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Personalised Childrens Cutlery Viners Bertie Bear

Viners is one of Britains leading cutlery brands and now we are able to offer this beautiful Bertie bear engraved cutlery set personalised with any name. The personalised Viners children’s cutlery set includes a non-serrated knife, fork, big spoon and little spoon. The set is made from tough stainless steel and guaranteed for up to 10 years – so you can be assured of it’s quality. Each beautifully crafted piece has an embossed teddy bear design which kids will adore. The set includes a free satin lined presentation box manufactured in the UK. The quality gift box is cream coloured with a light blue or pink satin lined insert. The cutlery is held securely in place as the cutlery sits with a thick cardboard cut out which is hidden away under the satin lining. We use a professional laser engraving machine to produce deep high contrast engraving that is visible from any angle. Many engraving companies use drag diamond engraving to mark cutlery however stainless steel is far to tough a material to mark using this method and the engraving will be hard to see and degrade over time. This is a popular christening cutlery gift which will be used and treasured for many years. 

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Personalised Childrens Cutlery Viners Bertie Bear Reviews

Product Tested by: Joanne Blunt – Oliver 2 years 11 Months

Product Tested By Joanne Blunt – Oliver 2 years 11 Months

JoanneAwarded The keep it Personal Stainless Steel Personalised Cutlery Set 4.2/5

Very good quality and I loved the personalised detail. It would make a lovely gift. The box is a bit plain and not great quality. I would prefer it in a nicer colour or for it to have a design on it. The presentation of the cutlery inside the box is very nice. Very nice cutlery that feels like it is good quality and will last. I would prefer alternative designs (instead of the teddy bear) as this wouldn’t appeal to a slightly older child. The personalisation was perfect. Nicely written and it is uniform across all for pieces of cutlery. I think the cutlery will last for some time though the teddy bear design would probably stop an older child from wanting to use it. Very good quality. It seems very sturdy. The price is good for four pieces of personalised cutlery. I would like to see alternative designs on the cutlery i.e. Cars, trains, fairies. I think it would make a good gift for a child. It is definitely something I would recommend. Excellent quality product with lovely personalisation but the box lets it down slightly and there should be more designs offered. Great productthat would make a perfect gift for a young child. Joanne Blunt – Oliver 2 Years 11 Months


Product Tested By Emma Williams – Rory 23 Months

Emma Awarded The Keep it Personal Stainless Steel Personalised Cutlery Set 4.4/5

Lovely cutlery, each piece is a good size and usable unlike some others we have had. The packaging was the thing I liked least. It looked a little bit dated. The shape and size of the cutlery is just right for little people. The personalisation was as requested.The personalisation looked neat and was in a decent font. This is proper cutlery for children so I have no doubt it would last a number of years. The cutlery feels nice to hold and is a good weight. It seems to be of very good quality.I think this is good value for money. It’s at the higher end of what I would pay for a cutlery set but it’s much better than cheaper versions we have tried so the price is justified. Perhaps the packaging could be addressed but the cutlery seems fine to me. I would buy this set for my children with or without the personalisation. I would recommend. Great sized, quality cutlery for little people trying to learn how to use them. Emma Williams – Rory 23 Months


Product Tested By Jon Moat – Daughter 2 years 6 Months

Jon Awarded The Keep it Personal Stainless Steel Personalised Cutlery Set 4.5/5

Looks good, maybe good as a christening present for someone. Arrived well packaged and nicely presented. Liked the design of the cutlery. The personalisation was just perfect. The personalisation for this cutlery was done to a very high quality. This is a high quality product that will last. The price is about right for a personalised cutlery set. The design and the personalisation are great as it is. I would consider purchasing as a gift for someone. I would recommend. Look quite smart, probably a bit big at the moment for toddler to use.  Also, look more like a gift to keep than to use on a regular basis. Jon Moat – Daughter 2 Years 6 Months



Excellent quality product with lovely personalisation. Great product that would make a perfect gift for a young child.             


Joanne Awarded The keep it Personal Stainless Steel Personalised Cutlery Set 4.2/5 

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