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OXO Tot Step Stool

Gives little ones a 7” boost to reach the sink like a big kid
The OXO Tot Step Stool provides the 7” boost your little one needs to be more independent. The non-slip pattern on the surface keeps little feet from slipping, while the non-slip base keeps the Step Stool firmly in place (even when your little one can’t stand still). The easy-to-grip handles make it simple for anyone in the family to carry from room to room.  

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OXO Tot Step Stool Reviews

Product Tested By Laura White – Charlie 33 Months

Laura Awarded The Oxo Tot Step Stool 5/5

It seemed very solid and not too bulky, with good grips both on the top and the underneath of the stool. I think it is very well thought through for safety for little ones with good grips, and a nice height that it isn’t dangerous for clumsy children! I also like the plain colours – it can be kept in the corner of a room without standing out. I was a little disappointed it didn’t fold up but can fully understand this would compromise the safety of the step. It was very easy to use and very portable even for our little one. He absolutely loved it! We chose to keep it downstairs for reaching the kitchen sink but he discovered (in about 5 minutes!) that all of a sudden, he could reach most things such as his snacks…it also meant he could watch me cooking much more easily and help me, fully supervised of course, stirring the pans. He then decided to use it as a launching pad onto the sofa which he found very funny. The grips made this much safer to do! He tested the non-slip base as much as he possibly could jumping off it and as we have laminate floors, I can honestly say the base works extremely well! We used this in the kitchen and the living room. He loved to move it around to wherever he needed it and found it very useful to be able to reach new heights! It was very light and had a handy carry handle, so couldn’t have been easier to move unless it was foldable. It is very easy to clean using simple baby wipes or soap and water, whatever is closer to hand. Even the grip is easy to clean as it is rubber. We used this many times each day. It has been very well tested and yet still looks good as new! I think it is very solidly made and shows no signs of wear even though it has been used lots, both with and without shoes. I think it will last until it is no longer needed!At first I thought it was a little expensive compared to the equivalent adult steps, but the grips are brilliant and from a sensible perspective, there are no hinges for small fingers to get trapped in so it is very child friendly and worth every penny. I think my favourite bit is the well thought out grips both on the top and underneath. Our little boy is very boisterous and a little clumsy and even he didn’t manage to fall off it by slipping so it is very safe to use. I would purchase as it is very well made and thought through, and he has had a great time using it. You can’t beat the look of a toddler working out they can suddenly reach all their favourite things without mummy and daddy’s help! I would recommend as it is a great addition to helping toddlers gain their independence under supervision and there are no safety concerns. It also makes a great seat for parents! It has been well designed and thought through and aside from not showing a maximum weight limit on either the step or the packaging, I couldn’t find a single fault with it. I love it! Our little boy had so much fun using this product and it is a good height to help them reach the toilet, the sink, their toys and their snacks. It is also very portable by parents and children and will last a long time, making it good value for money. The fact that it is also easy to clean makes it, all in all, perfect and I can’t recommend it highly enough! Laura White – Charlie 33 Months

Product Tested By Tim Capp – Edison 2 years

Tim Awarded The Oxo Tot Step Stool  5/5

Good quality, sturdy stool. A bit higher than most stools. The design is good and looks great.This is pretty self-explanatory to use. Edison found it very easy to get up and down.He was really excited whenever it arrived, and was stepping up and down on it in the living room. He loves the independence of being able to reach the sink and the table by himself. The non slip base is very effective no slips at all. We used in the bathroom for stepping up to the toilet, washing hands and cleaning teeth. This is very light so easy to transport from room to room. Very easy to clean just wipe clean. We would use this stool multiple times a day.Very sturdy and high quality. Not seen it bend or move around at all when my son is using it. RRP is slightly high, but it is better than any other stool which we had previously. The stool is higher than most stools which made it easier for my son to reach things. It wasn’t too high that he had trouble stepping up onto it or down off it. I would purchase as its better quality and higher than other stools so I would definitely want to own the product. I would recommend and I would suggest they considered this product due to the high quality and the fact that it’s higher. Edison was very excited to play with the step stool; it also has so many practical uses too. He uses it when going to the toilet, washing his hands, cleaning his teeth, playing at the table, making cakes and cooking in the kitchen. It’s great that the step stool is higher than most other stools; it means he can reach even better. Its great quality and we had no issues with any slips. Tim Capp – Edison 2 years

Product Tested By Donna Liddiard – Noah and Oliver – 4 & 2 Years

Donna Awarded The Oxo Tot Step Stool 4/5

Wondering how it would differ from our existing step. This looked plain but sturdy. This is a really easy product to use. They did enjoy using this step stool. It is a little higher than our existing one which meant that my 2 year old could reach the sink more easily. The non-slip base was good and no problems encountered with the step moving. We mainly used this in the bathroom and sink. We didn’t need to move it but it is easy to move around. Very easy to keep clean with some spray and a cloth. We used this several times a day when brushing teeth and washing hands. The quality of this stool is good. Expensive for what it does I think as the only difference to our existing step is it is a little higher. I really liked the fact my 2 year old can reach the sink more easily. I would not purchase as I don’t feel it is that different to justify the price difference to any other that you can easily buy in a supermarket. It is slightly better product than our existing step as it does offer a little more height but I’m not sure that it is that much better that the price difference can be justified. Donna Liddiard – Noah and Oliver – 4 & 2 Years



I love it! Our little boy had so much fun using this product and it is a good height to help them reach the toilet, the sink, their toys and their snacks. It is also very portable by parents and children and will last a long time, making it good value for money. The fact that it is also easy to clean makes it, all in all, perfect and I can’t recommend it highly enough!


Laura Awarded The Oxo Tot Step Stool 5/5

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