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Penguin My First Words Book

This sturdy board book is a fantastic introduction to first words for young children. Each page features bright, colourful pictures of objects grouped into topics that are relevant to a toddler’s life, such as ‘clothes’ and ‘toys’. Children will enjoy recognising and naming the objects, and widening their vocabulary at the same time.

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Penguin My First Words Book Reviews

Product Tested by: Melissa Molloy – Kai 1 Year

Product Tested By Melissa Molloy – Kai 1 Year

Melissa Awarded the Penguin My First Words 5/5

The book is sturdy with lovely colours.  Found the quality to be very good. The book is easy to hold and is not too heavy yet the pages are quick enough not to bend or go soggy with a child chewing on them. The book obviously caught my Sons eye, and when I put it away in his toy box he went and pulled it back out again, he enjoyed looking at it. I liked the fact that the illustrations were large and simple, they are very suitable for a child of his age and are very eye catching. I sat with my Son while he looked at the book and he enjoyed pointing at the pictures and words on the pages. This book is not really a story book but however, he did like me reading out loud to him and he pointed to the words that I was reading. This is a very stimulating book and I think as he gets older it will definitely help him to read the simple words displayed. Overall I think the book is well laid out, it’s not too long and the words and illustrations are lovely. The book is very well made and will last from the heavy handed treatment of a toddler. I think the price of the book is great value and it is definitely well suited to be bought as a gift too. I would buy more of this type of book because now I know that they will be read/looked at and will not fall apart on first reading. I would recommend this book to friends and will also consider buying it as a gift for a birthday/Christmas present. Overall it’s been an enjoyable experience which will definitely want to be repeated again and again. Melissa Molloy – Kai 1 Year

Product Tested By Clare Connolly – Niamh 16 Months

Clare Awarded the Penguin my First Words 4.3/5

A nice colourful fun and wipe clean book which is very suitable for small hands. The website is easy to navigate with an array of many different products to suit all age groups for boys or girls. The first words book is very well made, is nice and soft at the edges with no danger risks. Niamh is a little too young to tell me what she thought of the look of the book, but did keep picking this book out over other books I had bought and always mentioned the word ‘cat’ which is on the front. The beautifully drawn fun colourful characters of this book make it great to learn and easy to remember. The drawings were bright and attract little eyes attention. I cannot say Niamh actually read the book as there were only pictures and words but I must say she did associate items of her body with the matching word and picture and also animals etc. Niamh loved to point at the words in the book and it grabbed her attention at all times. A great book, nice to have the set of these, as Niamh has got used to this particular book and I feel she would take to any of the others. I think the book is a little overpriced as it would be nice to have the others in the collection. Clare Connolly – Niamh 16 Months

Product Tested By Amina Tutton – Isabel 17 Months

Amina Awarded the Penguin My First Words 4.6/5

An interesting, good size board book with bright colours. The website is very nice looking and is easy to navigate. It doesn’t look too cluttered and it has some lovely Childrens books on it too. The books are lovely quality, our one has been well handled and dropped and it still looks new. They are nice and shiny too. My daughter loves books so is always happy to have a look at a new one. This has become a favourite book: she likes the animal page as she likes animals, she has become obsessed by diggers so often looks at the page with diggers on and often asks to look at the "baby" page where there is a person pointing to different parts of their body. My Daughter seems to like the illustrations. I think that most of them are good, they have a nice style and are recognizable. However, a few of them are unclear. There is an odd looking dog on the animal page, a chicken with oversized front legs and a bus that doesn’t look much like a bus. But, this could be positive because it may help children to realise the differences and point out that it looks odd. My daughter really likes to look at this book. We look at the pictures together and name them; sometimes I will ask her to find me a particular picture. Overall, a good book – high quality, robust, brightly coloured and nicely divided into different categories e.g. the body, animals, vehicles. But a few of the pictures would be a little difficult to identify if they weren’t labeled. It has been looked at a lot and will be for a while yet, I expect.  It will be able to be passed on when we have finished with it as I think it will still be in good condition. Amina Tutton – Isabel 17 Months

Overall it’s been an enjoyable experience which will definitely want to be repeated again and again.


Melissa Awarded the Penguin My First Words 5/5 Full Marks!

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