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Pacapod Napier tote nappy bag

Nappy Bag Features: All bags come as a 3-in-1 organising system, with changer pod, feeder pod and changing mat included in your purchase -Durable Cotton coated canvas print with hardwearing wipe clean finish -Pebble leather trims -Chunky silver hardwear and ribbon labels -Clutch style two tone webbing handle and detachable and adjustable over the shoulder strap that can be worn across the body to distribute weight – 3 parent pockets, one with key fob and mobile dividing pockets, one top pocket full length of bag -Inner cargo hold, which stores the unique feeder and changer pods keeps hygienically separate. Changer Pod includes 5 pockets, separate clothes bag and much more. Padded baby changing mat. Feeder Pod – Fully insulated cool bag, holds up to 4 bottles and keeps warm for up to 3 hours, plus additional detachable insulated bottle cover (perfect for twins too!)

  • Wipe clean inner and phthalates free, tested to EC & BS food standards
  • All 3 bags clip onto the pram handle or can be used on their own
  • Remove pods and can use bag on it’s own, most lap tops fit inside cargo area
  • This is a baby changing bag, cool bag and nappy bag styled as a tote all rolled into one
  • Capacity: 22 Ltr outer bag + 12 Ltr Pods = 34 ltr total

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£80.00 Available to purchase online or click online to find local stockist

Pacapod Napier tote nappy bag Reviews

Product Tested by: Lisa Osborne – Tyler &Stephanie 6 Months & 6 years

Product Tested By Lisa Osborne – Tyler &Stephanie 6 Months & 6 years

Lisa Awarded The Pacapod Napier Change Bag 5/5

If I’m honest I was not too sure when I first saw it, I was keen to give it a go but thought .hmm it’s just achanging bag! I feel that after using it I was proven very wrong!  Really liked the Style of it, I found it felt like a really nice handbag rather than just a changing bag. I liked the fact that it is also designed to be used as a Hand bag and has compartments for me, so I didn’t spend ages trying to search for my purse or phone as it was in its compartment and I did not use my normal Hand bag on Holiday at all.  The quality is fantastic, perfect, easy to wipe clean, and very stylish. It has been all over the place on my holiday and still looks like new! I Love it!  Overall quality again fantastic, inside and out, this really got a good test drive on Holiday and it didn’t fail on a single thing!   I thought the number of compartments was excellent; I liked the fact that it has little labels on the compartment to tell you what to put in each one. As said before I can’t think of anything negative. Detachable changer and feeder pods were excellent!  So helpful. One of the best things about this bag is I now know where everything is, so if my partner needs to get something he will know and so will I exactly where it is, with my old bag I could never find anything! And neither could my partner, now I am fully organised!  Also you can just take the Pod you need out rather than the whole bag!  I thought the sizes was perfect, I read some reviews saying there was not enough room, but soon found that this was due to over packing or not packing correctly, I could fit my son’s two Bottles and his solids and pots, spoon, bib, teething gel and a freezer pack in the feeding pod!. His nappies, Wipes, Cream, Nappy bags and change of clothes in his changer pod with ease! This left the middle compartment for other bits like toys and another change of clothes, of course once the Pods are full then there is less room in the other sections, but if you pack the Pod well you don’t need much more room.  I found that with my other bag I would put so much in it I didn’t need, now I pack what I need and know where it is!  Very versatile bag, summed up above really but one other thing I really liked were the Buggy clips. The bag has two clips that attach to the Buggy, when using the Pod side if you then want to access the other side (Where purse etc. is) you can just unclip the clips and move it to the other side and this turns the bag round! I found this really useful!  Most of the time it was on the buggy, but I found it comfortable to carry both as shoulder bag and with the smaller straps.  This bag has two carry options. One is for the shoulder and the other is to carry in your hands, like a normal handbag, the straps are very well made. They are quite thick and have thicker bits so not to cut into your hands, very comfortable! , I found it excellent, I didn’t even know about Pacapods and not sure if I would have purchased one or not as I really would not have believed how useful they are until I used one, or if maybe someone recommended it to me. But having used one I love it, not only does it feel "Stylish!” it is just what you need and knowing where everything is, is so helpful. The last thing you need when for example your little ones teeth hurt is to be elbow deep in your changing bag trying to find the teething gel! I put it in my feeding pod and that is where it stays. Will certainly continue to use our Pacapod and recommend for Sure!  Already have recommended.  100 percent I cannot think of a single thing about this bag that isn’t good, had I of paid £75 for it I would be very pleased with my purchase.  Would I buy another one should I need it 100percent yes!  I loved this bag, I really enjoyed using it, its Stylish, comfortable, perfect size, and everything you need is where you left it! I will be only too happy to highly recommend this product to friends and family! In fact several of my friends are currently pregnant and I will be advising them to get one!! And maybe if they are lucky letting them have a test drive!! Thank you very much for letting me review this fantastic product!! 10/10!! Lisa Osbo9rne – Tyler & Stephanie 6 Months & 6 years


Product Tested By Natalie Hindle – Connor8 Months

Natalie Awarded The Pacapod Napier Change Bag 4/5

It looks very nice, quite expensive.   I think the style is elegant and easy to carry.  Fabric used seems to be of excellent quality. Overall quality of the bag is very good.   There are quite a few different compartments; it also has smaller compartments to hold mummy items, keys, phone etc., which is good as I don’t tend to bother taking a separate handbag out with me.  At first I thought the detachable pods were an excellent idea, a real usp. However I have found that once the pods are full you can’t fit much into the main bulk of the bag! The pods seem to take up an awful lot of room! Also I’m not sure the changer pod is necessary. Personally I would like just the feeder pod and a larger main section.  At first the bag seems a good size, but as previously mentioned the pods take up so much room that you can actually fit very little in!  It could do with being a little bigger.  I think this is a very versatile bag; however I’m not sure if it is trying to do too much. I have never felt the need to take my laptop out with my baby! I would however like more space in the bag to fit an extra change of baby clothes in though!  It is quite comfortable to carry, although it’s a little bulky.  You can use the carry handles or the shoulder straps, and I used this mainly with shoulder straps.  The quality of this bag is very good, well made and the straps are strong and durable.  As already stated I find the lack of space in the main section of the bag disappointing.  It is often hard work cramming everything in. However the feeder pod is very convenient.  I have been using this when leaving my baby with his grandma as I find the cool box very useful. I will continue using this in this capacity; however I won’t be using it when I go out with baby myself, as I find I cannot fit everything in.  The lack of space is a real issue which probably out weighs the convenience of the cool box.  A decent, versatile change bag which would be excellent if you didn’t take muc hout with you. If like me however you wanted to take a couple of baby toys, change of clothes etc. it simply is not big enough. The best thing about it is the cool box, if you breastfeed you will get very little use out of this however until you start weaning.  It may be just as good to buy a different(more spacious!) change bag, and a small cool box to put in it when needed.  Natalie Hindle – Connor 8 Months


Product Tested By Hayley Kirby – Ryan 24 Months

Hayley Awarded The Pacapod napier Change Bag 4/5

Good idea and smart looking. This is a shoulder bag which fits well onto the buggy using the buggy clips.  The outside of the bag is plastic which means it is easy to keep clean.  The quality of the bag is good and well presented.  It also benefits from lots of deep compartments. The detachable change and feeder pods are a very good idea as keeps everything together and easy to use. Although they do take a lot of room from the bag itself.   A good size bag when the pods are not in the bag.  I have only used this as a changing bag.  Shoulder strap could do with being padded or softer as can cut into you.  This bag offers you the choice of normal carry handles or using the shoulder strap.  The carry handles are good, shoulder strap needs to be softer and the buggy straps do not stay tight.  We will continue to use this bag as good bag to use and would recommend. Good bag, easy to use but a little over priced for what it is.  Hayley Kirby – Ryan 24 Months

had I of paid £75 for it I would be very pleased with my purchase. Would I buy another one should I need it 100percent yes! I loved this bag, I really enjoyed using it, its Stylish, comfortable, perfect size, and everything you need is where you left it! I will be only too happy to highly recommend this product to friends and family!


Lisa Awarded The Pacapod Napier Change Bag 5/5

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