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Personalised Name Letter Print

Personalised Name Letter Print.These lovely Name Letter Prints can be personalised to your choosen name and features in any colour of your choice.
The first letter of the name will feature in a different colour which can also be chosen by you.
You are also able to have the full name and birth date and time on the bottom of these wonderful prints.
The prints are A4 and can be purchased framed or unframed
Please note.
"…… IS FOR" and "Born" is fixed text.

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£4.99 without Frame & £7.99 with Frame Available to purchase online

Personalised Name Letter Print Reviews

Product Tested by: Joanne Johnston – Albie 1 year

Tested By
Joanne Johnston – Albie 1 year

Joanne Awarded
The Personalised Name Letter Print 4.2/5

product which can also teach my son his alphabet using his name when he is that
little bit older, looks good. Nice print but would’ve of been better to be able
to choose different colours for it to match with my son’s room. No trouble
ordering online at all clear website to do it on also fast and easy. Nice frame
with it and it looks good quality. Good
value and will help with my son’s development.
I would definitely consider buying for the development part and also it
is a lovely keepsake. I would recommend this to family and friends as I am
happy with the product. Happy with the products for its advantages, the overall
look apart from not being able to choose colours yourself. Joanne Johnston –
Albie 1 year

Tested By
Caroline Duncan – Lily 2 Years

Awarded The Personalised Name Letter Print 3.5/5

image, but poor quality printing and frame. Lovely personalised image that I
would be happy to buy as a present, but only if it were better quality. The ordering process was very good. I really liked how the compulsory fields
flagged straight away if they were filled in correctly rather than waiting
until the end of the form. There was
secure payment or PayPal for payment, which also made it easy. The process was very straight forward and the
print was received through the post quickly. It isn’t the best quality due to
the poor printing and the easily damaged frame.
The image seems no better than what I could print myself at home. It appears to be printed from a domestic ink
jet printer and there are a couple of small marks from the printers on the
white background. The image doesn’t
completely fit the frame, as it isn’t mounted, so there is a strip of
background card showing at the top and bottom of the picture. At the end of the day this is low quality,
but is sold at a low price point. So in
terms of getting what you pay for, it is value for money. For the quality of
the print I think I would be able to recreate this on better quality paper and
with a better frame for about the same price. The packaging was very good with corner
protectors and lots of bubble wrap. It
was just unfortunate due to the flimsiness of the frame it was slightly dented
at the back when it arrived. I could
imagine this would happen often due to the flimsiness. Caroline Duncan – Lily 2

Tested By
Jaclyn Colquhoun – Joseph 23 Months

Awarded The Personalised Name Letter Print 3/5

it wasn’t as good as I had hoped. I was
quite disappointed in the overall look of the print. Initial impressions were
that it was quite "cheap” looking, and not something that I would buy myself if
I had the choice. I didn’t particularly
like the colours used either, as they seem quite "faded” and weren’t a great
contrast to one another. Ordering the print was easy enough, however there was
an option to choose your colours – it implied you could choose any colours, but
this was actually only a choice of 2 colour schemes (boy vs girl colours). Apart from that, there were no other ordering
issues. It doesn’t look that great honestly.
The colours almost merge into each other (not enough contrast in the
green versus blue). I think that I could
probably just print one of these out at home, and frame them myself. It was not
expensive, but even so, I do not think it was worth £7.99. The frame is also "cheap” looking, and again,
I could pick one of these up myself from the supermarket rather than pay a
company to frame the print. As stated
above, I did not really like this product very much. I thought the colour scheme (blue and green)
merged into one another, and a more contrasting group of colours would have
been more suited. The print does not
look great, and the frame has a "cheap” feel to it. I would not buy this print
again due to it not being something I like in my personal taste; however I am
sure it would suit some people, as the print is a nice idea, it just doesn’t
look as good as many others on the market. Jaclyn Colquhoun – Joseph 23 Months

I would recommend this to family and friends as I am happy with the product. Happy with the products for its advantages, the overall look.


Joanne Awarded The Personalised Name Letter Print 4.2/5

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