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The PaciGrip is a universal soother holder that is compatible with all types of soothers including BooginHead’s BPA Free Soothers.Great for keeping track of small toys too.PaciGrip is a simple design that simply works!Features:Washable, durable and non-toxicMatching SippiGrip patterns availableStrong clasp that won’t pull off but is gentle on clothes

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£2.99 Available to purchase online

PaciGrip Reviews

Product Tested by: Vanessa Watson-Humphreys – Finley 18 Months


Product Tested By Vanessa Watson-Humphreys – Finley 18 Months

Vanessa Awarded The Baby & More Pacigrip 5/5

I thought this looked fantastic. It came in minimal packaging which is recyclable. The instructions were clear and simple with diagrams. At first I was sceptical but it held my babies soother 100% securely. It held in place on his clothing until I removed it myself, left slight marking on clothing but this came out. It has the right length strap so he was able to easily locate his dummy when he wanted. The strap was good quality, and strong, I was very pleased. It offers excellent value for money, the strap seems long lasting, washable and with an effective clasp too. I would 100% buy this and would recommend it to others. This is fantastic value for money, and works, and you have no lost dummies. Vanessa Watson-Humphreys – Finley 18 Months

Product Tested By Anna Hartley – Amelia 4 Months

Anna Awarded The Baby & More Pacigrip 4.7/5

This is good quality, well made, and was a nice bright colour. The method of looping the cord through the dummy meant it was held securely, and could be used on any type of dummy either with or without a handle. The grip to attach to clothing was very secure. I was worried it would be uncomfortable where the cord was attached but it did not appear to cause any problems. The quality of this product is very good. I would have expected this to have a RRP higher than £2.99 so value for money is excellent. I would definitely consider buying this product and recommend it to family and friends. It is easy to use with any type of dummy, and keeps hold of dummies securely. Anna Hartley – Amelia 4 Months

Product Tested By Eve Jones – Oliver 12 Months

Eve Awarded The Baby & More Pacigrip 5/5

I was really pleased with this product as it’s a bit shorter than others I’ve had, which I prefer plus it can be washed. It was excellent and very secure when attached to his dummy. It fits perfectly onto clothes and doesn’t come off too easily. Oliver was easily able to reach the dummy when it was attached too. I was a little sceptical about it being material but it has proved very durable. Definitely worth every penny, good value for money. I would buy another one for sure and I would definitely recommend to others. This was actually better than 4 other kinds of dummy clips I’ve tried over the past 3 years. Really pleased with the Pacigrip, it’s done exactly what it’s made to do and has been far easier to use than others I’ve purchased in the past. I will be getting some more in different colours! Eve Jones – Oliver 12 Months

Product Tested By Kimberley Cave – Archie 4 Months

Kimberley Awarded The Baby & More Pacigrip 5/5

Looks like an easy to use child friendly product. This product was easy to understand all so very easy to open too. Instructions were very easy to understand and not complicated at all. This product is the best I’ve ever tried; it was very secure and held the dummy brilliant. The other end attached securely onto his clothes; even when pulled it still did not release. It did not get in the way of the dummy at all neither did the dummy handle stick up in the air as I’ve had that trouble in the past with different dummy grips. Brilliant quality very well made. Brilliant value for money I would definitely buy more. I would recommend it to everyone. I think it’s an easy to use stress free dummy holder; it doesn’t detach itself from baby’s clothes as it’s so strong; its fab. Kimberley Cave – Archie 4 Months

Product Tested By Melanie Phillips – Oscar 3

Melanie Awarded The Baby & More Pacigrip 4.9/5

This product looks good, great colours and easy to use. Packaging was just a basic bag which is all it needs to be fair. Again simple instructions, which are all that’s needed for this particular item; easy to understand. It held his dummy very well; just a simple loop that goes through the dummy’s loop. It’s proved to be more secure than the dummy clips I currently use. The clip has a firmer grip than other dummy clips I’ve used and he has been able to pull them off. This one is very secure. He’s was still able to use the dummy while it was attached, although I did think that the strap was a bit short (compared to other dummy clips I’ve used) so it had to be clipped higher up on his clothes for him to be able to reach it to his mouth ok. The quality is very strong and sturdy and very well made. It is definitely value for money. I’ve paid more for dummy clips that don’t work as well as this one. The clip that attaches to my sons clothes I felt was a bit stiff at times, but maybe that’s why it’s such a good grip on it. Also even though it states it doesn’t mark your clothes I have noticed it does leave ‘dents’ in some items of clothing as the grip is teeth like, it concerns me that over time and continual use it might end up damaging his clothes. Overall though, I have been very happy with this product. I have already recommended it to others as I have lots of friends with babies having similar problems of losing dummies even when using a dummy clip. It is a great and handy product that has definitely saved my son losing his dummy. I would highly recommend. Melanie Phillips – Oscar 3

I would 100% buy this and would recommend it to others. This is fantastic value for money, and works, and you have no lost dummies.


Vanessa Awarded The Baby & More Pacigrip 5/5

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