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Ouch Puzzle

12 pieces puzzle that explores how the body is made up.. What makes us hurt and what makes us better!

Made from sustainable rubber wood.

Presented in a shrink wrapped film with a backing card.

Suitable for 3 years +

Product size: L: 21 x W: 21 x H: 1cms

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Price: £16.50  Available to purchase online

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Ouch Puzzle Reviews

Product Tested By Kayley Budd – Sebastian 3 Years

Kayley Awarded The Ouch Puzzle 4.5/5

Nice wooden puzzle, good colours liked the double layer design.  It was different to any puzzles we had used previously. Good education side to it yet still fun and engaging for a child. Really liked the design and colours. Loved that it was wooden, colours were bright. Design was accurate and mature yet still appealing to children, loved the double layer to it. It was very easy to fit together. It was clear how the pieces went and easy to pick up and place them. My child was able to hold and place the puzzle pieces without any assistance from me. He found the pieces easy to hold and place. Although my child did not recognise a lot of the internal body parts this led to conversations and me explaining about the parts! This puzzle revealed new parts of the body to my son; he couldn’t tell what all the internal parts were and so he happily listened to me explain.  The design and look of the puzzle made it fun to use and as previously explains it provided opportunity for me to explain new body parts and concepts to my son.  As soon as he saw it he played with it. He would happily play or complete it by himself in less than 5 minutes. If we looked at it together I could entertain him with for slightly longer. He completed it daily for about 5 days and then lost interest. Good quality colours and pieces. I wouldn’t purchase this product at that retail price as I think it is too expensive.  I really liked the double layer to the puzzle as this was new to us and also the opportunity to learn and discuss body parts/illnesses. Even though I would not purchase this due to price I would recommend as it is different, nicely designed and well made.  It is a good puzzle, uniquely designed and fun yet educational. It’s a good size as not too chunky or heavy.  A nice and uniquely designed puzzle. I like that it is wooden and has a double layer. It was great for educating and promoting discussion and questions from my son. It is light and easy to store. We really enjoyed playing with it initially but my son grew bored of it quickly. Having completed it a few times but then he lost interest (although this is his nature with other puzzles.) Kayley Budd – Sebastian 3 Years

Product Tested By Claire Brain – Katie 3 years

Claire Awarded The Ouch Puzzle 4/5

It was nice and bright. I liked the thick board, it wasn’t too thick so hard to handle but nice and sturdy. I like it. It has easy to use pieces and the child will be learning a bit about the body without really realising. There aren’t really much instructions but I don’t think it needs huge instructions. I like the bright colours. They are bright and simple, like the style of drawings. It is simple so easy to look at for the child. Not too complex despite of course having the other side images it is all done in a friendly way. My daughter did find this easy to put together, because the child image has pictures on both sides she could put them in different ways for fun. Most of the other pieces she found easy to do once she had seen it, a couple sometimes were little harder. The puzzle pieces are all a really nice size and thickness which made them easy to handle. She was a bit confused at first by the skeleton and insides but she liked to point and ask what bits are. She was a little more confused by the images under the smaller pieces. Although I told her what they are, she didn’t really remember them all. She understood the hurt and plaster but wasn’t too sure about the heart. This was fun and educational.  It was nice and interesting to play with. It made us talk about different things to do with the body. It was nice to have out for her to look at on her own as well as playing together while other doctor’s toys were out. She would play with this a couple of times a week but I think this will increase as we get into colder weather. Lovely sturdy but soft wood.  A very nice quality item. It is a lovely item but very expensive. I like how the body images can all be but in either way which is fun for the child. Personally I would not buy this as I think it is very expensive for a smaller puzzle even though it is wood.  I would recommend as I think it a nice idea and really compliments other play as well as learning. Really great item with nice images. It is easy to play with. It made us talk about body parts inside as well as outside. A nicely made item to start to teach children about the body but in a friendly way. Claire Brain – Katie 3 years

Product Tested By Melissa Lowe – Harry & Lilly – 3 & 7 years

Melissa Awarded The Ouch Puzzle 4/5

Lovely design nice and bright colours. Excellent concept as shows children inside the body in a fun way.  Do not really need instructions as this is self-explanatory.  The colours are lovely bright and vibrant.  My daughter and my younger son found this easy to put together.  The pieces are ideal size for smaller hands to hold.  My son was happy repeating the names of the body parts so I feel he found it educational but my 7 year old felt it was too young for her.  The concept of the puzzle to detail what makes us hurt and better was really good.  My son used the thermometer piece and the medicine piece to make it better but my 7 year old wasn’t interested.  I do agree for 3 years plus this is fun and educational but for 7 years a bit too young. My son has played with this puzzle nearly every day. This is very good quality. I think it is quite highly priced for a simple puzzle. My son seemed to like the different shaped pieces plaster medicine etc.  I personally would not purchase this as I feel the price is high. I would recommend maybe if it was on sale. nice design easy puzzle but overpriced for what it is also I know it is probably aimed at over 3 for safety reasons but I think older children would be bored quite quickly. Melissa Lowe – Harry & Lilly – 3 & 7 years

I like that it is wooden and has a double layer. It was great for educating and promoting discussion and questions from my son. It is light and easy to store.


Kayley Awarded The Ouch Puzzle 4.5/5

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