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Paintbrush Peg

The PAINTBRUSH PEG was the idea of professional decorater Richard Southgate who like most of us used to balance his paintbrush across the top of the tin and with the slightest knock the brush would fall in. Or like me using the newspaper which you may or may not have even read and then laying the brush on it only to find after making a cup of tea the paper has stuck to the brush.

So the problem exists and Richard came to us with the idea and we set about making the PAINTBRUSH PEG. We have designed the PAINTBRUSH PEG so that you will get a quality product but also value for money in that when you are not using it for painting you can use it in other areas around the house.

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£4.99 available to purchase online

Paintbrush Peg Reviews

Product Tested by: Sarah Flannagan

Product Tested By Sarah Flannagan

Sarah Awarded The Paint Brush Peg 4.6/5

Good, smart product. Useful and practical.  Packaging is not bulky meaning less plastic waste.  Instructions clear and simple to follow.  Shape and size fine and fits into the paint tin well.  The magnet does make storing paint brush easier.  I was always dropping my brush or knocking it before but this stopped that.  Quality is very good and nice little product.  We don’t paint that often so at nearly £5 I’m not sure I would pay that price.  After using this item I would consider buying it as will last and would recommend and neat little gadget to have handy when decorating. Easy to use, no mess no fuss. Gets the job done.  Sarah Flannagan


Product Tested By Anna Helm

Anna Awarded The Paint Brush Peg 4/5

Great idea and looks easy to use. Nice clear, simple packaging. Not the easiest to get into, but nothing a pair of scissors can’t do.  Instructions nice and clear and very straightforward. Perfect size for all standard paintbrushes and for a variety of paint tins.  The magnet on this does help storing paint brush easier when painting,  but if in a rush to get your paint brush down, pick it up it was a concern that the paint tin could get knocked over, but it did not whilst testing.   Quality as good as it gets. Obviously something this cheap is never going to be made out of gold. Yes this does offer good value for money.   It’s a really handy little tool for when you are doing a lot of renovating/painting.  Would I purchase this item? This is a tough question as I don’t think you would need more than one, so I have no need to buy one not after testing, and I wouldn’t buy one for just doing a single wall of paint for example.  But having said this I am very happy with this product after testing and with hindsight would buy one.  Yes I would recommend to relevant family who I think would benefit from a handy tool like this.  Really handy little tool of the trade, perfect for the avid decorator/painter. Worth the money to save you time cleaning up paint off floor or peeling your paint brush off newspaper which can be a real pain when trying to get a great finish with your paint. I would recommend this product happily.  AnnaHelm


Product Tested By Katrina Clover

Katrina Awarded The Paint Brush Peg 3.5/5

Looks well made – simple easy to read packaging. Packaging was simple and not over packaged. Instructions were clear and simple though the product is pretty self-explanatory.  Size was fine for the brush we used. The magnet did make storing paint brush easier but I never really found storing a paint brush a problem before.  This item is very well made and it is not expensive and will last.  Personally this is not an item I would purchase as I don’t really have a problem storing a paint brush when painting.  It is a well-made product but I am just not sure it is really needed or that storing a paintbrush is a major problem to justify buying one.   Katrina Clover


Easy to use, no mess no fuss. Gets the job done. 


Sarah Awarded The Paint Brush Peg 4.6/5

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