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Paultons Park

Paultons Family Theme Park in Hampshire, on the edge of the New Forest, offers a great family day out with over 50 different attractions and rides included in the price. The variety of things to see and do includes thrilling and gentle rides, dinosaurs, museums, animated shows, play areas, exotic birds and other fun activities for all ages in garden setting.

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£70.00 for family ticket For more information click online

Paultons Park Reviews

Product Tested by: Linsey Morris – Lily & Poppy Ages 4 & 1 Years

Product Tested By Linsey Morris – Lily & Poppy Ages 4 & 1 Years

Linsey Awarded Paultons Park 5/5

My first impression was positive and I thought the park looked like fun. We used the Sat Nav to get there and had no problems at all. There was a lot of parking available also. Nice and spacious, clean and well signposted. We went on a Monday and hardy had to queue for anything more than ¾ minutes. There were lots of things for us to do and things to suit all ages. I liked that the park had nice landscaped gardens to break it up a bit. My 1 yr old had a nice day out but my 4 yr old LOVED it! She is already asking when we can go back. There are loads of facilities dotted about and the drink/food is well priced. Initially it seems a lot of money to pay but it is well worth it and 99% percent of the activities inside are then free and you can go on them as many times as you want to. This was a really nice day out, there is so much to do and there really is something to suit everyone. It was nice, clean, well laid out and most of all FUN! Well worth the money. Linsey Morris – Lily & Poppy Ages 4 & 1 Years

Product Tested By Yvonne Crook – Luke 15 Months

Yvonne Awarded Paultons Park 4.3/5

Looked real good fun, park map enclosed with the tickets looked like there was loads to do, especially for young children. We were on holiday in The New Forest about 20 minutes from the park and it was literally just down the motorway.  Very easy to find and well signposted from the motorway.  Very easy layout of the car park, clearly signed overflow car parking and plenty of room in the marked parking bays to get children and prams in and out of the car. Clearly marked queuing system, plenty of booths with assistants etc. We were very impressed with how clean and well maintained the park was and how lovely the gardens were. The bird and animals were in lovely enclosures too. Plenty for young children, including toddlers, to do, including several really nice play areas with swings, climbing frames etc. Not much for older children past the age of 10 though and I did feel that the park map and the website were a bit deceptive in making the park seem bigger and having more attractions than it really has. Also, many of the rides weren’t open and on several, operators were closing one ride to open another for a couple of hours and then switching back to open another ride. There was plenty for Luke to do and he had a great time on the rides he was big enough to go on (more than enough for him) and he loved looking at the birds and the wallabies. We love days out like this and Luke loves going on the baby rides and looking at animals, places like this along with the zoo are our favourite kind of day out. No litter anywhere and the toilets and baby changing facilities were immaculate.  I also saw a sign in the baby changing room to say that nappy packs were available from guest services which is a great idea if you get caught short on nappies.  Only problem was the highchairs in the restaurant were quite grubby and sticky. But, the prices of refreshments etc. were quite reasonable compared to many places such as Alton Towers etc. Completely, it was a lovely family friendly place. To be honest, although a lovely place, I would have been quite disappointed to have paid £18.50 per person or £70 for a family of 4 ticket due to the limited number of attractions in the park – as mentioned previously the park guide and website really give the impression it’s a lot bigger than it actually is and when you compare the deal that Alton Towers (which is much bigger and has a lot more to do) offer which is £12 for a parent and toddler and includes a coffee, it is actually quite an expensive day out and I don’t feel the prices that Paultons charge for entry to be justified for the attractions they have.  Add to that they offer an upgrade to a 2 day ticket because “there’s too much fun for one day” and it’s not really value for money – we didn’t arrive until lunchtime and had gone round the park and on several rides, plus stopped twice to feed children and were still done by 5pm when then rides stopped. If we were in the area for more than a couple of days and at a loose end, possibly we would go again but to be honest, I would sooner go to Marwell Zoo or one of the many other attractions in the New Forest area. We had a lovely afternoon and found the general facilities excellent but would have been quite disappointed if we’d paid for the tickets due to the lack of attractions/things to do. Yvonne Crook – Luke 15 Months

Product Tested By Gerry Tyler – Rosie & Tom Aged 4 & 6 Years

Gerry  Awarded Paultons Park 5/5

A very exciting day out for all of us.  The layout of the park is great, easy to get to using our Sat Nav, but also lots of information readily available online as good quality website. Parking was as you would expect at these parks and very easy to park.  The park itself is full of so much entertainment for the family and our children had an absolute ball.  Easy to find your way round, signposted well and lots on offer. We went midweek and hardly had to que which was perfect with 2 small toddlers as they do get bored if have to que. This park has soemthing for all ages which is ideal as sometimes you go along to these parks and younger children cannot get onto lots of rides.  Not the case with this park thumbs up from all of us. Beautifully laid out and we all had a marvellous day. We will certainly be going back again. Found lots of places to stop and obtain refreshments and they were reasonably priced.  The family ticket is well worth the money as to entertain our 2 and keep them happy all day long was brilliant value for money.   Once you are in the park you will find most of the activities are free and your children can go on them time and time again. Great place, great layout, loads to do and we have told everyone.  We all had so much fun and our children were entertained and could not stop talking about the day on the way home in the car.   Gerry Tyler – Rosie & Tom Aged 4 & 6 Years

It was nice, clean, well laid out and most of all FUN! Well worth the money.


Linsey Awarded Paultons Park 5/5 Full Marks!

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