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PaperPod Fort

With its drawbridge and four turrets the fort can be defended against invaders for days. Then folded away ready for the next attack!

Flat Pack Size: 69.5 x 36 x 4.4cm
Assembled Size: 70 x 70 x 35cm
Weight per unit: 1.8 kg

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PaperPod Fort Reviews

Product Tested by: Kerry Baldwin – Cameron 4 Years

Product Tested By Kerry Baldwin – Cameron 4 Years

Kerry Awarded the Paperpod Fort 4/5

I was really intrigued as to how this would work. I had seen them on the internet and they looked fab and eco-friendly too. Cameron got to test the fort which came in a flat pack so not a lot of packaging at all. This item can be taken apart and put away easily with no big boxes hanging around the house. The instructions were basic. There were a few extra pieces that were not on the instructions so not sure if I should keep them or if they are to be thrown. I was stuck on the first long panel but as soon as I did that one, the rest was easy to put up. I was really surprised at how strong the Fort was once put up. Cameron has used his soldiers, his Hulk figures and has also converted it into a Garage for his cars and still looks good. The size of it is ideal as when he is finished playing I stand it on its side and place it down the side of our dining table. You can take it apart easily but I just leave it assembled. At first I didn’t think he would play with it that much but I was wrong. He has used it for many different types of role-play and his sister has played with it too.  When Cameron first saw the Fort set up he said WOW mommy can I play with it? The quality is basic yet really good and hardwearing, I am impressed. I think it’s a little overpriced just because it’s so basic. The product comes plain and can be decorated by your child but that would be an extra cost as these are not supplied. The price would put me off buying it but if I knew that Cameron played with it the way he does then yes I would. That’s the great thing about reading reviews first. I have recommended this product because of the use it’s had with Cameron. They have some really good products available that I know friends little ones would love. Cameron loved playing with it and both he and his sister have had loads of fun decorating it! Kerry Baldwin – Cameron 4 Years

Product Tested By Joanne Studholme – Sam & Baby Harry 3 Years & 18 Months

Joanne Awarded the Paperpod Fort 3.8/5

My first impression of the product was good. I thought the packaging was perfect, fully recyclable which is great! I found putting the Paperpod more difficult to put together than I anticipated. A few parts of it ended up bent because it was rather difficult to get the bits to slot together. But once it was assembled, the fort looked great, we all loved the drawbridges! Sam loved playing with the fort, as did Harry. Sam played with it for hours. Harry lost interest fairly quickly but I think that is down to age recommendation and not a general fault of the product. Sam was very excited and loved the constructing as much as they final ‘playability’! A fabulous idea and a great concept, although I am not sure how long it will last. We all loved the fort and would definitely recommend it but I feel it is better suited for older children. I would not buy one for Sam at this age because it can be destroyed too quickly but when Sam gets older I might because it would be better value for money! Joanne Studholme – Sam & Baby Harry 3 Year & 18 Months

Product Tested By Lisa Fairley – Luke & Baby Louis 6 Years & 22 Months

Lisa Awarded the Paperpod Fort 3/5

I thought it looked like a great idea… was a bit worried about how long it would last with it being made out of cardboard. Some of the product available from Paperpod look amazing and great fun for the kids… I especially like the idea of the tents and things. The instructions were pretty straight forward but think there could have been a little written information as there were just pictures and I got stuck at one point. I thought it was really fiddly and hard to fold at points because the cardboard has rough edges. The product was quite sturdy… well as sturdy as cardboard can be.The overall size of the product was quite large and filled the space in my living room once built. My kids enjoyed it for a little while but then again my kids are not into forts and soldiers… had they been I think they would have got hours of fun out of the product. They used it for their cars and then ended up colouring it in. I think if my kids were interested in soldiers and things this would have been a good product but they used it to put there cars in and soon got bored of it… they ended up drawing on it and colouring in the cardboard and it ended just being put in the corner and they didn’t really play with it. Lisa Fairley – Luke & Baby Louis 6 Years & 22 Months

When Cameron first saw the Fort set up he said WOW mommy can I play with it?


Kerry Awarded the Paperpod Fort 4/5

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