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Organyc organic cotton breast pads

The naturally absorbent Organ(y)c cotton nursing pads are made with 100% organic cotton, making then gentle and soft against skin and ideal when breast feeding.Breathable and comfortable, each breast pad has a small adhesive strip, keeping them secure and allowingfor a perfect fit.

Certified Organic by ECOCERT. Certified Vegan by VEGANOK. Cruelty Free.

Price: £4.79 available online

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Organyc organic cotton breast pads Reviews

Product Tested By Heidi Taylor – Timothy 1 Month

Heidi Awarded the Organ(y) Organic Cotton Breast Pads 5/5

I really liked the look and style of the box.  Very nice graphics and appealing.  I love the ideal of having cotton eco-friendly breast pads as gentle on me and kinder to my baby too. Nice design and found these very easy to use. I found these easy to slip into my bra and the sticky section worked well.  Once in place they stayed secure which I was impressed with. These worked really well for me and I did not encounter any leaks at all. Definitely absorbent enough for my needs and as a first time mum I thought they were great.  Really did feel comfortable as I was worried I would be conscious of these when fitted, but you do not even know they are there and gave me the confidence and assurance of being protected from embarrassing leaks. I am always looking for organic and natural products now and this is very important to me. I used these every day. Yes these are good value, comfy to wear, easy to use and work well.  I liked they were cotton and very comfy to wear.  I have already purchased more and recommended to my mummy group. I loved the design, how easy they were to use and that they felt nice and soft against my skin and worked well. Heidi Taylor – Timothy 1 Month

Product Tested By Jennifer Ayley – Neala 8 Months

Jennifer Awarded The Organ(y) Organic Cotton Breast Pads 4.4/5

I was looking forward to giving them a go as the packaging really appealed to me because of the organic cotton and the very natural feel to the packaging. I think it’s great that they are made from organic cotton and are an eco-conscious product. The design is very simple but very natural which fits with the ethos of the product. Very easy to use – the sticky labels are easy to remove and keep the pad in place on my bra. I liked the size and found they stayed well in position. I was surprised about this as the sticky section is quite small so I was dubious that they would stay in position but they did. Now that my baby is 8 months old and my milk supply is regulated, I don’t leak as much as I did when my baby was younger. Therefore, these pads have been fine in terms of their absorbency. Only once did I find they had gotten very soggy. However, these would not have been absorbent for me at all in the first few months of breastfeeding. I would probably have had to change them hourly which would have worked out very expensive. Very comfy – I didn’t even notice I was wearing them as they are thin and discreet. Not very confident at first – I found myself checking them regularly and as commented above, they would have certainly have leaked if I had used them earlier on in my breastfeeding journey.  Absolutely very important – this is very important they are organic, cruelty free and I love to support companies that have these principles at their core. I used these daily until they ran out. They are good value for money but I prefer to use reusable pads. I like that they are made with organic cotton and they feel so soft and are thin and discreet. I would buy them for times that I cannot use reusable for some reason. I would recommend but only when they are not leading a lot. The fact that they are not as waterproof as other pads I have used is my only reason for scoring these a bit lower. I could imagine mums buying these early on in their breastfeeding journey and leaking through to their clothes which could cause a lot of embarrassment.  I liked using these pads and would consider buying them again. They do at times release little bits of fluff but I think this is understandable considering the material they are made of and I would far prefer this that a more synthetic material being used. I found it a shame that inside the cardboard box, the pads were in a plastic bag – it would be great if these could be a plastic free product. Jennifer Ayley – Neala 8 Months

Product Tested By Naomi Blackmore – Eowyn 11 weeks

Naomi Awarded The Organ(y) Organic Cotton Breast Pads 3/5

Natural looking, professional luxury pads that are aiming at the eco-friendly market. I think the idea is really solid and as someone who wants to be more eco-friendly and not have harsh chemicals near my child I thought they would be right up my street. The packaging and the breast pads looked smart and the initial look and feel of the pads themselves was very good. The sticky pads were fiddly to peel and hard to understand which part you were supposed to peel. The pad when used also ended up consistently sticking to the nipple and when peeled off would leave fibres attached to the nipple. This meant that I would have to clean my nipple before being able to feed my baby making the whole process longer and more cumbersome and often leading to my baby getting upset because I couldn’t quickly meet her need to be fed. They seemed to fit fairly well but I would prefer more than one sticky piece so they stayed more secure. Seemingly they were and I had no leaks during use. However, due to the fibre residue I didn’t end up using them for long so I can’t comprehensively say they are always absorbent enough, for instance overnight. Once fitted they were really comfortable to wear. As above, I felt confident, however, due to the fibrous residue I couldn’t test them for long periods to fully understand how that feeling would continue. I don’t tend to shop specifically looking for organic, natural elements but it is always an added bonus and appreciated when things are. I could only use this once due to the residue. I couldn’t go through another day of using them due to the stress of having to clean my nipples every time I needed to feed my daughter and prolonging the whole process. It was stressful for me and subsequently for her too. Given the current issues I experienced I wouldn’t say these are good value. I haven’t continued using them even though they were gifted as part of the review and as it stands I certainly wouldn’t buy them. The concept of the use of cotton and organic materials. Plastic based pads have a tendency to bunch and are uncomfortable and these looked like they would alleviate that problem. I wouldn’t buy them. Though they look and feel good at the outset the issues around leaving fibres means that I wouldn’t buy these unless that issue was resolved. It’s a brilliant concept but as it stands they don’t hit the mark for being a successful product. Were the issues resolved well then I would definitely change that score and consider purchasing them for myself.  The concept is a strong one using positive materials and trying to help create an eco-friendly response for mothers who wish to make a difference, particularly with the sheer volume of disposable pads that one person would go through during breastfeeding. The product looked and felt professional and luxurious from the start. However, the biggest issue was the leaving of fibres stuck to the nipple making feeding a chore and often taking more time than the baby would wait calmly. This led to needing to use other pads to maintain a positive feeding mind-set for both myself and my baby. As it currently stands I would be more inclined to use other disposable or the more eco-friendly re-usable pads instead.  Naomi Blackmore – Eowyn 11 weeks





have already purchased more and recommended to my mummy group. I loved the design, how easy they were to use and that they felt nice and soft against my skin and worked well.


Heidi Awarded the Organ(y) Organic Cotton Breast Pads 5/5

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