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Penny Bow for Shoes from Cheeky Poppins

Colour: Red and Black Fabric: Grosgrain ribbon and diamante

Description: Grosgrain corsage in black and red with highlighted diamante Add some party sparkle, glitz and glamour with the all-new Penny. Accessory For Clothing Type: Shoes

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£12.00 Available to purchase online

Penny Bow for Shoes from Cheeky Poppins Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By Sharon Hanna

Awarded The Penny Bow for shoes 4.4/5

look exactly like the website picture – very pretty and unique. The product
arrived in an envelope with a little black sheer gift bag – therefore nice if
this was ordered as a gift. No instructions supplied although it is quite
straightforward to use. The quality is really good – the clasp to attach the
bows on is very good quality and won’t fall off easily. I am not sure I would
pay £12 for these although they certainly do add that little uniqueness to a
pair of shoes and would be great if looking for something specific. They can be reused as you replace your shoes
over time, therefore possibly a good investment in purchasing such a product. I
would consider buying these if I was looking for something different e.g. to a
wedding. Now that I have tried these I
would use again. I would recommend if they were looking for something
different. I think the price could be a little more reasonable. The product was
simple and easy to use – it added great detail and gave my look that “added
edge”. Very well made and great quality. Sharon Hanna

Tested By Shirley Kay

Awarded The Penny Bow for shoes 4.9/5

These looked very nice when they arrived.Minimal
packaging that could also be reused. Didn’t come with any instructions but was
very easy to work out. The bows are of high quality and made a plain pair of
shoes look amazing. Great value for money as they can be reused on many
different pairs of shoes. I have been looking at getting some more for my girls
as it means less shoes around the house.
I would recommend as I think it is a very clever product. I think the bows are great as they can
be used over and over, making a plain pair of shoe look great with different
outfits. I had a great time using
this product I only have one small niggle with it and that’s the metal clip
needs a soft cover over it where it touches your skin as it rubs, failing that
I just used a fabric plaster on my foot where the clip sat. Shirley Kay

Product Tested By Pippa White

Pippa Awarded The
Penny Bow for Shoes 4.6/5

These looked fabulous
when arrived and was keen to try out on different shoes. What a great idea. These arrived well packaged and a little gift
bag, so would make an ideal gift. No
instructions but self-explanatory. I
really loved these. I have purchased
shoes in the past and the bows have fallen off leaving a mark. With these you
can add to any pair of shoes and they make such a difference, transforming
plain shoes into something pretty special.
The clip is firm and stays on, but does dig in a bit. Maybe put a piece of padding on the clip to
make it more comfortable. I just loved
these. Quality is great, would make and
ideal gift and you can use again and again.
I have looked online and will definitely be purchasing more. I have also recommended to friends as they do
transform your shoes and are a great idea.
Price is good, quality good and a great versatile shoe accessory. Pippa White

The product was simple and easy to use – it added great detail and gave my look that “added edge”. Very well made and great quality.


Sharon Awarded The Penny Bow for shoes 4.4/5

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