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PACHEE STORE Beltbackpack

Pachee’s original dual Beltbackpack is a stylish combination of the traditional backpack with a detachable belt bag; the perfect accompaniment to our patch collection. This bold block colour bag is designed to stand out from the crowd, it is reliable, comfortable to wear and boasts top of the range practical features, making it the ideal bag for all sorts of activities.

The belt for the beltbag is included and can be found inside the beltbag istelf.

Available in purple, green, blue or yellow

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Price £40.00 Available online

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PACHEE STORE Beltbackpack Reviews

Product Tested By Kelly Bancroft – Alfie 8 Years – Daughter 5 Years

Kelly Awarded The PACHEE Beltpack 4.4/5

It was very well made and good quality, looked like something we would enjoy using. I like the design, however, having the option of patterns may make it more fun. Alfie found easy enough to use, struggled a little with clips when reattaching the belt bag. I like the idea but we have lost the strap that attaches to the belt bag a few times as the kids don’t keep it all together. I like the fact it makes a smaller bag too but would rarely have any need to detach the smaller bag when out and about to be honest so really just use the 2 as separate items. This is very well made and soft and feels comfortable to wear the padded back panel is great and means whatever you put in it doesn’t dig in your back. It has plenty of compartments and the inner pouch is helpful for things that need to be kept flat. It was a little small for school as once he has all his books in it is pretty full. The belt bag was easy to use just the straps were a little tricky. We used the belt bag mainly for out and about and when visiting family. This is OK for school, a little small as they get older, would be fine for my 5 year old and the amount of bits she has to take to school, also I would detach the belt bag for school and keep the straps at home as it is very unlikely any of the bits would ever be seen again if they went to school! I like it for woodland walks and holidays, however, the belt pack becomes surplus to requirements when on a walk as I can’t think of any reason you would want to detach and use it separately. This was used about 10 times for various things. Mostly used this when out and about. They liked the fact it was very comfortable to wear. I like the fact it is well made and I assume can go in the washing machine when it gets dirty. This is a very high quality product. It is quite expensive as rucksacks go, while it is durable I think it would get dirty pretty quickly given the fabric is not wipe clean so not sure how long it would last. I would consider purchasing it once I have understood more about how long it would stay clean for and not get stained. I really like the iron on patches idea, really nice way to make a unique bag. I would recommend as I like the concept and the quality makes it stand out – would make a nice gift. This is very good quality and comfortable – still figuring out when we use the extra belt bag but a nice to option to have. Kelly Bancroft – Alfie 8 Years – Daughter 5 Years

Product Tested By Juliette Marshall – Elisa 7 Years

Juliette Awarded The PACHEE Beltpack 4.7/5

This looked bright, colourful and liked it was made of eco-cotton canvas. Also looked extremely high quality. We liked the design, great compartments and the belt bag a good accessory to have. Elisa had no trouble using his backpack. The belt bag was a good idea as Elisa would keep her purse and other valuables in this and can be kept attached to the backpack or use independently. This is so comfortable for Elisa and all down to design and the padded back panel. She never complained this dug in and felt comfortable using this no matter what she put in the backpack. This has all the compartments she needed to put in everything for school. The belt bag was great and she would use this when going out with family and friends for day at park to keep her purse and other things safe and to hand. This is an ideal backpack for school use and Elisa just loves hers now. This backpack is so comfortable for Elisa to wear and this has been used as school bag, taken on holiday with us and we also take it with us for long country walks and visits to the coast as we live near the sea. She loved collecting items she finds and putting in her backpack. This has been used daily since it arrived. Mostly used a her school bag. Elisa loved how she could store everything she needed for school and so comfortable to wear. I liked the design and how well it is made. The quality is excellent and will last a long time. On value I was shocked at the price, but now we have used this regularly and compared to my other children’s backpacks this will survive long term usage. In the past I was always buying replacement backpacks for my older children but this one will definitely last for a few years to come so it is good value. I would definitely buy as a gift. This has been used so much and I have popped it in the washing machine and it has come up as good as new. I really love the idea of the patches as not only rewards your child for an achievement it also makes it unique and personal to them. We will be buying some of the patches for sure. I would recommend for the design, the quality and the fact it will last so they would not be replacing backpack each year. My daughter has enjoyed using this backpack and all it has to offer and with the added bonus of the unique patches it will be always be her very own unique backpack which she loves. Also love the bright colours available in, but would like to see more vibrant designs available. My daughter loved this and now uses every day. Juliette Marshall – Elisa 7 Years

Product Tested by Claire Humphreys – Archie 3 Years

Claire Awarded The PACHEE Beltpack 4/5

When this arrived looked large and good quality item. I think the design was good. My son did need some help with some of the catches but understandable at his current age. The backpack was good but the strap on the belt bag is currently goo big for my son, but I am sure it will be useful as he gets older. My son found the backpack easy to use and super padding. This has all the compartments needed for nursery, out and about and holiday. A good design utilising section for storage. I do agree good in terms of design for a school bag and when out and about and on long walks as can collect items and put in compartments o bring back home. I liked the fact it had good storage compartments especially for woodland walks. Good quality and all stitching and materials very high quality. Time will tell on the durability, and to be honest most children may like to choose a new design more frequently than that, especially as they are a very plain design. I would buy this backpack. I like the idea of the iron-on woven reward patches as really nice idea but I feel they are too highly priced. I would recommend if they are looking for a high quality backpack that will last. This is a very sturdy backpack and we have not had use of the detachable section but will as my son gets older and good potential. Claire Humphreys – Archie 3 Years

I really like the iron on patches idea, really nice way to make a unique bag. I would recommend as I like the concept and the quality makes it stand out – would make a nice gift. This is very good quality and comfortable


Kelly Awarded The PACHEE Beltpack 4.4/5

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