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Peppa Pig Ride On

Peppa Pig Ride On is suitable from 12months through to 3 Years (weight limit 20kg). No tools required for assembly, extra wide wheels for stability, self locking push bar, under seat storage. Easy to use handle.

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£29.99 Available in all leading Toy Stores and also online

Peppa Pig Ride On Reviews

Product Tested by: Rebecca Morrocco - Amaia Aged 1 Year 1 Month

Product Tested By Rebecca Morrocco – Amaia Aged 1 Year 1 Month

Rebecca Awarded The Peppa Pig Ride On 4.6/5

Good size ride on for toddlers.  Arrived well packed and instructions easy to follow.  Only took us about 5-10 minutes to assemble which was great because Amaia was keen to try this out.  Recommended age suitablility seems ideal.  Amaia bum-shuffles so pushes the ride on along the floor and follows it.  When we place her on the ride on she does not extend her legs, but does enjoy being pushed around on it.  She enjoys playing with this within her own limitations and will serve us well as she grows older.  My oldest daughter who is now 4 enjoyed playing on the Peppa Pig ride on.  This is an ideal toy for sharing as both my daughters can play with this in different ways and also enjoy playing together.  It is good for balancing and understanding movement consequences.  This does keep Amai amused for a while but she is still very young so will enjoy all the benefits in the future.  Amaia also liked the fact that the seat opens up and she could store her favourite things inside.  This is made of solid plastic, no easily removable parts and no sharp edges so perfect toddler toy.  Reasonable value for money as you are paying for the fact that it is a Peppa Pig ride on.  Plenty of play options as the child grows, lasts through more than one child.  Unisex colours, not too bright or dull and rounded safe edges.  A lovely coloured unisex ride on toy suitable for crawlers to pre-schoolers.  Rebecca Morrocco – Amaia Aged 1 Year 1 Month


Product Tested By Helen McLaughlin – Tabitha Aged 1 Year 3 Months

Helen Awarded The Peppa Pig Ride On 3.5/5

We were very excited to have the opportunity to review this Ride On as Peppa Pig is currently favourite in our house.  Packaging excellent, only the box to dispose of.  All parts fitted snugly in the box so no need for anything else.  Really enviromentaly friendly.  Took us no time at all to assemble.  Instructions were really simple as detailed how to complete with words and pictures making it easy for everyone.  The recommended age suitability was ideal.  We loved the look of this as bright and colourful and popular character so a winner with Tabitha.  She learned to straddle the ride on and push and steer with a little bit of help.  We found the handle flimsy & the  rotating cogs were really stiff so she was unable to turn them without moving the toy away from her.  The anti-tip device is really good.  I feel you are paying for the characters name so price is a bit too high.  I enjoyed watching my daughter learn to use new skills and the excitement riding her Peppa Pig ride on, but slightly disappointed with what should have been brilliant ideas for added extras.  If you have children who love Peppa Pig then this would be ideal first ride on.  Helen McLaughlin – Tabitha 1 Year 3 Months


Product Tested By Jodie Arnett – George, Oscar and Kitty ages 11 Months, 2 years 9 Months and 17 Months

Jodie Awarded The Peppa Pig Ride On 4/5

First impression lovely and bright and looks pretty sturdy.  Bright colourful box and you could see the item clearly.  Instructions easy and had this assembled and ready for use in 10 minutes.  Was ideal for my younger children but too small for my nearly 3 year old.  Both little ones were very excited and impressed with this toy.  This was great as helped my children learn how to share toys.  They loved pulling it along by the telephone coord, which in the end broke off.  Good value for money for a Peppa Pig toy.  One suggestion would be to improve the telephone attachement as it was not long enough for either of my children to sit on the ride on and talk on the phone which they wanted to do.  Just need to make lead longer.  Both my younger children loved the Peppa pig design.  A great product at a reasonable price and ideal for todays tight economy.  Jodie Arnett – George, Oscar and Kitty Aged 11 Months, 2 Years 9 Months and 17 Months

A lovely coloured unisex ride on toy suitable for crawlers to pre-schoolers.


Rebecca Awarded The Peppa Pig Ride On 4.6/5

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