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PastelPrint Fingerprint Charm

PastelPrint Fingerprint charms – Shapes: Oval, round, square, flower, heart, teardrop, star, teardrop, leaf –APPROX 15MM DEPENDING ON SHAPE, 2mm thick
These charms are perfect for children’s necklaces (christening gifts) or for multiple charms on a charm bracelet. This is also the perfect size to put on a mobile phone tag or necklace – especially if you wish to have descending sizes on the necklace (i.e. a small and a regular). Please be aware that due to the size of them, some shapes may not be suitable for large fingerprints and most of them are really only suitable for newborn and children under 2 yrs. Short names can be added if space permits – the round, square and oval shapes will take longer names and larger fingerprints.

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PastelPrint Fingerprint Charm Reviews

Product Tested by: Amanda Williams – Baby Tia 3 Months

Product Tested By Amanda Williams – Baby Tia 3 Months

Amanda Awarded The PastelPrint Fingerprint  Charm 5/5

Couldn’t wait to play with the putty.  Website is easy to use and has a good selection of items to choose from.  Packaging very good and protected item.  Contents of the kit very good and instructions easy to follow.  Was easy to make the print and only took us 2 attempts.  I found the whole process of preparing and then obtaining our keepsake very exciting.  We were also very impressed with the time it took to receive item, get print and then receive our final product.  Quick and professional service.   We were very pleased with our keepsake it was lovely.  It is already being worn and quality is very good.  These are excellent and would make ideal gift.  Good value for money as something unique and something you will treasure always.  Have already recommended to friends and family.  It was so lovely to get this product with Tia’s fingerprint, something that we will treasure.  Amanda Williams – Baby Tia 3 Months

Product Tested By Emma Arthur – Charlie Aged 5 Months

Emma The PastelPrint Fingerprint Charm 5/5

I was very eager to try this out as had considered it in the past for my eldest child. Enjoyed looking at the website as have lots of different charms and keepsakes on offer.  Very easy to use and navigate and gave us some good ideas for future gifts.  The kit comes with easy to follow instructions and enough moulding putty to have a few attempts.  We found it really easy to get Charlie’s fingrprint and it was a good impression.  This is then sent back to the company and they make up your silver fingerprint charm.  The whole process was easy, quick and efficient.  I must say I was very impressed when our charm arrived.  It is a very beautiful and personal item and one you really do cherish.  Just kept looking at it as so personal to us a charm with Charlie’s fingerprint.  This is now on my charm bracelet and I do get a lot of comments.  We just love it and it would make an ideal gift as something totally different.  Have recommended to family and friends.  High quality item which you will cherish always, and of course good value for money as so unique to you as a family. Emma Arthur – Charlie Aged 5 Months 

It was so lovely to get this product with Tia’s fingerprint, something that we will treasure


Amanda Awarded The PastelPrint fingerprint Charm 5/5

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