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Pass!!™ Soccer is a NEW! and UNIQUE! game played alongside a live soccer game on TV. Pass!!™ enhances the viewing spectacle with a laughter packed interactive game that is so much fun to play!.. and remember it’s important to concentrate on the match whilst playing!! Played at parties or by groups of friends and family. Play it at home or at a big screen location (we know of some who actually play the game at the stadium itself!!) Superb value at only £14.99 and makes a fabulous gift!

2011 Testimonial
“We played this game for the first time during the recent charity shield between Man United and City…it was quite simply hilarious!! There were seven of us including three girlfriends who normally wouldn’t have watched the game but loved it because of Pass!!..Can’t wait for more footie get-togethers!”
James – Wigan, UK

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Pass Game Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Fiona Cowie – Kaydee & Lexi Ages 1 & 1 ½ Years

Fiona Awarded the Pass Game 4/5

Looks good fun, not ideal for my children being girls and 2 and under but overall looked promising as the packaging was bright and colourful. Easy enough to play, when young children involved you don’t need to stick to proper instruction, we adapted rules to suit ourselves. My children are far too young to follow this game but older children would love it. My 2 year old preferred to play with the football kicking it about or using it as a purse! My youngest just tried to eat it.  It is ages 3 and up so both my children below this, my oldest was ok but had to keep my youngest away as she was trying to eat the counters. For the correct age it is ideal. This game is great for adults or older children. Again my children are young so could only play for a short time. For adults it is great fun for an evening in. passing the ball was greatly enjoyed by both children and she loved opening it to see what was inside. I was not impressed, it is not my kind of game but great thinking behind it to get the whole family. My daughter loved the whistle and thinking she was the referee and in charge. Overall, Great fun game for getting the family together! Fiona Cowie – Kaydee & Lexi Ages 1 & 1 ½ Years

Product Tested By Graham Doyle – William, Charlie & Jamie Aged 9, 11 & 13 Years

Graham Awarded The Pass Game 5/5

Football is our passion so this was the perfect game for us to test.  Packaging good, game includes set of rules, kit bag, whistle, armband, soft leather ball with zipped opening, cards and tokens for prizes.  It was a great way to get everyone round and involved in the game.  Even my wife enjoyed joining in the fun and watching the match!  Ideal for all of us.  We also found it good fun for just us adults.  You have tokens to pass inside the ball, but you can add your own extra little gifts, or sweets for the younger members of the family.  You appoint a referee to keep order!  We used it when watching our favourite team playing.  Just follow the rules and you will find you are having great fun Passing the ball and just enjoying a great family game.   We even just used the game at a recent party and we were in hysterics.  Good quality, great interactive game and well worth the money.  Thumbs up from all of us even the wife.  Graham Doyle – William, Charlie & Jamie Aged 9, 11 & 13 Years.

Product Tested By Jeanette Long – Craig & Angela – 10 & 14 Years.

Jeanetter Awarded The Pass Game 4/5

Interesting.  I am not a football fan and Craig is into his Rugby but Angela a keen follower of football.  So a mixed bag in this family and was interested to give this game a try out.  The game comes complete with lots of bits and bobs and the whistle is superb in keeping people in check. Give them an armband and a whistle and they take control.  The box also contains full set of instructions which outline the concept of the game and are very easy to understand and follow. We really liked the idea of having reward tokens in the ball that you pass and I must admit we ended up putting sweets in sometimes and was great fun.  Got all the family together and we did have a laugh.  Angela and my husband have played this together when watching footie on the TV with friends and you could hear them laughing away.  I was not sure about this game at first but certainly gets everyone together and a good game for all the family.  Maybe not for toddlers but for all of us it has been an eye opener.  Would make a great present and good design and concept.  Price is reasonable and have already suggested to friends.  Jeanette Long – Craig & Angela – 10 & 14 Years. 

My daughter loved the whistle and thinking she was the referee and in charge. Overall, Great fun game for getting the family together!


Fiona Awarded the Pass Game 4/5

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