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OXO Tot Silicone Self Feeder

Silicone Self Feeder
A berry good idea!
Start introducing your little ones to strawberries, bananas, and other whole, fresh foods safely with the OXO Tot Silicone Self Feeder. Simply place the food in the large-capacity pouch and let your little one do the rest! The silicone is easy to clean (really!) and the childproof lock is easy for grown-ups to take apart. Also, adding frozen fruit to the Feeder will help soothe teething tots.  

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OXO Tot Silicone Self Feeder Reviews

Product Tested By Farwah Farrukh – Arham 13 Months

Farwah Awarded The OXO Tot Silicone Self Feeder 5/5

The product looks good quality, strong, robust and durable. The design is absolutely perfect, it has all the details needed and the packaging is very detailed.The concept is just stunning!! A great start to self-feeding but I was late enough so I used it as a teething soother. It works wonders and my teething poorly baby finally found some relief chewing it. The box is complete with full instructions. Furthermore, a mummy’s brain is an instruction manual in itself and there are so many ways to use the product!The product is very easy to use and my little one took to it quickly. It was so soothing for him that he did not attempt at throwing it away unlike other teething objects. The product is specifically designed for the little fingers to grasp and hence it is so easy to use and super easy to clean as well. The silicone thingy washes perfectly with minimal effort. Love that! The product has a fairly big opening and enough for little one’s one time satisfaction. After that, the child gets bored and looks for something else. Filling it is very easy and simple and it so much less messy!I used the product only for teething! So far, we have used strawberries and all-time favourite bananas. My little boy is at such a poorly teething stage that he is simply off food but he loved the juices out of the fruits from this soother and I am glad he had something in his tummy. This product is so useful! The lock is great as these little chunks can get very clever with opening and exploring the product so the lock is a very useful idea to avoid the mess, it could have been a little less fiddly.The item is very easy to clean though I think some nooks and corners required a little more effort hence the rating. I used it daily for 5-10 minutes to soothe my little ones gums. I realized he actually ate something after being soothed with this. It actually acts like teething powders without the expense!The product is very well-made and of top quality. It’s a great way to encourage the habit of fruits at an early age. It is absolutely a safe product and easy to use.The product offers good value for money provided purchased at an early age to benefit from both self-feeding and then teething onwards so then it will last longer.I love the fact that fruits and mushy foods can be introduced at an early age. Plus the mess free eating. Plus no direct contact to cold sfuff! I will definitely purchase it if I plan any further babies.I would definitely recommend as it is a must have for all parents. A brilliant invention which offers so many advantages for little ones at an affordable price. It’s absolutely amazing and very easier for baby to use independently. I loved exploring the product. The product is of high quality and exceeds my expectations. We were spending too much on teething powders and gels and this is such a better replacement and a lot cheaper too. So useful during family dinners. I cannot recommend this product highly enough! Farwah Farrukh – Arham 13 Months

Product Tested By Kate Cleverley – Harriet 7 Months

Kate Awarded The OXO Tot Silicone Self Feeder 4.3/5

I was impressed with the product when it arrived. Looked high quality and easy to use. Clear packaging and not too much waste. I love the concept, especially the silicone part as it looks easy to clean. Instructions clear and easy to read. The product was easy to use the first time and Harriet enjoyed sucking the fruit out of it. The fruit did tend to get pushed to the top of the silicone feeder which made it hard for her reach. Harriet found it easy to hold and definitely enjoyed the texture of the silicone on her gums. However the fruit wasn’t that easy to get out as it got stuck at the top. It was easy to put the fruit in however I would have liked it to hold more. I haven’t tried frozen food in it but will definitely consider it. The childproof lock was excellent, no way Harriet was going to be able to take it apart and the simple lock system was easy for me use. The silicone part was easy to wash out. I have used a net feeder before which was difficult to get all the fruit bits out of but this was easy. I would use this 2-3 times a week. Excellent quality, nice and sturdy and looks well-made for a simple design. I think the price is reasonable however I would have liked another silicone feeder part included for the price. I really liked the silicone part as it was easy to clean and. soft on Harriet’s gums. I would purchase as reasonable price and a handy weaning aid which is easy to use and clean. I would recommend as very handy if you want to do baby led weaning. Overall this product is great, easy to use and clean and well-priced. The only negative is that the silicone part is a bit difficult to put back together after cleaning and needs to be a bit bigger. A positive experience had with this product. Harriet certainly enjoyed using it and I am impressed with the design. Kate Cleverley – Harriet 7 Months

Product Tested By Emily Stanton – Cheryl 10 Months

Emily Awarded The OXO Tot Silicone Self Feeder 4/5

I was very pleased when this arrived as I thought it would be ideal to take on our travels as well as Cheryl having the ability to feed herself at home. Loved the design very sleek. Good packaging can clearly see what the product is and what it does. I really like the idea of having a neat little gadget that my daughter can use herself.Instructions very easy to follow.My daughter found this very easy to hold and easy enough to use. Sometimes though food would get stuck at the top, but not really an issue. She certainly found it easy to use herself, and I think gave her a little bit of confidence. Liked the fact that the silicone top also helped soothe her gums. The food was easy enough to put in, but I have a hungry daughter and would like to see this available in different sizes as the portion size for her was a little bit too small. I have used this to put frozen fruit inside the self feeder and it did help with teething issues, soothing and cool so her gums felt better and she enjoyed the fruit taste. The childproof lock is such a great idea and really works well. It was fairly easy to clean; sometimes bits would get stuck at the top. I would use this daily for fruit snacks and for food when on my errands during the day. The quality is very good and a very good design. Personally I think the price is a bit expensive as something like this you would want more than one. I loved the portability, and the fact Cheryl can use herself which she loved. I would purchase as feel I now need one spare at home.Would recommend as a great idea and gives independence to your child to enjoy taking control of feeding themselves.This is a really great idea, great for the baby as gives them independence, easy to use and easy to hold.I just think with a few tweaks this could be a Top item. Emily Stanton – Cheryl 10 Months

Product Tested By Emma Hawkins – Seren 10 Months

Emma Awarded The Oxo Tot Silicone Self Feeder 5/5

The product looked good quality and self-explanatory.The packaging was not excessive and unnecessary and was easy to open.I think it is great for those times when you want to minimise mess. I am following baby led weaning with Seren but there are times when I want to give a snack that doesn’t get smeared everywhere. With two older children and a busy schedule less mess is desirable. It was also great when she was clearly hungry but her meal was not ready so a small portion of something in the silicone feeder kept her occupied but didn’t ruin her appetite. Instructions very clear and concise. No room for error that I could perceive. Very easy to use by me. My daughter had no trouble using this item and seemed to enjoy chomping on the silicone to squeeze the food out. It was very easy to put food into the silicone feeder. Only enough space for a taste of something rather than a full portion. I did utilise this method using frozen food and it was successful. My daughter is yet to get any teeth but has been suffering with teething pain. Frozen banana was excellent. Childproof lock is very effective. My daughter didn’t actually try to unlock it but I felt confident that she would have been unable to had she tried. Surprisingly easy to clean and washed very well. We used the silicone feeder at least once a day. It became an effective distraction whist waiting for meals or when I needed to give my older children some attention with homework. I found the product to be of high quality. The silicone is thin enough but strong. I don’t think I would buy this at the RRP. It is good quality but the price seems a little high to me. I would probably buy this but would wait for a special offer or discount.I would recommend just because the price point is high for me doesn’t mean it is not worth the purchase, especially for my friends babies struggling with teething pain. I give this product 5/5 as it is of high quality, easy to use and was genuinely very useful easy to clean. This product has become an everyday part of life and I can see me using it for quite a while still. I have had no issues with the product and my baby likes it. Emma Hawkins – Seren 10 Months

I loved exploring the product. The product is of high quality and exceeds my expectations. We were spending too much on teething powders and gels and this is such a better replacement and a lot cheaper too. So useful during family dinners. I cannot recommend this product highly enough!


Farwah Awarded The OXO Tot Silicone Self Feeder 5/5

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