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Pacific Baby Bottle

Pacific Baby’s range of bottles are unique in the infant feeding category and are the first thermal baby bottles on the market on the UK.The vacuum sealed stainless steel bottles keep liquids warm or cold for up to ten hours, making them an essential for busy families on the go.What’s even better is, these bright and functional bottles transform 3 ways, from a baby feeding bottle into a sip cup and then a drinking bottle, giving them a lifespan of five years plus! When you are out and about, you may not always have access to a recently boiled kettle. These thermal baby bottles enable you to keep warm sterilised water sealed in the bottle and mix the formula at feed time. There is no need to weigh down your changing bag with extra thermos flasks or bottle warmers.Stainless steel is naturally anti-bacterial as it does not scratch in the same way as plastic. The bottles are therefore ideal for keeping water, milk, or juice cold when you are out and about as your baby grows up.  

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£17.50 4oz or £19.95 7oz Available to purchase online Amazon and

Pacific Baby Bottle Reviews

Product Tested by: Tracy Smith – Jacob 1 Year

Product Tested By Tracy Smith – Jacob 1 Year

Tracy Awarded The Pacific Baby Bottle 4.5/5

I loved the design of the product.It was very eye catching. I was a little unsure of the lid as it seemed to come off very easily.The information on the packaging was very good. It answered all of the questions I would have and more. The bottle itself was excellent quality. I was a little disappointed that the lid came off so easily as it did not seem to ‘click’ on. I had no problems at all reading the measuring gauge when I was filling the bottles. These bottles are very easy to fill. Jacob tends to hold the bottle himself now and he had no problems doing so with this bottle.  I loved that you are able to purchase extra items for the bottle such as different spouts and handles – so much better than my other bottles which became redundant. This is extremely easy to assemble and take apart. Easy enough to clean just use bottle brush. I was a little concerned the lid would come off and cause a leak but this didn’t happen. We used this on a very hot day to keep a drink cold for Jacob and it worked brilliantly. Whilst a bit more expensive than some bottles the fact you can adapt it for using as baby gets older makes it good value. Design suggestion, making the lid a bit of a better fit so it doesn’t fall off in a bag.  I will continue to use this bottle. I have already recommended it to other Mums as it can be used longer than other bottles if you purchase the other attachments. A great product that helps to solve the problem of keeping drinks hot/cold. Versatile as well due to the added functions (handles/spouts). A great product that works as beautifully as it looks. Tracy Smith – Jacob 1 Year


Product Tested By Sarah Grannan – Albert 5 Months

Sarah Awarded The Pacific BabyBottle 3.6/5

Looked good but didn’t really want to use it at home- looked more like something you would only take out with you. There was a lot of information about the product and it was packaged well. The quality of the product is very high. The measuring gauge wasn’t too bad, but the normal clear bottles are much easier. The bottle was very easy to fill. As comfortable as any other bottles I’ve used to hold and use. This is very easy to assemble and disassemble. Needed long brush to clean this bottle, but this is standard!! Also, I do like to use a microwave sterilizer so this is a bit of a pain. Occasionally leaked, but only when I didn’t tighten it properly!! Did keep milk hot. It wasn’t too hot but then I kept it in there for most of day and used it at the last feed. I can’t say that I would spend this sort of money on a feeding bottle, especially as the normal plastic ones stay pretty warm and we would need more than one bottle at a time. I looked at the accessories to see if I could use it for both children but to be honest, at these prices I would expect all of the spouts for older children to come with it. My baby is mixed fed, would be good to have the option to have a larger teat as baby found it difficult to latch onto at times. We like the Tommee Tippee ones. Although the product looks good and does keep milk warmer for longer, I wouldn’t consider the product to be a baby must have. Sarah Grannan – Albert 5 Months


Product Tested By Tracy Laird – Andrew 7 Months

Tracy Awarded The Pacific Baby Bottle 5/5

My initial impression is its genius! I love the whole idea of a flask for a baby to keep milk warm or juice cool. It’s great! The first thing I noticed about the packaging and its contents was the amount of information that is given about the bottle; I cannot think of anymore that would be needed. Quality of this bottle is also great! The lid for example is so easy to take off and put on; it just glides, but also stays on when required! I have had a few problems with the lids on the other bottles that I use as they are sometimes really hard to get off, if not hard to get off then they don’t ever seem to stay on. It is easy to read the gauge and the whole idea of the ridged numbers is a great idea, the only downfall would be that sometimes I had to turn myself to a different light (away from shadows) to read the numbers easier. But in all I think it’s been done very well. Very easy to fill this bottle. For me feeding my baby it’s very comfortable to hold. The bottle is neither too big or too small making it perfect for holding, although it may be made a little more difficult for someone with smaller hands. I wasn’t given any extra benefits with the pack but I cannot fault what I was given. Very easy to assemble and dissemble, absolutely everything about this product goes so smoothly. It really is very easy to clean. Because of the shape of the bottle absolutely any bottle brush is perfect for cleaning it. I have used this bottle a lot and not once has this bottle leaked in the bag. This bottle kept my babies milk/ juice at the exact temperature in which I first poured it at. This is an excellent bottle with a very lovely design and also choice of design. The whole idea of the thermal bottle for a baby is, as I said, genius! £19.95 is a bit highly priced, considering that this is a baby bottle it just seems so pricey for one bottle. I absolutely love the fact that these bottles are designed so differently to any other baby bottle found on the market today. I don’t think I will ever stop using this bottle, its brilliant! And my son has reflux and has bother drinking from a lot of bottles but not once has he ever had any bother with this bottle. I already have recommended and I have been telling all my mummy friends about this, they all seem to love the idea of it as much as me.  I can only hope that they listen to my advice and invest in one of their own. I find it very hard to find any fault with this bottle! I absolutely love it. I cannot say enough how great this bottle is, I am always out and about with my little one and this bottle has come in handy so many times for us. Love, love, love it!! I highly recommend anyone and everyone to try this bottle, yes, it may seem a bit pricey for a baby bottle BUT I can assure anyone that it’s worth it! Definitely the best newer baby product I have ever used, so happy I was asked to test this bottle. Tracy Laird – Andrew 7 Months


A great product that helps to solve the problem of keeping drinks hot/cold. Versatile as well due to the added functions (handles/spouts). A great product that works as beautifully as it looks.     .


Tracy Awarded The Pacific Baby Bottle 4.5/5     


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