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Perfect7 For Women

Young. It’s a state of mind. It’s not about how old you are, but how old you feel.At Seven Seas we believe age is just a number. That’s why we developed Perfect7 – a unique blend of Omega-3 oils, vitamins and minerals to support you by providing effective absorption of nutrients into your body’s cells.Whether you are a woman or a man, if you’re starting to feel the signs of ageing, now is the perfect time to start thinking about supplementing your daily diet and exercise regimen with Perfect7.

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Perfect7 For Women Reviews

Product Tested by: Gaynor Vaughan

Product Tested By Gaynor Vaughan

Gaynor Awarded The Perfect7 4.9/5

looking product. Packaging bright and
very busy. Instructions very easy to
follow and understand. Seemingly high
quality product. This is a good product
but personally I feel a little expensive.
Now I have tried this I would purchase and would certainly recommend. I’ve felt very healthy after taking these
tablets for the past 4 weeks and haven’t suffered from any coughs or colds
which I would usually do at this time of year – of course this could be
coincidental! The one down side is the
size of the tablets. I don’t have any
trouble with tablets but struggled once or twice trying to get these down – especially
the solid one. This wouldn’t put me off
buying them, but I believe many people would struggle with them. Gaynor Vaughan

Product Tested By Catriona Mhairi

Catriona Awarded The Perfect7 4.7/5

nice looking product which appeals to someone like me because of the claims
that it makes on the box. The box is
eye-catching; it uses a good combination of colours to grab your attention. The
instructions for use are clear and straight forward. The packaging and the
product itself is of very high quality. For the claims made on the box I feel that
the price is very reasonable and certainly on par with other similar products. I
feel that I am at an age where I need to be thinking about my health and with
two small children to run around after looking after myself comes low on my
list of priorities, a product like this helps me to take care of myself. I
think that we all lead very busy lives and often forget about our health,
rushing around and not eating correctly, a product like this helps to fill that
gap. I think it is a really good product, I think that the benefits are longer
term ones that maybe I haven’t seen an improvement on as yet, but I expect it
to provide me with benefits moving forward. The product looks from the very
outset to be a high quality product, the box makes very clear statements about
the health benefits of using this product and I think that it is something that
through continued use I would see the benefits of more. The price is very good, and it is a product
that I can see being useful as part of a busy lifestyle. Catriona Mhairi Anderson

Product Tested By Lizzy Small

Lizzy Awarded The Perfect 7 4.4/5

Bright colourful box, well-presented
and full of helpful information.
Instructions very easy to follow.
This is a high quality well-presented product to help you keep feeling
fit and healthy. These are a bit
expensive but if they work worth the investment. I am a great believer in taking care of your
health with diet, exercise and supplements.
These I found good quality, but one think I was not keen on was the size
of the tablets. I have no problems taking
tablets but some of my friends would find these hard to swallow. Also during the test period I did not feel as
fit and full of energy as I normally do.
For some reason I feel the combination of these 2 tablets was just not suitable
to my metabolism. I did find during the
test I felt more lethargic than normal so I passed them onto my sister who had
a better reaction and she has now since purchased more. I would not purchase these as did not suit
me. However, they did work for my sister
and if you find these are ideal for you and work then certainly give them a
try. Quality is extremely good. Lizzy





I’ve felt very healthy after taking these tablets for the past 4 weeks and haven’t suffered from any coughs or colds which I would usually do at this time of year 


Gaynor Awarded The Perfect7 4.9/5

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