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Original L-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

What you need to know: Acts as the ideal sleep-time support. Alleviates the pressure of sleeping on your side. Beneficial to those with arthritis and back issues. During pregancy, can be used as additional support while sitting to alleviate back pressure. Supports the baby correctly during breast or bottle feeding. Supports the baby when they are on your lap. Hypoallergenic, so will not cause skin irritation

Babysoft Outer Fabric – Stretchy, Flexible & Exquisitely Soft. This fabric is exquisitely soft and snugly for the ultimate comfort for you and your baby. It comes in 7 colours including Sky Blue, Black, Cream, Chocolate, Coffee, Pink and Purple.

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Original L-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow Reviews

Product Tested by: Nichola Feakins

Tested By
Nichola Feakins

Awarded The Pregnancy – L-shape Pregnancy Pillow 4.8/5

pregnancy pillow is well made and is of good manufacturing quality. The product
is finished very well using good quality soft fabric. Being pregnant has really
made me appreciate the need for a pillow with added support to your bump and
body. Unlike other pillows on the market that I have come across the pregnancy
pillow really gives added support along the whole side of your board while also
supporting your back. Really easy to launder and care for. The cover is easily
removed with a zip and fits on again easily.
I found the pillow was great to not only support my front but actually
my back. I found it useful to stop me
rolling and sleeping on my back. I found
the pillow comfortable. The only issue is had was I did have a little neck ache
when also using normal pillows. I had too much elevation. Although I loved the
pillow, I wouldn’t find it very portable due to its shape when going away or
visiting. It’s a little heavy and large. I didn’t find it too difficult to
reposition myself although the size of the pillow made it a little hard work to
lift and move. I really enjoyed using
the pillow and have gone on to recommend to friends. It’s been a great
comforter through the last stage of my pregnancy and I believe has really
improved my quality of sleep. The pillow
is versatile in terms of using it to either support my left side or my right
and also to prevent me from sleeping on my back. I find there is too much
padding around the neck and it would sometimes give me neck ache. I’m not sure
there is any way of improving the design to assist with this. It may be more
about my positioning. I am really enjoying using this pillow and having been
away for two nights without it, I’m pleased I can continue with the product. I
have already recommended the product to friends that are expecting. It’s
actually a show piece in my house if anyone hasn’t already seen it! Friends
that have had similar products have commented on the fabric used and the colour
ranges available compared to others on the market. I can only speak highly of
this product. It is a good quality product that promotes comfort when resting
through pregnancy. It’s very inoffensive in terms of design and easy to care
for. Quality product that provides me with quality sleep through my
pregnancy! Nichola Feakins

Tested By
Abigail Brain

Awarded The Pregnancy – L-shape Pregnancy Pillow 4/5

is comfortable and soft, stitching is of good quality. My preference would be
for a bit more filling so the pillow is firmer it’s a bit soft for me. Over a
few weeks I had to shake and try to adjust the filling so it was still
supportive. L-shape seems a good idea, there are a variety of ways you could
position yourself and also use for feeding and support once the baby has
arrived. Cover is easily removed, washed and reassembled. I would have liked it
firmer; my issue is keeping my hips square. I found the pillow didn’t fully
support the weight of my leg to keep them high enough. This was comfortable but I did find it too
soft. It is quite big so I opted to
leave it at home when we stayed away. No more difficult to manoeuvre than other
pillows I have used. Hope to use it for feeding when my baby arrives in the
next few weeks and also as a support for him for tummy time and as he grows. As
an idea for improvement I would suggest more filling so more supportive. I will
not use for sleeping, but I will try it for feeding/floor support. Could do
with being firmer and more supportive. Abigail Brain

Tested By
Katie Wrench – Isla 9 Months

Awarded The Pregnancy – L-shape Pregnancy Pillow 5/5

material, easy to clean and doesn’t lose its shape. We use it to prop up our
daughter when she is playing on the floor and it is also used for comfort when
on the sofa watching TV. It has maximum comfort and would have been a godsend
when pregnant. Haven’t yet tested in washing machine, but I have wiped it down
with a cloth and it is very easy to clean. Comfiest pillow I have ever used. I found this so comfortable. It is very big
so I wouldn’t take it away with me when not pregnant; however during pregnancy
I can see myself using this when away from home. This is super comfy and so easy to get into
another position. I loved using this
pillow. It is used by myself and partner
for comfort in front of the TV. Used also in bed to help with pelvic pain and
my daughter also uses it for support when playing. The design is perfect just
as it is. I would purchase this and
highly recommend. It’s like sinking into
heaven! Katie Wrench – Isla 9 Months



It’s very inoffensive in terms of design and easy to care for. Quality product that provides me with quality sleep through my pregnancy! 


Nichola Awarded The Pregnancy – L-shape Pregnancy Pillow 4.8/5

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