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OXO Tot Potty Chair

Potty Chair
Easy-to-clean Potty Seat designed for tiny tushies to make potty training easier for everyone. This easy-to-clean Potty Chair makes potty training easier for everyone. The seamless design is comfortable and won’t leave marks on tiny tushies, while the high backrest supports tots and encourages proper potty posture. The non-slip base keeps the Potty in place while in use, and the smooth surfaces and side handles make cleaning the inner bowl a cinch. The seat back features a comfortable handle for easy transport.  

£26.00 Available OXO UK, Amazon

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OXO Tot Potty Chair Reviews

Product Tested By Kate Andrews – Arabeth 2 Years

Kate Awarded The Oxo Tot Potty Chair 5/5

Nice design and colours, liked that it had a higher back than other potties. I liked that you could take out the middle for easy cleaning and the back rest. Very clear and easy to understand instructions. Daughter got the hang of it very easily. I think she found it comfortable, she liked sitting on it even when she wasn’t using it. She definitely associated it more with a toilet, so the transition from one to the other will be easier, it’s comfortable for her and easy to clean. The non slip base definitely stopped it from slipping out from under her which her other one was doing. Very easy to keep clean as you could just remove the inner part and take it to the bin or sink, the only downside was when my daughter tried to do it after a wee! I think it the height of the back means it will take up more room in the car, it would be a bit big to carry and use out and about, but inside would be fine. We had this out for my daughter to use every day. We left it downstairs for her, as that’s where she spends the most time and we want her to use the toilet upstairs. Great quality, sturdy and the non slip base was great. Its quiet pricy compared to other produces so would initially would put me off, but quality definitely worth it. I really liked the fact the middle came out for cleaning and the high supportively back. As she was much happier to use it then others we have brought one. I would recommend as easy to use and clean and would last more than one child. Great product, style, colour, ease of use and comfortable for my daughter. Positive experience, baby girl liked using it and used it more that the others we have. Understated so ok having out, didn’t draw attention to itself. Safe for my daughter to use as didn’t slip. Hygienic easy to clean middle and wipe down. Kate Andrews – Arabeth 2 Years

Product Tested By Elisa Miles – Oliver 2 years

Elisa Awarded The Oxo Tot Potty Chair 4.3/5

It was a larger potty than we had been using but looked much comfier. Nice colours to blend in with the room.I like that it is larger than some potty’s and I liked the plain colours as I don’t really like cartoons etc. on things. I also like the high back on it so he doesn’t sit too far back and fall off. No instruction but not really needed as self-explanatory. However did get a chart and some stickers but my son had no interest in these. Very easy to use and self-explanatory. My son seemed to find it much more comfy than the original potty we had. It is higher up so he’s not squatting so much and has more of a seat around the edge to support him if he’s sat on it for a little while. I do feel it helped with potty training process as he seemed much happier to sit on it and it didn’t mark his legs and bum. The non slip base is good. We have carpet but still seemed to make a difference as if he was in a rush to sit down it didn’t move away from him. Plastic so very easy to wipe down and lift out bit is great rather than taking the whole thing through the house and trying to aim and tip contents into the toilet. Although it is bigger than our other potty it’s not that big that it causes a problem fitting in in a car.We used this every day as my son had just started toilet training and we have been taking it at his speed and when he asks to go and he has chosen to use it every day over and above his other potty that is also in the lounge. We used at home mainly as we still use a nappy out and about at the moment although we did take it to my parents when we visited for him to use there. It is very sturdy and thought out reasonably well. I’m not sure if I would spend that much on a potty to be honest and although we loved it I’m not sure it has much over other potty’s to justify that price. I like the height of it the most so he didn’t look so bent over and I think he finds it easier to sit down on. Although we loved it I think the price is quite high. We also had the issue of my son lifting up the bowl bit in the middle and getting his fingers trapped in it so would have like a catch somewhere to stop him doing this. I would recommend especially if they had a taller child and was willing to pay the price tag. I have marked it down due to my son getting his fingers trapped when lifting up the bowl when sat on it that I feel could be fixed so easily with a catch somewhere. Overall I was very happy with the product which has a nice design to it and with it being higher up for my taller than average son. I like the high back so he sat on it properly and the wider seating area so it didn’t mark him if he was sat on it for a while which he would do quite a lot. My son chose it over a more basic potty that was in the room at the same time so that must say something. I liked the sticker chart that came with it, was a nice addition even if my son wasn’t interested, I’m sure other children will love it. Elisa Miles – Oliver 2 years

Product Tested By Rianon Jones – Eli 2 years

Rianon Awarded the Oxo Tot Potty Chair 4.6/5

The product looks well-made and sturdy; it’s also in fitting with the decor of my house. Fantastically designed as the seat/pot doesn’t move when child is sat on the potty due to the handles being in built on the side. Looks good and not a garish colour like a lot of others on the market.Straightforward wouldn’t even need instructions due to ease of use but good explanation of best way to clean product.Easy to set up, simply place the white seat into the grey frame and it’s ready to use. Instantly my little boy approached the potty and sat on it, having previously trained my eldest little boy it was refreshing to see he wasn’t petrified of it like others in the past.Unfortunately he’s not fully trained yet however this has definitely introduced him to the potty training process and will definitely encourage him when he is fully ready as he is fully aware what it is used for and is happy sitting on it watching television. I was really impressed by how the non slip base stopped the potty from moving, having bought other potty’s in the past it can be annoying when they advertise non slip but they just move across the floor spilling whatever is inside, this potty does what it says and the non slip doesn’t move when your child is sat on the potty. Really easy to clean as the shape doesn’t have any awkward areas and the whole seat is removable so no risk of the full seat not being cleaned after use. We’ve taken the potty with us in the car while training so it’s always on hand and it’s great that it’s small enough to store even in the smallest car. I would use this potty chair daily. We mainly used at home in the living room so it’s always on hand when the needed.Fantastic solid product made well with aesthetically pleasing materials. there are cheaper items on the market that do similar however I would be more than happy to pay the full price for this item due to the way it looks and the non slip base is a massive selling point for me. I loved the colour and the non slip base are my favourite parts of the item along with the fit of the pot which has to be lifted from the side so the item looks like one full piece. Having had experience with other Potty’s including ones that sing and do all sorts I ultimately believe this product does what it says on the tin; it’s easy to clean, use and you don’t have to worry about spilt contents due to it having a fantastic non slip base. I have already recommended this product to friends at playgroup. I have not given this full marks due to the price being slightly higher than others on the market however I personally believe it to be worth this amount due to its design and use. Overall I believe this potty has successfully helped introduce my toddler to potty training and will play a crucial part in helping to fully train him when ready. Its design is second to none and it looks good too, no garish colours or pictures. The item is really easy to clean and small enough to take along in the car for days out or when visiting family. Rianon Jones – Eli 2 years


I would recommend as easy to use and clean and would last more than one child. Great product, style, colour, ease of use and comfortable for my daughter. Positive experience, baby girl liked using it and used it more that the others we have. Understated so ok having out, didn’t draw attention to itself. Safe for my daughter to use as didn’t slip. Hygienic easy to clean middle and wipe down.


Kate Awarded The Oxo Tot Potty Chair 5/5

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