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OXO Whale Pail™

Make bath time clean-up fun with the OXO Tot Whale Pail. Use the Whale’s wide mouth to fetch toys out of the bathtub. The soft, non-slip handle makes it easy for little bathers to help scoop and rinse toys, even with wet hands. Store the Pail on the holder which suctions to the wall and sits on the bathtub ledge for added security. Holes along the side of the Pail help increase ventilation and dry toys. A translucent window shows which toys are being stored.

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OXO Whale Pail™ Reviews

Product Tested by: Louise Edwards – Isabella 17 Months

Product Tested By Louise Edwards – Isabella 17 Months

Louise Awarded The Oxo Tot Whale Pail 4.4/5

I was happy when I first received this product.  I had been meaning to buy a bath tidy so was happy when I received this.  First impressions were that it was of good size and looked really easy to use. The packaging suited its purpose.  It was the right size for the product.  Not being the best person to follow instructions, I had no problem in following these ones.  They were simple and to the point. I have seen a few bath tidies in shops and when I received this was I was really happy with the size.  It was big enough to fit a lot of Isabella’s bath toys in, but was not too big that it took up a lot of room in the bathroom.  We have a very modern bathroom and I found the shape to fit in great with our bathroom. The colour is great too.  It got the babies attention straight away.  It definitely made bath time easier.  We currently had all of her toys in her bath.  So at bathtime we had to take all the toys out to fill up the bath and then put them back in.  With this they were all stored nicely and once she was in the bath, it was basically taking this off the wall and emptying the contents into the bath with her.  Isabella even enjoyed playing with the whale in the bath.  It made it a lot quicker and easier to clear up after bath time too.  The whale makes it easy to scoop up all the toys and draining them at the same time.  When you have finished using the whale you can attach it to the wall mount provided which sticks onto your wall easy. Sometimes I did find it hard to balance the whale and sometimes it would fall emptying the contents.  I did use the whale pale for other things too.  I would fill it with the bath water and it will trickle water out over my baby that helps get off soap suds and shampoo.  Isabella enjoyed trying to catch the falling water.  I could not fault the quality of this product at all.  Although it is great and it comes into great use, I do think that it is expensive and I would consider buying it if it was a little cheaper.  I would definitely recommend the product and let them know how much use that I have had out of it.  The shape and colour is perfect. Works well in my bathroom. I have seen that you can get novelty ones like a giant duck.  Something like this I would not have liked in my bathroom but this whale is very plain and yet appeals to my daughter at the same time.  OverallI am very happy that I got the chance to test out this product.  Bath time is a lot easier now that I have this and my bathroom looks a lot tidier.  My daughter gets a lot of fun out of the product.  Louise Edwards – Isabella 17 Months


Product Tested By Rachel Harrop – Tim and Alex 2 Years

Rachel Awarded The Oxo Tot Whale Pail 3.3/5

The packaging of this product was great and the instructions were very easy to follow too.  For us the size was not big enough for all the bath toys but useful to store the small toys.  I did find that using the whale pale it encouraged the children to get more water on the bathroom floor.  We had a lot of crying if I didn’t let them use it.  Clearing up after bath time was easier; you can get the toys out of the water quicker.  It fits nicely stuck to the tiles at the side of the bath but unfortunately it gets knocked off easily. We also used the whale pale looking at different water jet patterns and washing hair.  The quality is well thought out with smooth edges and curves.  For me I don’t think it offers great value for money as I much prefer using a net bag as toys dry out quicker and is a lot cheaper.  It’s interesting as a toy but not useful as a storage device.  I found it difficult to keep the bathroom floor dry when the children were playing with it too.  Rachel Harrop – Tim and Alex 2Years

Product Tested By Edwina Martin – Simon 20 Months

Edwina Awarded The Oxo Tot Whale Pail 4/5

I thought that it was a great size and very funky looking too when I first saw this product and I loved the colour.  The packaging was great and the instructions were very easy to follow too. The size and shape was perfect to fit Simon’s bath toys in.  It definitely made it easier for me at bath times.  I would just scoop all of his toys up, swill them under the tap and leave them to dry as the water drained out the little holes.  For the cups he plays with, I needed to empty them out but I would need to do that with any bath tidy.  It then sticks onto your wall with the supplied holder.  It did drop off a few times though.  We also used the whale pale for swilling off hair and Simon liked to play with it in the water too.  The quality is fantastic but I do think that the price would put some people off.  I would consider buying it however and have recommended it to friends too.  It is a lovely product overall and really helps at bath times clearing up all the toys.  Plus can be used as a toy in the bath if you wanted to do so.  Edwina Martin – Simon 20 Months

Bath time is a lot easier now that I have this and my bathroom looks a lot tidier. My daughter gets a lot of fun out of the product.


 Louise Awarded The Oxo Tot Whale Pail 4.4/5

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