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Pabobo – Super Nomade

Just the amount of light you need, when you need it.Small and featherlight, it?s the ideal night light to-go!Features & Benefits:- 200 hours of autonomy with one single charge of 5 hours- extra small and light so little ones can carry it with them easily and safely- two light intensities to adapt to all situations- turns on and off by itself according to the darkness in the room(photosensitive)- rechargeable through micro-USB: universal charging system, first time ever in the world of childcare- charge indicator on a LCD screen with movement sensor so that it only turns on when you pick it up- eco-consuming LED light that stays cool to the touch- CE 0+ and can be used in the cot from birth.

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£35.95 Available Mamas & Papas, Safetots or click online to find local stockist

Pabobo – Super Nomade Reviews

Product Tested by: Emma Flanigan - Evie-Rayne 10 Months

Product Tested By Emma Flanigan – Evie-Rayne 10 Months

Emma Awarded The Pabobo Super Nomade 4.9/5

My initial impression of this product was it looks cute and of good quality. The packaging was sturdy, not too much to overdo it. The instructions were easy to understand. The quality of the night light is fantastic; very child friendly, not easily breakable and not too over stimulating.  I love the way the light turns on and off; amazing light detection. Evie-Rayne loves this night light. She can sleep with it anywhere and it never overheats. I wouldn’t normally buy night lights as gifts but this one is excellent. I think it offers fantastic value for money although it would be better if it was a little cheaper. This is simple and elegant. You don’t want a stimulating or too bright a light for bed time. If I were to have more children who were boys I would definitely buy another one of these. I would highly recommend it; I loved it. I am very happy with this. I don’t have to worry about fires starting. It’s simple, easy to use, and practical; just what you need! Emma Flanigan – Evie-Rayne 10 Months



Product Tested By Margaret Brennan – Paul 1 Year

Margaret Awarded The Pabobo Super Nomade 5/5

I loved the fact that this product does not need batteries. It is a lovely size suitable for small baby’s hands.  It comes in a nice colourful box with a picture of the product and was very easy to open. It also has a very easy to understand instruction booklet enclosed. There are also instructions printed on the box. This is a very high quality product. There are no sharp edges or anything to hurt a baby. I love the way I do not have to worry about turning it on or off.  Paul could take it to bed with him and got many hours of fun with it. He loves the night light. It is a nice size and shape. It is his favourite toy and he brings it everywhere with him. Paul settles in his cot very quickly talking away to his night light. If he is unsettled during the night he will play with it and soon settles down again.  Before testing it I would have said I would not buy it but after testing it I think it is an excellent toy for any child from birth to about 6 years of age.  Once you have bought it you have no further expenses buying batteries so overall it gives excellent value for money. I think it is perfect in every way. The shapeis very suitable for small hands and it is very easy to grip. The light fascinates any child and keeps them amused. Also no sharp edges to hurt a young baby. My daughter wants one now! She is 5 years old and she also loved it.  I would consider buying one for family or friends who have a new baby as it gives hours of fun and makes babies feel safe and secure. I would definitely recommend it. I could not fault it in any way. It’s excellent value for money and worth its weight in gold for the comfort it gives babies. Margaret Brennan– Paul 1 Year


Product Tested By Claire May – Sophie 13 Months

Claire Awarded The Pabobo Super Nomade 5/5

I really liked the look of this night light. The packaging was simple with plenty of information about the product. The instructions were easy to read and understand. I thought the quality of the night light itself was fantastic. I loved the way it turned on and off.  Sophie absolutely loves this, she takes it everywhere with her. It’s great too because she can hold it herself as not too big and bulky and easy to small hands to hold on to.  She does have a night light that you screw to the wall and have the cable plugged in but this is so much better.  We don’t use that one now.  This is worth every penny; excellent value for money. I would definitely consider buying another one of these. My Sister-in-Law is due in weeks and one of these would make a lovely addition to go into her basket I have been putting together for her. I have already told my friends about it. They think it’s great too.  We loved it here; it’s a great little product that in my opinion beats any night light out there.  Claire May – Sophie 13 Months

I would highly recommend it; I loved it. I am very happy with this. It’s simple, easy to use, and practical; just what you need!                 


Emma Awarded The Pabobo Super Nomade 4.9/5 

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