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Peppa Pig Trike

A trike that will grow with your child – Suitable from 12months – 3 Years. Maximum weight 20kg. Extrra wide wheels for stability, self locking push bar, storage at back.

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Peppa Pig Trike Reviews

Product Tested by: Lynette Gray - Patrick & Emma Aged 3 Years 6 Months and 1 Year 9 Months

Product Tested By Lynette Gray – Patrick & Emma Aged 3 Years 6 Months and 1 Year 9 Months

Lynette Awarded The Peppa Pig Trike 4.4/5

Looked forward to opening the box and the picuture looked very inviting.  Image on box is good representation of contents and helped with assembly.  We found it difficult to assemble the rear wheels, in particular hammering the wheel securing starlock into place with the starlock fixing tool.  May heve been me but my husband had difficulty too.  Instructions were clear.  Only had one concern and that was the fact that some of the fixings such as the front plate seemed a little flimsy and I would worry that they might crack or break if the kids were a little rough with the trike.  This is a great trike and will be even more fun for Patrick and Emma to use when the weather improves.  Great trike for helping them develop ability to steer and pedal at the same time.  This trike is certainly fun for our children and they use the rear basket as toy holder.  They also put blanket over the trike indoors and use it as a den for all their toys.  Good quality and really loved the parent handle and the foot rests.  The design is good and will last for years which makes it superb value for money.  Only one suggestion maybe a seat belt or harness for when they are younger and you are still using the parent handle.  This is very popular in our house and and a winner with us all.  Lynette Gray -Patrick & Emma Aged 3 Years 6 Months and 1 Year 9 Months.


Product Tested By Clare Jenkins – Amelia Aged 2 Years

Clare Awarded The Peppa Pig Trike 3.5/5

Very attractive to my daughter as she loved the Peppa Pig stickers and bright colours.  Packaging fine, and each piece was individually wrapped.  We found the instructions were fairly complicated and took us about 30 minutes to assemble.  The age suitability was very appropriate.  My daugher is only 2 years old and was unable to push the pedals easily by herself, so an adult must push her at all times.  However, this is a trike that will grow with Amelia so will gain more independant usage in the future.  This trike does help your child learn to balance and also coordinate feet movement and balance with forward drive.  We took our daugher out on the trike instead of using the pushchair.  Amelia loved the freedom and ‘grown-up’ feeling she had sitting on a bike like her big brothers.  Amelia likes to put her toys and dolls in the trike basket, but presently just a bit too heavy for her to push around with her toys in the back.  This trike is mainly made of metal pieces so strong and durable.  However, the adult handle wobbles and this might have been a fault with the one we had to review.  I would also like to see a safety belt on the seat for a child as just gives you that extra sense of security.  The colours and self-applying stickers were a big hit with my daughter.  The adult handle is removable which is good.  There are different settings available to allow the toy to be adapted for when the child grows, which is a very good feature.  There is also a large baske at the front for toys etc., which is very handy and popular.  The only reservation I have is the fact that this does not have a belt or safety harness on the seat for younger children.  This is reasonably priced.  My daughter loves this trike because it is colourful and has the fun Peppa Pig stickers and she loves keeping her dolls in the basket.  For the time being we will limit usage to the garden or house and once she is older then utilise it for trips to the shops and walks in the park.  Clare Jenkins – Amelia Aged 2 Years


Product Tested By Lauren Golding – Pheobe Aged 6 Years

Lauren Awarded The Peppa Pig Trike 5/5

My daughter couldn’t wait to get her hands on the contents of the box – she was sure that there was a ready made trike in the box!! She was going to have to wait for daddy to come home and assemble it for her but her intense nagging I decided to assemble it myself.  It wasn’t too complicated which is great because I’m not good at that kind of thing – the instructions were ok and it was done in about 20 minutes – how impressed was my husband!!! Pheobe couldn’t wait to get out on the trike, had me pushing her up and down the garden and then she wanted me to take her to the shops. The parent pole made it so much easier to push her around and it also gave me the control of where she was heading as her steering is not quite up to scratch yet. She can’t peddle it herself yet but that wasn’t a problem either as I pushed her along. This is a fantastic product that has made a normally boring, slow trip to the shop much quicker and much more fun. Lauren Golding – Pheobe Aged 6 Years

A great Trike and designed to grow with your child so will last a few years.


Lynette Awarded The Peppa Pig Trike 4.4/5

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