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PeekaPets Bunny Soft Toy

The PeekaPets Bunnies are adorable, soft and cuddly toys suitable for babies from 0+ years, made from excellent, high-quality materials. Press their tummy and their ears will pop up, mimicking the popular peek-a-boo play pattern everyone knows and loves! Your little ones will love playing peek-a-boo with the PeekaPets Bunnies. Available in 2 styles: pink or white. Each sold separately.

Sensory play with tactile toys can help support your child’s development. Sensory toys can be soothing and calming, building communication and emotional awareness.

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Price £15.00 Available online Argos, Amazon UK, Howleys Toys, IMC toys

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2022 Baby Toys Category 

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PeekaPets Bunny Soft Toy Reviews

Product Tested By Hannah Godfrey – Alfie 6 Months

Hannah Awarded The PeekaPets Bunny 5/5

I knew Alfie would love the bunny as we had just started doing peek a boo with him. He watched me open the bunny and got very excited bouncing up and down. I think it’s a great idea and works really well as a cuddly toy. Although Alfie kept grabbing the eyes I wasn’t sure if he was inquisitive or didn’t like them. Alfie built a positive bond and laughed every time we played with the bunny. My son really enjoyed playing peekaboo with his bunny. He loved the bunny however I am yet to find any toy that keeps him entertained longer than 5 minutes at a time. This was played with daily.  This was played in our living area when we play with other toys. The bunny is probably a little big to take out and about. We often take little toys and rattles that fit in the nappy bag. Alfie loves playing peekaboo and knows exactly what the bunny does. I really liked how soft the bunny was and gender neutral. The quality is fantastic and shows no sign of wear. I think this is a great value. I would buy as a present for other children. I would recommend as it is a fun engaging toy. This is great for babies and we have had a lot of giggles out of it. We have really enjoyed reviewing this product and we hope the positive feedback is rewarding and what a wonderful design it is. Hannah Godfrey – Alfie 6 Months

Product Tested By Sam Sheppard – Isobel 11 Months

Sam Awarded The PeekaPets Bunny 4.4/5

When this arrived it was bigger than I thought.  The idea is good. Izzy loves peekaboo and any kind of stuffed toy so this ticked both boxes – clever also that it doesn’t need batteries and can be operated with one hand. She liked this and big smiles when she saw it. She tries to touch its face a lot! Always smiles when it’s brought out but probably only spends a few mins at a time with it before moving on then coming back later. She loved playing peekaboo with this. She always smiles, finds the peekaboo action funny, likes to touch its face and poke it’s eyes (Sorry bunny ha). It holds her attention for a few mins then she moves on but she comes back to it later. This would be played with at least once every day . This was played with at home.  This is a good toy to take out on car journeys.  Although she can’t pop the ears up on her own so may need more adult interaction than I can give in the car if it’s just me and I’m driving. My daughter loved the face and ears.  I loved  seeing her laugh when it pops up – also the fact it’s quite big is nice! No issues with quality. For the size yes good value.  I would buy this as my daughter likes cuddly animals and peekaboo and her favourite toy is a bunny she’s had since birth so it ticks a lot of boxes for us. I would recommend for all the reasons above. Very good but it does require a bit of adult interaction for the ears and she can’t do it herself yet. Once she is old enough then it should keep her entertained for longer! Very impressed with the size – I thought it would be a lot smaller but the large size makes it easier to play with. Also very impressed with mechanism. No batteries etc., required and simple to use, baby loves it and laughs when she sees the ears shoot up. She likes the face as it’s quite bold and engaging – she sits and pokes the eyes. When baby is old enough to pop the ears up herself I think she will get more out of it – she just lifts them when playing on her own. All in all I like it and she does too! Thank you!

Product Tested By Stephanie Nickless – Son 3 Months

Stephanie Awarded The PeekaPets Bunny 4.4/5

Looked as described. Nice white colour. Wondered whether this would entertain my 3 month old. It seemed a nice idea but at his age I did wonder whether he would take to it and find it entertaining. He immediately smiled when he seen the bunny. We played peek boo and he loved it and began to giggle. I also have a 2 year old who absolutely loved playing this with her baby brother. It kept them both entertained for ages. My son has really enjoyed playing with the peekapet and it is a regular how in our house. He loved playing peekaboo.  Continuous giggles from baby and 2 year old! He was entertained for a good while but eventually would lose some interest. We play with it most days initially but now I would say roughly every 3 days for around 5-10 mins as it gets repetitive. This was played with on our play mat at home and in his chair whilst dinner was cooking. Would be difficult in the car for me to play peekaboo with him and he’s not old enough to do it himself. But it would be great if my older children in the back could play it with him. He loved the ears flicking up to reveal the eyes. I liked how  simple the toy is but brought some much pleasure to our family as a whole. Appears well made and good quality. This is very good value. I would buy this. I would recommend as simple fun for the family. It is good fun and seeing your little ones entertained by it is great but it gets repetitive. Overall, we are really pleased with our peekapet. I originally wondered how this would entertain us for so long but it brought loads of laughter in our house. It was enjoyed by the entire family. It does get repetitive after a while but getting it out after a few days works well. Stephanie Nickless – Son 3 Months


I think this is a great value. I would buy as a present for other children. I would recommend as it is a fun engaging toy. This is great for babies and we have had a lot of giggles out of it. We have really enjoyed reviewing this product and we hope the positive feedback is rewarding and what a wonderful design it is.


Hannah Awarded The PeekaPets Bunny 5/5

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