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Peter Rabbit Buggy Book

A gorgeous little buggy book, with very simple and appealing illustrations. Suitable for the very youngest Beatrix Potter fans, who will love discovering the things that Peter Rabbit likes to do best. Join him as he hops, nibbles, cuddles and sleeps.

This buggy book is perfect for babies on the go, simply clip to a buggy or a highchair and it will keep kids entertained at any time.

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Peter Rabbit Buggy Book Reviews

Product Tested By Carla Bantam –Janice 1 Year & 7 Months

Carla Awarded the PenguinPeter Rabbit Buggy book 5/5

This really is a lovely little book! Peter Rabbit is a classic and the illustrations are fantastic. Janice loves all Peter Rabbit books and prefers the style of the illustrations ratherthan the bold block type that’s usually in child’s books. The quality is great too, it’s very hard wearing and Janice carries this all around the house. The book has a little sentence at the bottom of each page which Janice liked too, but mainly she pointed at the pictures and engaged really well with those. As a buggy book I think it’s great for a little one like mine, who doesn’t need pushing to look at books because she already has a passion for them. I like the idea of the buggy strap though; it makes the book even better value because it decreases its chance of getting lost!  Overall, a fantastic classic book that my little one thoroughly loves. Carla Bantam – Janice 1 Year & 7 Months

Product Tested By Kylie Hayward –Alfie 1 Year & 4 Months

Kylie Awarded the PenguinPeter Rabbit Buggy book 4.5/5

This has lovely illustrations and is a perfect size for small hands. Great pictures, with soft colours used. The book is hard wearing and has survived being attached to the buggy, highchair and generally around the home. My son loves books. He was drawn to it as it is based around a ‘rabbit’ and he is currently very interested inanimals. He liked hanging it on cupboard handles using the buggy strap. I thinkthe pictures were really nice and used soft colourings, which made a change from the usual, bold colours used in children’s books. My son enjoyed the pictures and pointing at the rabbit on each page. My son has often started to ‘gabble’ as he turns the pages as if he is reading the story himself. Each pagehad a small statement on it and my baby enjoyed acting out some of them e.g.‘loves to cuddle’. He remembered some of story after several times of reading it and knew what part was coming next. Although this book was a ‘buggy book’ my son enjoyed reading it in the home and also I attached it to the highchair whenhe was waiting for tea to occupy him. I found that this is value for money as the attachment prevented it getting lost when out and about, which happens so often when out in the pushchair. Overall I found this ‘buggy book’ great when out and about as you had constant reassurance that it wouldn’t go missing (get chucked out the pushchair –which happens to us all). My son enjoyed the story, especially the part where the Rabbit has a cuddle as we copied and had one too. It was an enjoyable read with my baby and he thoroughly enjoyed a new book to add to his love of books already. Kylie Hayward – Alfie 1 Year & 4 Months

Product Tested By Melanie Wilson –Leon 16 Months

Melanie Awarded the PenguinPeter Rabbit Buggy book 3/5

A nice classic book that is of good quality. It has sturdy card pages and good plastic clip to attach to pushchairs, etc. Leon was initially interested and sat andlooked at the book with me but he soon lost interest after a little while. The book has Classic Beatrix Potter illustrations which were lovely but perhaps the colours were too muted for my toddler. Not particularly simulating, as it has muted colours and lacks some of the stimulating features that other books offer such as bright colours, different textures and noises. This is nice for fans of Beatrix Potter but not the best of these buggy books that are out there. I would consider buying the Beatrix Potter books to read with my child, but that this is not based on my experience with this product. I would recommend other Beatrix Potter books but I think there are better products of this type available on the market for the current age of my son. Melanie Wilson –Leon 16 Months

Overall, a fantastic classic book that my little one thoroughly loves.


Carla Bantam – Janice 1 Year & 7 Months

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