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People Power Book

People Power. Peaceful Protests that Changed the World
Taking a close look at peaceful revolutions from around the world, this important book gives young readers the information and encouragement they need to be part of a better future—for themselves and for all of us.
From Gandhi to Rosa Parks, the Arab Spring to Black Lives Matter, this introduction to the power of protests covers nearly every continent to show young readers that they can be effective on their own or as part of a movement. Filled with colorful, detailed illustrations and straightforward, engaging texts, this book uses double-page spreads to tell the story of world-changing moments when justice prevailed over intolerance, and peace overcame conflict. Neither preachy nor pedantic, the text offers clear-eyed information in a way that kids can relate to, helping them understand issues that they are probably already aware of, such as climate change, and introducing them to events which happened decades ago or worlds away. Throughout this optimistic and hopeful book, the message is clear—peaceful protest can effect change, and everyone’s voice matters.

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People Power Book Reviews

Product Tested By Kate Sparks – Charlie & Sophie – 12 & 10 Years

Kate Awarded The People Power Book 5/5

The book was good quality with vibrant colours on the cover, the contents of the book were well presented and made for easy reading. The Cover drew attention straight away and the kids liked the design. They did enjoy reading this book. It certainly captivated their attention. My kids were really interested with the different stories in the book, some of which they had knew about , but a lot that they didn’t know about and helped with their learning of those protests. They could relate to some of the moments that changed the world but also showed how other events over the years can be resolved, making them realise that by making your feelings known, peace in the world can be achieved. They definitely understood peaceful protests can effect change and everyone’s voice matters. It is important they learn about past events and that to make the world a better place we all need to voice our concerns but in a good way not by violence or aggression. The illustrations made the stories clear and brought the story to life. The kids read each day understanding the story they read. They both liked the illustrations and colourful pages I liked the different stories in the book. The quality of the book is excellent. The illustrations are very professional and powerful. I feel 8 years plus is ideal age group for this book. My children are 12 and 10 and thoroughly enjoyed the book. Certainly good value. I would buy this as an informative book full of interesting facts. I have family and friends of a similar age who would also love this book. From the moment we opened the book it caught our imagination, not only with the lovely colourful design, the book was well presented with interesting story’s, the illustrations helped with the understanding of the events that had taken place. The layout of the book made for easy reading but with plenty of information packed in. Kate Sparks – Charlie & Sophie – 12 & 10 Years

Product Tested By Elaine Kalo – Harry and Annie – 12 & 10 Years

Elaine Awarded The People Power Book 5/5

When the book arrived I thought it looked impressive in terms of the illustrations and the theme/content. My children were not immediately clear what the book was about but did seem intrigued by it. My children were interested in finding out what the book is about based on the front cover. I feel that the brightly coloured, detailed illustrations draw the reader’s eye. My children were happy to read this book because it informed and entertained them in short bursts of information. It held their interest. The different accounts of significant historical events drew my children’s attention and triggered questions, reflections and intrigue. My son picked out the theme of ‘respect’ as one that ran through all the events. This a subject that is widely relatable to young readers as they learn about it at school and through the media. My children grasped the concept of this book in terms of the reasons behind peaceful protests and the positive outcomes. My children understood what the book is telling us with regards to equality and the need to voice injustices and inequalities. I think this book helps children learn valuable skills in terms of communication and expression of ideas. It is a good first introduction to political ideologies and human rights. The illustrations are great as they are not just pictures, there is much more to them than meets the eye. They tell a story. My children read the book in short bursts and would focus on one event at a time. However, I imagine this is a book they will come back to in their early years of secondary school, as they cover the topics in more depth. This book summarises the topics beautifully. The illustrations make a marked difference to what would be a much drier topic to a child without them. Both children commented on the illustrations as a positive. I also particularly liked the illustrations and the size and quality of the book. The book is of great quality in terms of print, font, colour, paper and size. The illustrations are of a very high standard. Clearly the artist is very talented and has a gift for depicting stories/events and bringing them to life in an eye-catching way. Great use of colours. My children are age 10 and 12 and both of them found it easy enough to read but at the same time a very challenging and interesting subject matter. I would happily buy this book at the price indicated. I would say it’s a pretty reasonable price for an illustrated hardback book. I would buy this book for my children or as a gift as I think it is such an important subject matter for young and enquiring minds. I would definitely recommend this book to others. It’s not necessarily the type of book that people would typically buy but I think it’s important to introduce these subjects at this age – 8+. I cannot fault this book and award it full marks! This book was a pleasure to review. It’s fabulously illustrated and the content is incredibly informative, inspiring and thought-provoking. A great book for older children. Elaine Kalo – Harry and Annie – 12 & 10 Years

Product Tested By Katie Loneragan – Jack and Harry – 12 & 8 Years

Katie Awarded The People Power Book 5/5

When the book arrived I was very impressed with it. A great size, attractive cover and an interesting topic. The front cover is very eye catching. Lively bright colours and interesting illustrations. It is definitely inviting to a reader and my children wanted to read it as soon as it arrived-so we did! Both children enjoyed this book. Jack (12 years old) read it independently and Harry (8) read it with me. Jack said it was really interesting. Some of the information he was already familiar with but other protests he had not heard about before and wanted to discuss the points he had learned. As the book is written in small protest segments, Harry and I read the book over a few days. He was always keen to read the next bit so for both children the book captured their attention and kept them entertained. My children were able to relate some of the stories to things they had spoken about at school and seen on the news. A lot of the stories were new to them, but could relate to the importance of trying to make a difference in the world. They understood the importance of the changes that have happened around the world and how important it is that these changes happened in a peaceful way, but had a dramatic impact. I think the way the stories are presented show that it was the coming together of people in a peaceful way that made a difference. We related this to the children being involved in decisions at school and at home. I’m not sure that the book helped my children learn skills for the future, but I think it illustrates nicely that people should stand up for injustices and stand against intolerances and that this can be done in a peaceful way. It also shows my children that they can help make a difference in the world too. I definitely feel that the illustrations helped bring the message of the book to life. They played a huge part in the discussions we had about the stories and I felt they depicted the content nicely. Both children read the book twice. The eldest read it in one sitting each time and I read it with my youngest over a number of nights. Jack (age 12) said he learnt lots from the book and that’s why he enjoyed it. Harry (aged 8) said he enjoyed talking about the stories after we read each part. The best thing about this book is how each protest is broken down into a bit of background information to explain what the problem was, what people did about it and then the outcome. It is written beautifully so it reads as bite sized information for children to be able to understand, but also highlights the importance of the changes made and why these changes needed to be made. This book has allowed quite complicated issues to be presented and understood by children. A beautiful hard backed book with fantastic quality paper used for the pages.
I think the illustrations in this book are wonderful. I think they help show the feelings around the protests, despite not being very detailed. In fact the lack of detail in the people’s faces was what I thought was very important in this book-the people could be anyone, you, me, our neighbours, everyone counts. The illustrations are lovely and bright and were also a talking a point when we discussed the information we were reading. I think 8 years plus is a suitable age for reading this book. Harry (aged 8) needed to read it with me due to lots of new words that needed explaining and to help with the understanding of the subject, however, it is age appropriate information and an important age to share these discussions. For Jack (aged 12) this was a lovely book to learn new information and he fully understood the importance of the book and the stories shared. I do think this book offers value for money. It is great quality and a really lovely book that I’m sure will be re-read over the years. I would consider buying this book. I think it would make a lovely gift for a child. I would recommend this book to family and friends. I think the content is extremely important for children to have discussions about and this book offers a child friendly way of doing this. Overall I would give this product a 5/5. It is a beautiful book. Excellent quality and content. The subject is presented in a very child friendly way but the importance in the information and message is not lost or ‘dumbed down’. The illustrations are wonderful and add to the message being shared. As a family we have enjoyed reading this book. We have all learnt some information and been able to relate some of the stories to things the children have seen or heard about in their lives. Katie Loneragan – Jack and Harry – 12 & 8 Years

From the moment we opened the book it caught our imagination, not only with the lovely colourful design, the book was well presented with interesting story’s, the illustrations helped with the understanding of the events that had taken place. The layout of the book made for easy reading but with plenty of information packed in.


Kate Awarded The People Power Book 5/5

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