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Peppa Pig Toddler Poncho

Peppa Pig Toddler Poncho Wrap up your little one after bath time with their favourite Peppa Pig Poncho Towel. Made from 100% cotton, it’s super soft on your babies skin.
100% lightweight, absorbent and super soft cotton for your babies comfort.
Durable and machine washable whilst also being hypoallergenic.
The engaging design also comes in a printed card box, making it a great gift option.
Suitable 12 Months Plus

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Peppa Pig Toddler Poncho Reviews

Product Tested By Caprice Smith – Sienna 11 Months

Caprice Awarded The Peppa Pig Poncho 5/5

I was nicely packaged with attractive labelling and a fun character design. I really like the style it’s not something I’ve ever tried we usually use hooded towel but never poncho until my children were older 2-3+ years. The design is attractive and most parents and children will know and love Peppa Pig! This was a nice fit for my daughter and the pink trim is a lovely touch. We love the towel it kept my little girl super warm and wrapped up whilst I dried her. The towel absorbed water well and wee when we had an after bath accident in the towel. The material was soft enough that we could use it to rub dry as well as patting. Sienna has sensitive skin and eczema so natural cotton is a huge bonus, hypoallergenic is also a wonderful thing. We used this towel 2-3 times a week. This would be ideal to take on holiday or swimming lessons it’s quick and easy to wrap child up and keep them warm whilst drying them off. I liked that it covered lots of my babies body to keep her dry and the hood keeps it in place too. I liked the poncho design, it’s not something I’d considered for a younger child before. This is an excellent item that will get lots of use. I’d definitely buy this product it’s made bath time an absolute breeze and is soft and kind on my daughters skin. I would recommend this to friends and family or consider buying it as part of a bath bundle for a baby shower gift. A great high quality towel that is natural cotton, soft durable and easy to use. A really lovely towel that we are grateful to have the pleasure of testing, my daughter loves it and it’s made getting dry after bath time so much easier and more enjoyable. Caprice Smith – Sienna 11 Months

Product Tested By Vicky Bantock – Ben 18 Months

Vicky Awarded The Peppa Pig Poncho 5/5

Nicely packaged and a good size. Loved the Peppa Pig design as did my little one. Really good fit and length. Fit around the hood Was good which can sometimes be an issue with this type of Poncho. This kept Ben really warm and cosy after bath time even in the very cold weather. Was pretty absorbent, sometimes needed an extra towel if it was hair wash too. Lovely soft towelling which feels very luxurious. It is important to me that this is 100% cotton and naturally hypoallergenic as only want to use skin friendly products on my child. We used this 2 or 3 times a week. Definitely ideal to take to swimming lessons as quick and easy to put on and fits well. Also quick drying after use which is great for holidays. My child liked the characters on the poncho. I liked that it is a good product and value for money. Really nice quality material feels soft on the skin. Super easy to wash and dry. Really good value for money. Really good quality product especially the material and design. I would consider buying, and also buying in other designs too if available. I would recommend as good product for all the family. Really good quality product, lovely material and easy to use on a day to day basis. Really enjoyed using the product and testing it. Enjoyed using it for all the reasons described as above. Vicky Bantock – Ben 18 Months

Product Tested By Vicki Jones – Lyla-Mae 16 Months

Vicki Awarded The Peppa Pig Poncho 4/5

I thought that the towel looked a good size and even though I’m not that into Peppa Pig the design was lovely. I like the pink trim. I thought the towel seemed like it was a good quality product. I don’t tend to like character clothing but in a towel find it fine. My older children could name the characters on the hood. The design is cute and I like the pink trim in the towel. The style is great as you can just throw it on your little one getting out the bath or pool. It has plenty of room for growth on Lyla-Mae I like that it is longer on her as feel it keeps her warmer. It definitely did keen her warm and cosy as it covered her whole body I really like Poncho towels. I think we could have even used it again after! It dried Lyla-Mae great keeping her nice and snug. This towel is nice and soft. It is not necessarily important to me 100% cotton and hypoallergenic, but good to know. We used it for our bath nights when it had been cleaned. Makes it harder as it can’t go in the tumble dryer and the weather has been a bit pants so having to rely on the radiator (which we try not to have on much). This would be great for swimming lessons. I was going to take to ours to our swimming lessons but kept using on bath night instead will take it on holiday though. Poncho towels can just be thrown over your children so are great you can strip them out their swim gear and pop the towel over their head keeping them warm or the sun off them. Lyla-Mae is only 16 months old so can’t say it was the design so will have to go with it kept her nice and warm. Great quality it’s nice and soft perfect for little ones. Washed fab but not being able to tumble dry is a real let down especially when we get lots of rain in this country. I did tumble once by mistake and the little Peppa pig character bit went a little funny…so definitely don’t tumble if you buy this towel. This is good value I have seen Poncho towels for a lot more than this and they don’t really cover much up. I think the towel is great quality its lovely and soft. Doesn’t feel cheap or thin I think it will last well. I think Poncho towels are the best so would definitely consider buying. They are great for baths and swimming so you can use loads. I think its great you can just throw them over your child’s head. Keeps them warm and will keep the sun off them on your holiday’s. Like I said I love Poncho towels and would definitely recommend to friends and family. This towel is priced well and is great quality. The only down fall for this towel is that it can’t go in the tumble dryer other than that it’s great. It’s priced well, fits great, is nice and soft and great quality. I think Lyla-Mae likes being all snug in her towel. This towel is the perfect size for us it kept Lyla-Mae all snug after baths and dried her really well. It looks nice and feels like a great quality towel. Like I have said my only issue is not being able to tumble dry this won’t be so much on an issue soon but we do get a lot of rain. Will be perfect on holiday so we will be packing it in August. Vicki Jones – Lyla-Mae 16 Months

A great high quality towel that is natural cotton, soft durable and easy to use. A really lovely towel that we are grateful to have the pleasure of testing, my daughter loves it and it’s made getting dry after bath time so much easier and more enjoyable.


Caprice Awarded The Peppa Pig Poncho 5/5

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