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Pacapod Sequoia Bag

The Sequoia combines beautiful design with stylish glamour, using a lovely combination of leather and jewel like microfibre, the perfect changing bag companion. With the Sequoia faithfully by your side, your secret weapon in style and decorum, everything is perfectly in place just when you need it, leaving you feeling cool, calm and utterly capable. All delivered gift wrapped in a ribbon and organza dust bag for the perfect baby shower gift.

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£140.00 Available to purchase online

Pacapod Sequoia Bag Reviews

Product Tested by: Kerry Abbatt – Riley 19 Months

Tested By Kerry Abbatt – Riley 19 Months

Awarded The PacaPod Sequoia Bag in Mink 5/5

looking changing bag that doesn’t even look like a changing bag. Very impressed
with the different functions and the versatility of the product. Excited to
start using it! Beautifully designed
handbag style changing bag, with a full range of well thought out practical
functions. Fantastic quality that could
be expected of a designer handbag. The overall
quality and practicality of this bag is excellent. Love that the pods have multi-function
with one of them to be used as a toddler back pack. The versatility of these
pods means it’s a bag that would really grow with the child and maintains its
use. A similar size too many designer
handbags making it easily disguisable as just that. The layout of the bag means
you’ll have plenty of space for all your baby essentials plus personal space
for mummy items. This bag really grows
with a child. From newborn to young child.
The rucksack pod is great from toddler age allowing the child to carry
their own snacks and a toy. It’s a great bag for any yummy mummy to be used for
days out with their little ones. As with
all changing bags it can feel quite bulky mainly down to the vast amount of contents
although the straps could do with a bit of padding to aid in comfort. This bag offers you the option of hand straps
and shoulder strap. The extendable shoulder strap is very practical for
allowing to put over a buggy. I felt really proud having the changing bag on my
buggy and received lots of compliments about its style. The bag has a place for
everything and with a toddler it took care of all our needs without having to
take a separate bag for his lunch. I do think the spare clothes compartment
could be a bit small for a newborn/younger baby. Remembering the days of
numerous clothing changes in a few hours! As a breastfeeding mummy this problem
is resolved by being able to use the feeding pod for more supplies/clothing.
However for a formula fed baby this might prove to be a slight issue. As it is, to quote Mary Poppins “practically
perfect in every way”. Although perhaps a slightly padded shoulder strap
although I don’t think this overly necessary as I’ve not seen a mummy carrying
her bag for more than a few feet to the nearest changing cubicle. I love it!!
I’ve already recommended your products to my expectant friends! Fantastic bag! Well worth the higher price as
it has so many uses and will grow with the child well past bottles and nappies! The perfect changing bag for any style
conscious and organised obsessed mummy.Kerry Abbatt – Riley 19 Months

Tested By Natalie Loan – Zachary 7 Months

Awarded The PacaPod Sequoia Bag in Mink 4.2/5

bag is very nicely designed and looks stylish and practical. The pods seem to
be a very useful and unique idea – I really like the idea of being able to
remove them and use them separately if required. Also I like the shoulder strap
as I often like to carry changing bags over my shoulder especially when I’m in
a hurry. I really like the style of the
changing bag – I like the fact that it has both a short strap and a shoulder
strap as I often carry my changing bag on my shoulder if I’m in a hurry. It is
stylish and I really like the separate pods which are removable and can be used
separately. The fabric seems to be hard
wearing and durable. I like the fact that it is the kind of material that wipes
clean quite easily. The stitching seems to be very strong and of good quality. The bag overall seems to be of excellent
quality – the stitching is strong and sound and the material is durable and
thick enough to resist rips and tears. The straps are strong and haven’t frayed
or shown any signs of wear at all. The
detachable pods are an excellent idea and it is very convenient being able to
use them separately – I really like the straps on them which make them like
mini rucksacks! You can also clip them around your pushchair as they have a
very useful clip for this purpose. The
changing pod was very difficult to use as it is supposed to be used as when you
try to fit in everything as suggested in the diagram, it is very awkward (near
on impossible) to fit the baby wipes into the elastic strap and very difficult
to access the compartment at the bottom of the pod. I found that it took a long
time to put everything back in place afterwards and if I was in a hurry, things
often had to be put in the parent section which defeated the object of the
design. The feeding pod was also a little on the small side as I normally take
more than one bottle out with me as well as a pouch of food, spoon and a
feeding bowl – this was a very tight squeeze. The parent pod has useful
features such as a clip for your keys and pockets for your mobile phone etc.
although these can be difficult to access due to the size of the bag – the pods
tend to really eat into the space from the other side. This is where the bag disappointed me. The
pods were so crammed full (and only with items as suggested in the diagrams)
that they made the parent compartment really squashed so there was very limited
room in there. I certainly couldn’t use the pockets or key strap as they were
buried! It is just too small overall which is a real shame as if it was
slightly bigger it would be so practical. This bag could have a tablet computer in the
parent section providing the pods weren’t too full and if the pods were removed
it could be used for a school bag or travel bag. The bag is very comfortable to carry as the
straps don’t dig in and are wide enough to distribute the weight on your
shoulder well. It is also very comfortable to carry by hand due to the soft
straps. The bag can be carried on your
shoulder or by hand. The pods are also mini rucksacks. The straps are nice and soft but also very
strong which is very important for comfort of carrying the bag. I enjoy using the bag when I’m only on short
outings and don’t need much with me but unfortunately it is just too small to
be used as it is designed to be used when out for the day as the pods are too
small and when they are full they make the parent section very squashed so then
the whole bag becomes awkward to use. The
whole bag needs to be made slightly bigger – the pods need more room in them to
be used in the way they are designed – unless you’re using a trial pack of baby
wipes there is no way you will get a full pack to fit into the elastic strap
designed for them for example. I will
use this bag but only for short outings where I don’t need to carry too much
with me. This is a stylish unique
changing bag with a good design idea but unfortunately it needs to be bigger to
be used on a daily basis. Natalie Loan –
Zachary 7 Months

Tested By Sam Allen – Owen 11 Weeks

Awarded The PacaPod Sequoia Bag in Mink 4.5/5

presented in an organza bag. Looks well made, and seems to have a lot of
features but unsure as to whether the £140 price tag is worth it. Very
versatile looking bag as it can be carried different ways due to the adjustable
long strap and shorter more “handbag” style strap. Lovely fabric, very hardwearing and practical
but very stylish. Very good quality but unfortunately I had a faulty strap. It
kept unclasping which meant the bag would fall. This was very quickly rectified
by an email to Pacapod Customer Services who promptly sent a replacement. The detachable pods were brilliant. As a mum
who has school runs etc. they were extremely handy as it meant I didn’t need to
take a large bag with me all the time. I could choose a pod and off we went.
They both attached to the pushchair very easily. The only criticism I would
make is that changing mat stored at the back of the changing pod made it a
little cumbersome, and it wasn’t that easy to get back in and slightly spoiled
the aesthetics of the pod as well. The
feeding pod was very handy when out visiting although the orange insulated
bottle “wrap” was not quite big enough to go round my bottles (Dr Brown’s) so I
ended up using my own insulated bottle bag in the pod. The parent compartments were useful but, if
the pods are in the bag, not necessarily that big. Once additional clothing for
baby was put in the zipped section, there was not much room for anything else.
The key clip and mobile pocket were a god send though as many a time I have
spent ages rooting through my bag trying the find them! A reasonable size that accommodates
everything you need for baby without being over cumbersome. At this point in time I am mainly using the
bag for baby. I have used it once as a travel bag for myself when baby was in
hospital and found that once the pods are removed there is ample room for
everything I needed. It is also a nice
feeling knowing that no one would have known that it was a changing/feeding bag
foremost and a travel bag second! The
bag was very easy to carry, even when full of the baby’s things it never felt too
heavy or pulled on my shoulder when using the shoulder strap. It was also very
easy to carry using the “handbag” style strap.
Very versatile in that it can be carried as an over the shoulder bag and
carried by a handle like a normal handbag. It also comes with Velcro safety
straps so that it cannot be taken off your pushchair easily (thwarting any
unwanted people wondering off with your bag). Straps were very good. Very
sturdy without being too wide. The shorter handle was quite comfortable on the
hand. Although sometime the shorter handle got in the way when trying to put
things into the zipped compartment. I
really do like this bag. I have found that overall it has made taking my baby
out so much easier (especially when I have my 4 year old with us). Plus you do
get a lot of comments on how lovely the bag is. As mentioned before the shorted
strap can get in the way when using the zipped compartment. The changing mat
could be integrated into the changing pod a little better. Also a better
insulated “wrap” in the feeding pod would be beneficial allowing for the
variety of bottle sizes. Our bottles have travel caps so somewhere to store the
teats would be good such as a little compartment. I will continue to use it as despite my
little niggles I find it very useful and versatile. I would recommend if they wish to invest
£140.00. I have only not given this a 5
because of my little niggles with it. It is a brilliant concept and very
practical. A highly versatile stylish bag that you just won’t want to
leave home without. Sam Allen – Owen 11




I love it!! I’ve already recommended your products to my expectant friends! Fantastic bag! Well worth the higher price as it has so many uses and will grow with the child well past bottles and nappies! The perfect changing bag for any style conscious and organised obsessed mummy.


Kerry Awarded The PacaPod Sequoia Bag in Mink 5/5

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