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Peanut Pup Baby Walker

Peanut Pup Baby Walker with wheels – This King Charles Spaniel is every little one’s best friend!
He has a beautiful golden white soft plush coat and long floppy ears that infants will adore. Features crinkly ears and squeaky tail. Children will delight in taking Peanut for a walk, but for added fun, there’s room on his back to hop on and enjoy the ride. A solid wooden frame and softly padded body makes Peanut baby push along walker both sturdy and huggable. Rubber tyres ensure against slipping on smooth floors.
This 2 in 1 toy is the ideal baby walker and Ride on toy.

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Peanut Pup Baby Walker Reviews

Product Tested By Siobhra Cran – Clodagh 1 Year

Siobhra Awarded The Peanut Pup Baby Walker 5/5

I thought it looked like a really high quality item and the large head was incredibly endearing. I had anticipated the product being bigger but I felt it was a perfect size. The design is good. It’s a sturdy product and I like that once the handle is attached, it is fixed and does not move; it doesn’t even jiggle, so feels incredibly sturdy when being held. Initially, I was slightly sceptical and thought the design was a bit unnecessary, however the concept turned out to be great. My girl loved ‘taking her dog for a walk’ and it made it a far more interactive and ‘real life’ experience for her. Extremely straightforward instructions and easy to follow. Very quick to assemble, too. My 1 year old loves this walker and finds it very easy to use. She hasn’t quite worked out how to manoeuvre it around corners yet but that is not due to the product itself, rather her progress at walking. The height of the product is perfect and the handle is incredibly sturdy to hold. This arrived at the perfect time, when my daughter was becoming more confident with cruising, but hadn’t quite taken her first steps. This product gave her a new found freedom to move around the house and built her confidence to not be anchored to a fixed item, like a sofa or table. Absolutely perfect support help my daughter walk. At no point did the product move too fast that she couldn’t keep up with it. She was always very well supported and was able to walk at a pace that was comfortable for her, which built up her confidence and made the process fun. I hadn’t realised about the squeaky tail or crinkly ears until I noticed my daughter exploring them. They are fantastic, and incredibly engaging. They appeal remarkably well to sensory learning, particularly the ears, as they are so soft to touch but then crinkle too. My daughter loves playing with them. I have absolutely nothing to fault the frame on; it is incredibly sturdy and supported my daughter incredibly well. She also loved sitting on top of the dog and due to the sturdiness of the frame, was always secure when doing so. The wheels do not move too fast that my daughter couldn’t keep up with the product; they allowed for a very steady pace, which was managed by my daughter. The product moves along the ground very smoothly and supports my daughter exceptionally well when walking. Both my 1 year old and my 5 year old were entertained by this product. It presented a number of play opportunities, such as role playing, sensory play and cooperative play, where my daughter sat on the dog and my son pushed her around. When they were both interacting with it, they were both fully engaged and really enjoying what the product had to offer. This toy had its own ‘parking space’ in our playroom, and was rarely in the parking space as my 1 year old often took it out to play and used it to move around the house. It is still regularly reached for by both of my children and certainly gets more playtime than a lot of our other toys at the moment. This product was always used within our house, and while it ‘lived’ in the playroom, it was used all over the house. This product is sponge clean only so it can make for a challenging time when used by young children with sticky fingers. On the whole, if it did need a sponge clean, it was simple enough, however I imagine longer-term, it would be slightly more difficult to maintain its cleanliness. The crinkly ears were definitely one of the biggest hits among my children, but also the versatility of using the product as a walker and a ride-on toy. I loved the big head; I couldn’t help but give it a rub when it walked by! I thought it was such a child-friendly design and was made to an incredibly high quality. It is difficult to put an age rating on this product, as children walk at such different times. My 5 year old was walking at 9 months and would likely have been too confident with walking to have benefitted from this toy had he received it at 12 months. On the other hand, my daughter is 15 months and is only just starting to take first steps, so it has been brilliant for her. If there was an ‘early walker’ rating, that may a more useful way to term it. I can’t fault the quality of this item at all. it is incredibly well made, feels wonderfully sturdy and the fur is so beautifully soft. The material in the ears is plentiful, which allows for a good ‘crinkle’ and the wooden features are very aesthetically pleasing too. It is definitely a long lasting product, which could be passed down to younger siblings for sure. My only reservation with this is how to maintain its cleanliness over the course of a number of years, however if well looked after, I have no doubt in my mind that this would last for many years due to the high quality of the product. The market for walkers is very competitive, and often people look for walkers that are interactive and have buttons and fidgets. With that in mind, this walker would not necessarily have stood out to me in the first instance. However, having had the chance to test it, I think it has a lot more value to it than a typical plastic, interactive walker as it allows for greater imaginative play and incorporates sensory opportunities as well as offering sturdy support to the child. While the price of this product is possibly slightly on the high side, it is clear that this is a high quality and therefore long lasting product. I would, perhaps, be reluctant to recommend it to somebody who was only going to have one child as quite often, walkers are only used for a short period of time, however, if it were a family who was planning on more than one child, it would be my recommendation to invest in this product. I really loved this product. It is such good quality, absolutely adorable and encourages children to engage with life around them and draw on real life experiences, such as taking the dog for a walk, giving the dog a belly rub etc. It is a really attractive product and made exceptionally well. It really has been a pleasure getting to review this product. It has been used far more than I predicted and has become an absolute hit among both my children. It’s such an adorable design and the big head just gets me every time! I really love it! Siobhra Cran – Clodagh 1 Year

Product Tested By Natalie Hill – Lola 17 Months

Natalie Awarded The Peanut Pup Baby Walker 5/5

I loved it- it was beautifully presented in a nice box. Good design- was slightly more tricky to turn corners with so maybe would be a bit better if the width was greater as it did topple over quite easily. Very little needed to set up and clear and simple instructions with the tool needed to assemble. Fairly easy, just was a bit tricky to turn corners. My little one was just walking when this arrived but definitely gave her more confidence and with her loving dogs it was perfect. This provided a good support walking forwards. She would also go round to the head end and push it back again. It was a bit hard for her to turn corners and she sometimes got frustrated and tipped it over. She liked the ears but the squeaker was hard to do herself but liked it when we squeaked it. I think the wooden frame could do with being slightly wider as it might give it more stability to turn corners. The rubber tyres provided good grip and stability on hard flooring. This did keep my daughter entertained. She would go to it often when learning to get more confident walking. This was used daily but less now she is confidently walking everywhere. Mostly used this in the lounge. My daughter loved the cuddly softness of it. It’s so cute and was nice to see Lola enjoying it. I think this would be ideal for 10 months plus as would be good when babies start trying to walk. Amazing high quality. I think it is worth the money as it is very unique. I would not buy this as Lola is confidently walking now. I will be keeping this and passing onto family member for their baby to use. I would recommend this too. Great walker, very unique and cute- I’ve not seen anything like it before. Thank you for sending me such a beautiful and high quality product for Lola to enjoy. It would be an ideal gift for little ones. Natalie Hill – Lola 17 Months

Product Tested By Zerin Watkins – Caoimhe and Caelan – 3 & 1 Years

Zerin Awarded The Peanut Pup Baby Walker 5/5

Quick delivery, boxed well. My daughter and son loved the design and my daughter said it was very cute. Good concept lots of different ways for children to learn different things. Instructions easy to read and easy to understand how to put together. It was very easy for my 1 year old to understand what to do. My son loved holding onto the handles and pushing the dog along. This gave my son the support to get his balance whilst walking. They both loved the ears and squeaky tail and it kept them both engaged. The wooden frame was very supporting to hold baby up. Rubber tyres were fantastic so they didn’t slip over as it had a lot more grip. It kept both of my children entertained as they liked sitting in the dog pushing each other around. This gets played with daily. We keep this in our living room. Very easy to clean. Just give doggy a wipe down. My daughter liked that she could push her brother around whilst he was sat on the dog. And my son liked the ears as they made a crinkle noise. I loved how cute the dog looked. I would say it could be ideal for 10 months plus as most babies are walking by 12 months. The quality is fantastic. This is very good value for money as I feel it will last a fair few years. I would definitely buy this product as I feel it has a wide range of different things that the kiddies could do with it. I would recommend and all my family have said how amazing it is and wish it was around when their little ones were younger. This product gets 5/5. It gets used daily. And looks cute when not being used. Fantastic quality, easy to put together and clean. Looks good in the room. Lots of different things to do with it. Zerin Watkins – Caoimhe and Caelan – 3 & 1 Years

I really loved this product. It is such good quality, absolutely adorable and encourages children to engage with life around them and draw on real life experiences, such as taking the dog for a walk, giving the dog a belly rub etc. It is a really attractive product and made exceptionally well. It really has been a pleasure getting to review this product. It has been used far more than I predicted and has become an absolute hit among both my children. It’s such an adorable design and the big head just gets me every time! I really love it!


Siobhra Awarded The Peanut Pup Baby Walker 5/5

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