.5/5

The box we were sent with the snacks in was a gorgeous Gruffalo box! This has been kept for our Gruffalo toys. The packaging of the snack is bright and attractive with lovely illustrations on. I think that the concept is great, and reassures you with the ‘no junk promise’ that your little one has a healthy snack. I do feel good about giving my son these as a snack. Being organic with no added salt or sugar is great, and rare with most children’s snacks. The ingredients list was easy to understand and actually not that many on there! Brill. It’s so easy to give in to quick and easy, bad snacks for a constantly hungry toddler, so I try and buy healthier options where I can. It’s great that these are organic, you know there’s no hidden nasties. My little boy seemed to enjoy these snacks and liked the shape as he loves the Gruffalo story. The packs are easy to grab and put in your bag to take out with you. my little boy wolfs these down, as do his older brother and sister. We have actually bought the BBQ flavour since testing this flavour out. Healthy, yummy and organic.  Lovely packs and a nice snack. These are pricier than some other family snacks we buy. But you know that you’re buying something that is healthier than others available. I liked the shape of the snack made them a hit straight away for my little boy! Plus the lovely designs on the packaging. My little boy loves these and we have already purchased more. I have already recommended to friends with toddlers. A great product that is popular with the kids and a healthier option for them to snack on! Only marked down as more expensive that what we usually buy. We have loved testing out the Organix Gruffalo Claws Snack! My little boy has enjoyed eating them, and as he loves all the Julia Donaldson books, he recognised the design straight away. Even my older kids have pinched bags. We have also bought a different flavour as they were so popular. It’s nice to know that Organix have a ‘no junk promise’ on their products and that you are feeding a snack to your child that is healthy and organic. A little pricier than what we usually buy, but being tasty and healthy makes it worth it! Kelly Walker – Tristan 2 Years

Product Tested By Dawn Moore – Esmae 18 Months

Dawn Awarded The Organix Gruffalo Claws Snack Tomato & Herb Flavour 5/5

The box was stunning. Very eye catching. Very robust. We have kept it for Crafts. These are very child friendly. I do feel confident giving my daughter these healthy snacks. It’s very good for parents looking for an ideal snack solution for the children.  And don’t have to search for the ingredients. They were very clear on the box. I like my daughter to eat as healthy as much as possible. I do like the fact they are Organic and affordable snack. My daughter loved these. ideal bag size fits right into changing bag ready for snack time when out and  about.  my daughter loved the texture. We will try other flavours. My daughter was a big fan. And there an affordable snack. So would be ideal if she likes all flavours. The quality is very good and great value for money. I like the fact the price is very affordable. Ideal for snacks and for lunch time when goes back to nursery. I would buy these as eye catching, good price, daughter loves them. I would definitely recommend. The box was very eye catching. The product is a very good price. Nutritional and filling. My daughter really enjoyed them. Dawn Moore – Esmae 18 Months

A tasty snack that I’m happy to give my little one, knowing it is produced by a company who want to make healthy snacks fun, using natural ingredients and encouraging imaginative play. They also have tips and ideas on their website and social media pages to encourage a healthy and fun attitude to food for little ones and their parents.


Elaine Awarded The Organix Gruffalo Claws Snack Tomato & Herb Flavour 4.5/5

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