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OXO Tot Fork and Spoon Set

The OXO Tot Fork and Spoon are perfect for when tots are ready to feed themselves. Generous handles have soft, non-slip grips and are easy to hold while scooping yogurt or piercing pasta. The Fork tines capture food effectively (really!) and safely, while the deep Spoon head easily scoops and contains food, easing the frustrations of learning to self-feed. A flat spot on the handles prevents the Fork and Spoon from rolling off the table or high chair tray and the soft grips are shaped to keep them from sliding into bowls or plates. This durable stainless steel Fork and Spoon Set eases the transition to "grown-up” flatware.

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OXO Tot Fork and Spoon Set Reviews

Product Tested by: Gemma Deering – Archie 15 Months

Product Tested By Gemma Deering – Archie 15 Months

Gemma Awarded the OXO Fork and Spoon Set 4.5/5

Looks great, and feels quite sturdy and durable. We used it straight away! The packaging was basic, but had all the information needed. I received a catalogue with the product, showing all of OXO’s other feeding equipment which was nice. The cutlery is Great quality, well-made and safe, It is easy to clean – we do not have a dishwasher – and seems to be very durable (it has survived being thrown out of the high chair on a couple of occasions) The size of the cutlery is perfect for my 15 month old, we have been using it for a couple of months. My only comment would be that the end of the spoon is quite wide, so if there is lots of food loaded onto it, he has to open his mouth really wide! The chunky, slightly curved handles were easy for my son to grasp when he tried to feed himself, but are also easy to use for spoon-feeding him myself, if we need to speed things up a bit! They also look great. The fork prongs are sharp enough to spear food, but not sharp enough to be dangerous. The handles are made from a non-slip material so the fork and spoon don’t slip out of his little hands. I think the curved handle also helps a lot. I think the RRP is very reasonable for the quality and ease of use of the product, especially when compared to other brands. We will definitely continue to use the cutlery set, in fact I am considering buying a back-up set, just in case anything goes missing! My little boy loves it – it was the first time he had used a fork, or metal cutlery – up until now it had just been weaning spoons. He clearly feels very grown-up and lovers using a fork like mummy and daddy’s! We’ve been using the product for a couple of months now, and he still likes to clap every time he manages to feed himself a mouthful of food. I am also tempted to try some of the other OXO products, for instance the training cup, and the bowl. I would recommend the product to anyone who feels their child is ready to start self-feeding as I feel it has helped no end with my son’s development. Overall, a good feeding experience – the products has really helped my son with learning to feed himself. Fantastic! Gemma Deering – Archie 15 Months


Product Tested By Corinne Kapp – Dexter 17 Months

Corinne Awarded the OXO Fork and Spoon Set 4/5

First impressions were that the set was very smart looking. The packaging for the product was nice and clear too. The quality of the cutlery is very good, it seems well made. It’s a little on the small side but my Son still manages to shovel food in his mouth just at fat when using these. The fork is rounded like a spoon so it’s easy for them to get the food on it. A lot of forks are quite flat. The prongs on the fork are a bit blunt which could be a pro or a con. I prefer them to be a bit sharper so it’s easier for him to get on the end of the fork. The handles are curved to make them easier to hold, and Dexter had no trouble with this. I don’t think the cutlery set offers great value for money, it is quite expensive. The product was great to test but now Dexter is older I feel that he needs something bigger to suit him better so we will not continue to use these. I really enjoyed using something different! Corinne Kapp – Dexter 17 Months 

Product Tested By Andrew Smith – Hope 20 Months

Andrew Awarded the OXO Fork and Spoon Set 4/5

A very quirky and funky looking cutlery set. The packaging was good, there is only so much a knife and fork can be packed in, it clearly showed the product and was eye catching. Hope has been using the set since it arrived and it still looks like new, it’s sturdy and comfortable to hold also. The size of the cutlery is spot on for my child, and I feel that she will carry on using it as directed for quite a while. The handles are very cleaver because they are curved and this makes them very suitable for little hands and fingers. Hope uses it a lot so she must like it, but as good as the cutlery set is I can’t justify spending that much on it. But Hope really likes the set so she will definitely carry on using it. I would recommend to others but I would point out the price issues. Andrew Smith – Hope 20 Months

the products has really helped my son with learning to feed himself. Fantastic!


Gemma Awarded the OXO Fork and Spoon Set 4.5/5

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