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Papercraft Sweet Boutique

Choose an outfit from this set’s 100 clothing pieces, colour in the pieces, dress the paper dolls and then set up a chic boutique ready for pretend play fun. Ideal for children aged 3+, this paper dolls craft kit contains 3 double-sided paper dolls and 100 clothing pieces ready for creative play. The reusable sticky backs mean the clothing can be removed and replaced again and again and won’t leave a sticky residue.

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Papercraft Sweet Boutique Reviews

Product Tested By Chloe Bourne – Teela 3 Years

Chloe Awarded The Papercraft Sweet Boutique 5/5

I thought it was a bit small, but brightly coloured. I thought it was great being cardboard and not paper.  Instructions were very easy to follow. My daughter loved colouring in the fashion pieces.  Was great for her to be able to use her imagination with colours. The sticky back dolls clothing were easy to use and she could do it herself. Once it all went together and she created her boutique playset she played for ages. This kept her entertained for hours. Was great once you had finished playing with this all went in box s you knew where it all was. My daughter would play with this once a day and she still does. Always played with this at home. My daughter loved being able to change the outfits.  I loved that it kept her entertained and also we could do it together. I think the age suitability is spot on, any younger and they wouldn’t have the concept of colouring in and changing the outfits. A little expensive but worth the money when you put it all together. Usually they are made of paper so getting cardboard one made it last longer. I already have purchased for a birthday gift for my 4 year old niece. I would recommend and already have. A bit expensive but the quality was great, liked the fact you could colour your own and change outfits. And pack it all in the box ready for next time. Chloe Bourne – Teela 3 Years

Product Tested By Katy Symon – Georgie 3 Years

Katy Awarded The Papercraft Sweet Boutique 5/5

Well packaged and inviting colours for my daughter to want to play with it. I like the concept of it being made with paper and using the box as part of the probs which is good for the environment. It comes with plenty of blank clothing pieces which my daughter enjoyed colouring in. Very easy to use, minimum age 3 years, can be used for an older child with more colouring detail however saying that my 3 year old daughter did manage to colour in the lines. My daughter loves the concept of sticker dolly’s and this was a great item to add to her collection, she especially liked that the dolls could be stood up to play with as well. All the pieces were very easy to use for a toddler and she managed to stick them on well.  Using  the box as part of the play set was what we thought the best part of it to use as a shop back ground, great for role play and creative play. This did keep my daughter entertained.  She was able to colour In The clothing pieces for quite a long time and able to keep getting it out and reusing it, we especially liked to take it out with us to do when out in cafes waiting for our food to help keep her entertained. Having the box as part of it helped when we was out and about to keep everything safely together.  This was played with most days. Mostly played with to help keep her entertained when in the car or out and about in cafes. My daughter loves the colouring in to design her own clothing a different concept to sticker dolly play. I loved the fact it kept my toddler entertained for so long with imaginative play, I could hear her talking to the dolls as though they were real little people socialising with each other. I was a bit unsure at first thought it would be more appropriate for an older child to design the clothing however at 3 she was able to colour in block colours and within the lines so she thoroughly enjoyed it. The price is reasonable and was used for quite a while which is cost effective. Very well made with strong cardboard and the stick on clothing stuck on well to the play pieces. I would buy it and would look forward to any other themed boxes like this from the same company in future. I would recommend as a great toy to keep the kids entertained. We enjoyed playing with this together, both Georgie and me helped each other colour in the clothing pieces and it also kept my daughter entertained on her own if I needed to get jobs done around the house, I felt confident that she could just play with them quietly and happily. The pieces were well made and lasted a very long time which is very cost effective from traditional sticker dolly books. We both look forward to any other types of these products from the company in future. Katy Symon – Georgie 3 Years

Product Tested By Rachel Duxbury – Marcie and Eva – 6 & 9 Years

Rachel Awarded The Papercraft Sweet Boutique 4/5

Neat packaging, colourful box which is inviting to look at. I like it, it reminds me of similar products that I had when I was a child but with a more modern twist! There was no instruction paper in the box but the front of the box did tell you what to do so as long as you see this it is easy to figure out. This product was given to my 6 year old but both her and her 9 year old sister really enjoyed colouring int the stickers and making their own designs. The fashion pieces  are easy to use once you have peeled one or two, but as the paper is thicker we initially tried to peel more as we thought we had more than one sticker. The stickers are also not completely sticky so it is a little tricky making sure that they are stuck to the dolls securely. My daughter enjoyed the role play element in addition to the initial colouring in. This did keep my daughter entertained.  She spent time colouring her own designs, choosing which doll to dress and which accessories to use. She then decorated the boutique box with the additional pieces before acting out a scene. It is very easy and secure to pack everything into the box. She played with it multiple times as she enjoyed that she could make more outfits for the dolls. This was played with at home. She really enjoyed the colouring in, I think it was made easy by having outfits already drawn out which she could then add her own designs to. I like that there are multiple stickers so it can be used again and again. Age suitability good as my daughter is 6 and really enjoyed playing with this. It may be a little tricky for younger children. My 9 year old also enjoyed the designing aspect. It is probably more than I would usually pay for a similar product but you can tell it is well made. The only downside of this was the lack of stickiness on the outfit stickers. I understand they can’t be overly sticky as they are reusable but the overall look was spoilt a little when the corners and sides would not stick. My daughter really enjoyed playing with it so I would consider buying it. I would recommend as we like the idea, although I would probably warn them about the lack of stickiness. The only reason it has not been given a 5 is due to the stickiness on the outfits. The item came neatly packaged in a sturdy box which was appealing to look at and immediately gained the interest of my daughter. Everything is set out nicely inside and the pieces are of good quality so I can see that it will last, providing children do not bend the pieces. My daughter immediately wanted to colour her own design which she had lots of fun doing, and her older sister also wanted to join in. Between them, they made several designs and gave the dolls (and pets) clothes and accessories. the only downside was that the sticky clothes stickers were not very sticky and so the edges and some of the sides were left curled or hanging off the doll. It didn’t phase my daughter though and she really enjoyed playing with this overall. Rachel Duxbury – Marcie and Eva – 6 & 9 Years

I already have purchased for a birthday gift for my 4 year old niece. I would recommend and already have. The quality was great, liked the fact you could colour your own and change outfits. And pack it all in the box ready for next time.


Chloe Awarded The Papercraft Sweet Boutique 5/5

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